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MYRX is the stock exchange of Myrcia. It is owned and operated by Myrcian Stockex Group who are, in turn, majority owned by the state. It is located in the financial district of Dunwic. It was founded in 1985 as part of Elle Ellesdohtor's economic reforms as a joint venture between the state and a number of private banks. Trading takes place on government bonds, equities and private shares of Myrcian companies. Originally trading was conducted using the Ingerland Taller but when the Myrcian Dínor was unpegged in 2002 trading was moved over to the local currency.

Share Trading


The following companies are traded on the MYRX index.

MYRX Code Company Industry Subsidiaries In MYRX15
BKH Bakehus Food / Drink - No
BIS Bank af Isl Banking - Yes
BLI Bernica Lin Transport - Yes
BRW Brigwic Helicopters Transport - No
CIT Citihotel Hospitality Trafelhús Yes
DCO Duchy Coffee Food / Drink - No
EAL Eallgréne Retail - No
ENY Enyrge M Energy - Yes
HGP Herald Group Media Myrcian Herald, Wilspell No
KIO Kioski Retail - No
KYN Kyngeshuset Retail - No
LGF Langufnet Communications - No
MED Mediamyrcia Media Folc, Ærendbóc Myrcia Yes
MID Mid Bank Banking - Yes
MYO Myroil Energy - Yes
NOR Nórd + Súd Retail - No
PHI Philipsson Electricræft Electronics - Yes
SCA Scandia Hotels Ulethotel, Yótel Yes
STO Stór Group Retail Bókstop, Stór No
SWI Swift Auto Automobiles - Yes
THI Þing Communications - Yes
ULT Ulethatel Communications - No
YWM Ymbwlátend Media - No