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9, -7.3325, 63.2428
República Democrática de Maka`hé
Largest cityKataryna
Official languagesFlorescentian (brasonian dialect), Indigenous Maka`he
NationalitiesMakahe (97%), Brasonians (1%), Luslandeses (1%), Others (1%)
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Republic
 • PresidentTya`cëma Mo`rera
 • Vice PresidentA`cy Para`ná
 • Chancellor of CongressMar`kyn Bota`fögo
 • Chief JusticeMau`ricyo Marques
LegislatureFederal Legislature
 • Upper houseSenado (Senate)
 • Lower house(House of Congress)
 • Estimate (2021)126.534
CurrencyÖ`ro/ Ouro (⌽$)
Drives on theright

Maka`he is an small archipelago, isolated in western Asperic Ocean, closer to Liberan Peninsula than the ulethan oceanic islands belt. It consists in xx islands, being xx of them inhabited. It is very famous because its luxury beach resorts.

Please, do not create a confusion: the country name is "Maka`he", but the demonym is "makahe".


Maka`he always was an isolated place, even being not so far from Liberan Peninsula and even Tarephia eastern coast. There are ancient scripts mentioning Maka`he as commercial point to Flag itc1.png Cariocas, Iscu.png Iscu and OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu.

In 1724, the ship "Lone Star", coming from Campo Verde with gran-luslandeses refugees from Independence War in Gran-Luslandia, got to Kataryna port. The ship went till reach Cariocas islands, but some brasonians decided to stay in Maka`he.

These brasonian people, seen as good and worker people, got some prestige to maka`he people. They never tried to be involved in politics, but some of the bigger maka´he companies, even the Universidade Nacional (national university), was funded by brasonians.

In 1850, when the national university was created under a national law, the king A`fonso, looking for some international vision, decided about including florescentian and ingerish language learning to students, but, during the time, was clear that maka`he people was so much accostumed to florescentian tha ingerish.


Administrative divisions in Maka`he

Maka`he is divided in 2 provinces, each one about one atoll. The provinces are divided into municipalities (cities or towns).

Under a national law, each municipalitiy needs to keep at least a townhall, a police station, a school, and an hospital.

Administrative divisions in Brasonia
Country Province City/Town Place (Population) Mapping/ Link Notes
1Makahe.png Maka`he
0Kariranya.png Kari`ranya-KR
  • (x)
Unknown Flag.png Kari`ranya-KR
  • Country capital.
Unknown Flag.png Yña`üma
Unknown Flag.png Maka`bú
Unknown Flag.png Kala`boka, (x)
  • Tourism. Beaches. Fishing.
  • Tourism. Beaches. Fishing.
Unknown Flag.png Kae`té, (x)
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.
  • Tourism. Beaches. Fishing.
0Urukuya.png Uru`kuya-UR
  • (x)
Unknown Flag.png Ytoro`ró
  • Province capital. Some industries.
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.
Unknown Flag.png Itam`by, (x)
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.
Unknown Flag.png Kyssa`mäm
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.
  • Tourism. Beaches. Resorts.

Even being a small country, is clear the difference between the two provinces.

Province Notes
0Kariranya.png Kari`ranya-KR Kari`ranya is so much urbanized, even the islands a bit far from the capital, Kataryna. Also, Kari`ranya got almost 10x the population of Uru`kuya. In Kataryna, there are the main commercial areas of all the country, and also several hotels and hostels, from low to high prices.
0Urukuya.png Uru`kuya-UR Uru`kuya is an isolated place, with the most expensive beach resorts of the country, maybe in all Asperic Ocean.

Another important difference is the average elevation. The highest place in Uru`kuya is Morro de Ytoro´ró (168m), but Kari`ranya usually all islands are flat places with average elevation about only 10m (its higher peak is Morro do Kolunän`dë (56m)).

Foreigner Relations

Visitors from all over the OGF-World come and are welcome in Maka`he. There is no need of visa to foreigner visitors.

As Maka`he is a not big place, there are not (and will not be) so much embassies in Kataryna.

Country Location in Maka`he Location abroad Remarks
AN Flag.png Assembly of Nations/ Ass.das Nações Pa`vuna, Kataryna-KR N/A Just an office
Bandiera na Barzona.png Barzona/ Bar`zöna Guarapa`ry, Kataryna-KR Carrier Granadina, Carante
2band slovech.png Belgravia/ Bel`gravya Kambu`ry, Kataryna-KR Neuborsk, Slovech-MT
2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia/ Bra`sönya Kambu`ry, Kataryna-KR Tim Maia, Campo Verde-RV
Flag itc1.png Cariocas/ Kary`oka Guarapa`ry, Kataryna-KR [ ]
Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States/ Estados Federais Ytaja`y, Kataryna-KR Murfeesboro Falls St., Huntington-CD
GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya/ Gobra`sänya Karya`cyka, Kataryna-KR Embassy Row, Gobras City-CD Also serving to Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon/ Kay`ün citizens
Iscu.png Iscu/ Ysku Guarapa`ry, Kataryna-KR [ ] Defunct embassy
Latflag.png Latina/ La`tyna Guarapa`ry, Kataryna-KR [ ]
2band lusland.png Luslandia/ Lus`ländya Pa`vuna, Kataryna-KR Conquistadores, Alcântara-CN
OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu/ Ö`nutu Guaxu`pé, Kataryna-KR [ ]
{{}}/ [ ] [ ]



The official language is florescentian (brasonian dialect), used in public buildings, official communication, etc, but the maka`he language is largely spoken by people at home and streets.

Despite the distance, Maka`he language is in the same linguistic group of Carioca language, from Flag itc1.png Cariocas, being considered as an "original and purist version" of a same language.

The main characteristic is the use of " ` " before the strong syllable, and " ¨ " over the nasalized vowel. Another important characteristic is the preference to use "Y" than "I". The letters "C", "Q", and "W" are used only in foreigner words.


Under a national law, each municipality, not matter how much inhabitants, needs to keep at least one kindergarten and one school.

The Universidade Nacional Maka`he is located in Kataryna, where the students learn Medicine, Letters, Economy, (TBD)

Also there are some foreigner schools, as the Brasonian, in Kataryna-KR.


Ancient makahe people usually got animist cults, but when the first brasonians came to Maka`he in 1724, also came the christic religion.

Today, 94% of makahe people is christic, being a half of them ortholic and the other half being evangelical, but still there are minorities free to serve other religions.


Since ancient times, the makahe economy was largely dependent on fisheries and agriculture (coconut, sugar cane, etc), specially in Maka`bu.

Around 1980, the national government starts giving more opportunities to private sector.

This way, tourism sector got a higher role in the economy. Today, visitors from all over the OGF-World come to Maka`he looking for isolated and calm beaches, be it in the expensive beach resorts in Uru`kuya, be it in the hotels in Kataryna.

There is one shopping center in Kataryna downtown, and plans about another one close to the International Airport.

Still there is a Container Park used as stop to several international shipping routes.

Since 2010 decade, the national government is trying to increase the economy creating a CBD in Kataryna downtown to bring multinational companies, but this plan is not completely successful yet.

Attracted by the calm beaches, several artists, sports players and even politicians from all over the OGF-World own residences in Maka`he, usually in Uru`kuya province. Obviously, they don`t live in the country, but give job to local people maintaining their properties.


Desterro Beach, in Ytoro´ró island.
The makahe beaches never was a secret to brasonian and belgravian people (flying by Brisa), but as there was not a good infrastructure, like hotels or even air lines, rarely people from other countries went to Maka`he.

It changed in 1970, when the worldwide famous gobrassi actress Anna Kapravag, looking for a honey moon in some isolate place away from paparazzi lens, went to a private island in Kari`ranya province, by a friend of her new husband, the brasonian musician Gomes Ramos. Since then, Gobrassian Airlines got 2x/ month flights, and local rich people start looking for increase tourism. In 1975, was founded the "Grupo Paradiso", a national hotel chain, currently the most important and valuable company in the country.

Since 1980, when national government starts giving more opportunities to private sector, the tourism got a higher role in makahe economy.


List of main hotels and beach resorts

Name Type Owner Location Remarks
Imbetiba Resort Beach Resort 0Urukuya.png Kyssa`män-UR Not completely mapped yet
Le Jardin Boassú Resort Beach Resort Mallyorianflag.png/ Flag of the FSA.svg Le Jardin 0Urukuya.png Ytoro`ró-UR Not completely mapped yet
Mitropolia Kataryna Hotel 2band slovech.png Mitropolia 0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR
Paraíso Grumari Hotel 1Makahe.png Grupo Paradiso 0Kariranya.png Maka`bu-KR Not completely mapped yet
Paraíso Lagomar Hotel 1Makahe.png Grupo Paradiso 0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR Not completely mapped yet
Pindobas Beach Resort Beach Resort 0Urukuya.png Pyn`dobas-UR Not completely mapped yet
Quissamã Golf and Beach Hotel Beach Resort 0Urukuya.png Kyssa`män-UR Almost completely mapped
Sea Villa Beach Resort 0Urukuya.png U`bás-UR Almost completely mapped
x Unknown Flag.png [ ]
x 0Kariranya.png [ ]
x Unknown Flag.png [ ]
x Unknown Flag.png [ ]


There are not so much industries in Maka`he. The few ones, usually about fish (processing and exporting) are located in Yña`úma-KR.


Radio and TV

There is one state-owned Radio and TV channel (Rádio e TV Makahe, located in Yña`úma-KR). Still under government rules, there is Voz Makahe, ([ located in (TBD)]), the only newspapper in all over the country.

Also there is a private Radio and TV channel company (Grupo de Comunicação Aspéria Oeste, located in Kataryna-KR).

Still is possible to watch brasonian and belgravian cable TV.

Internet and Telephone

The internet is free-use to Makahe people, with wi-fi spots in several cities and very low prices to home use.

Telephone services are operated only by Makahe Tel, the state owned company.



As Maka`he is suffering with effects of global warming, since 2010 the national government is focus to invest in clean energy generation. There is an offshore wind farm along the southern coast of Sapë Island, close to Kataryna. In the same island, is located a solar farm, with plans to be enlarged soon. (TBD)


Currently, only BelNaft, from 2band slovech.png Belgravia, and BOGSA, from 2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia, operates gas stations in all Maka`he. Both companies got permission of the national government to use Term.Petrolífero de Yña`úma till 2030.

In 2010, looking to be "green-friendly", the national government cut off all taxes by 5 years to the companies that renew their fleets with electric buses. Because of this, today, all the bus fleet running in Maka`he are electric ones.

A similar national law was created in 2012 focusing in cars to particular use, also cutting all taxes by 5 years, but because the expensive prices of the imported electric or hybrid cars, it was not so popular like was in public transport area. Anyway, BelNaft and BOGSA also are able to operate electric stations in Maka`he.



Maka`he license plate.
Despite being a maritime country, there is one main national (and toll) road, the   ✩ M1  , between Kataryna and the international airport in Maka`bu.

There is also   ✩ M2  , almost entirelly built on the northern breakwater rim, known as "the makahe causeway", between Kataryna and Yña`úma, but not with a "federal" status.


Buses are a very popular transportation in Kataryna, Yña`úma and Maka`bu town. Some small private companies are operating the service.

In 2010, looking to be "green-friendly", the national government cut off all taxes by 5 years to the companies that renew their fleets with electric buses. Because of this, today, all the bus fleet running in Maka`he are electric ones.

Currently, 18 bus routes are operated in Kari`ranya-KR (9 of them inside Kataryna city limits), usually by midi-buses, and 3 in Uru`kuya-UR, by midi-buses and vans.

0Kariranya.png Kari`ranya-KR

Ref From To Remarks Company
I-01 Term.Marítimo (map) Maka`bú (map) Viação Kapy`xaba
I-01B Term.Marítimo (map) Aeroporto Internacional ✈ (map) Viação Kapy`xaba
I-02 Term.Palácio Nacional (map) Maka`bú (map) Viação Kapy`xaba
I-02B Term.Palácio Nacional (map) Aeroporto Internacional ✈ (map) Viação Kapy`xaba
I-03 Term.Palácio Nacional (map) Yña`úma (map) Viação Poty`guá
I-03B Term.Marítimo (map) Yña`úma (map) Viação Poty`guá
K-010 Term.Palácio Nacional (map) UNM via Kamboa`tá (map) Nova Diesel
K-011 Term.Palácio Nacional (map) UNM via Ytaja`y (map) Nova Diesel
K-012 Term.Marítimo (map) UNM via Ytaja`y (map) Nova Diesel
K-013 Term.Marítimo (map) UNM via Kamboa`tá (map) Nova Diesel
K-014 Term.Palácio Nacional (map) Cemit.Público (map) Nova Diesel
K-015 Term.Marítimo (map) Mipy`bú via Ykara`y (map) Nova Diesel
K-016 Term.Palácio Nacional (map) UNM via Para`ty (map) Nova Diesel
KC-01 Term.Palácio Nacional (map) Term.Marítimo (map) ⟳ Downtown City Circle/ Clockwise ⟳ Nova Diesel
KC-02 Term.Palácio Nacional (map) Term.Marítimo (map) ⟳ Downtown City Circle/ Anti-Clockwise ⟳ Nova Diesel
C-01 Maka`bú (map) Aeroporto Internacional ✈ (map) Viação Kapy`xaba
C-02 Mutu`á (map) Aeroporto Internacional ✈ (map) Viação Kapy`xaba
C-03 Yña`úma Circular (ida) ⟳ (map) Yña`úma Circular (volta) ⟳ (map) ⟳ Terminal/ Intl.Port/ Militar/ Lagomar ⟳ Viação Poty`guá
xyz [ ] ([ map]) [ ] ([ map])

0Urukuya.png Uru`kuya-UR

Ref Route (Circular) Remarks Company
Y-1 Ytoro`róEstr.Desterro (map) CTUU - Coop.Transp.Urb.Uru`kuya
Y-2 Ytoro`róPyn`dóbas (map) CTUU - Coop.Transp.Urb.Uru`kuya
Y-3 Ytoro`róMändy`kuéra (map) CTUU - Coop.Transp.Urb.Uru`kuya

* All Uru`kuya bus routes come and go by the same roads.


The Aeroporto Internacional de Maka`he (Maka`he International Airport). located in Maka`bú island, is the main airport in all Maka`he islands.

International Flights

From To Frequency Company Notes
1Makahe.png Maka`he Aerop.Intl.Maka`he (Maka`bu) 2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia Aerop.Intl.Cpo.Verde (Campo Verde) 1x/ day 2band brasonia.jpg Brisa
1Makahe.png Maka`he Aerop.Intl.Maka`he (Maka`bu) 2band lusland.png Luslandia Aerop.Intl.Alcântara (Alcântara-CN) 2x/ week 2band brasonia.jpg Brisa
1Makahe.png Maka`he Aerop.Intl.Maka`he (Maka`bu) GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Gobras Worldport (Gobras City-CD) 1x/ day GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassian Airlines
1Makahe.png Maka`he Aerop.Intl.Maka`he (Maka`bu) GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Lonowai Intl.Airport (Ōbaku-LN) 4x/ week GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassian Airlines
1Makahe.png Maka`he Aerop.Intl.Maka`he (Maka`bu) Flag itc1.png Cariocas Aer.Intl.Santos Wright (Itacolomi-ITC) 1x/ day Flag itc1.png Aero Cariocas
1Makahe.png Maka`he Aerop.Intl.Maka`he (Maka`bu) Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Khaiwoon Int.Airport (Khaiwoon) 4x/ week Khaiwoon flag.png Air Khaiwoon
1Makahe.png Maka`he Aerop.Intl.Maka`he (Maka`bu) OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu Leluwa Intl.Airport (Leluwa) 2x/ week Flag itc1.png Aero Cariocas
1Makahe.png Maka`he Aerop.Intl.Maka`he (Maka`bu) 2x/ week Unknown Flag.png TBD
1Makahe.png Maka`he Aerop.Intl.Maka`he (Maka`bu) 2x/ week Unknown Flag.png TBD
1Makahe.png Maka`he Aerop.Intl.Maka`he (Maka`bu) 2x/ week Unknown Flag.png TBD

Local Airports

There is also an small aerodrome serving Itororó, in Uru`kuya province. Usually, it is more used by private planes to the expensive beach resorts in Uru`kuya province.


There are helipads in both Maka`bu and Ytoro´ró airports, also in some beach resorts in all Uru´kuya province.


Ferries are the main transportation between the islands and atolls. It is regulated by Autoridade Marítima Nacional (National Maritime Authority), but operated by several cooperatives, like (TBD) and (TBD), and also by private companies, like TransMakahe Barcas and (TBD). Also, there are touristic boats companies operating in Kataryna, like Do Rio and (TBD), and in Ytoro`ró, like Juruba`tyba.

Mention to several boats used as homes, usually in Para`ty piers.

From To Frequency Notes
0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR 0Kariranya.png Maka`he Intl.Airport-KR ✈ 2x/hour (5h-23h) 17km
0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR 0Urukuya.png Ytoro`ró-UR 1x/5h (5h-20h) 126km
0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR 0Kariranya.png Kaby`unas-KR 1x/hour (5h-23h) 16km
0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR 0Kariranya.png [ Kae`té-KR] 2x/day (5h-22h) 43km
0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR 0Kariranya.png [ Kala`boka-KR] 2x/day (5h-22h) 52km
0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR 0Kariranya.png [ Kolu`bandë-KR] 2x/day (5h-22h) 77km
0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR 0Kariranya.png Sa`pë-KR 2x/hour (5h-23h) 2km
0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR Unknown Flag.png [ ]
0Urukuya.png Ytoro`ró-UR 0Kariranya.png Maka`he Intl.Airport-KR ✈ not defined 114km
0Urukuya.png Ytoro`ró-UR 0Urukuya.png Aeroporto-UR ✈ not defined 8km
0Urukuya.png Ytoro`ró-UR 0Urukuya.png [ Miriam`by-UR] 2x/day (5h-22h) 17km
0Urukuya.png Ytoro`ró-UR Unknown Flag.png [ ]
Unknown Flag.png [ ] Unknown Flag.png [ ]


The Força Nacional Makahe (Makahe National Force) is the combined security organization to all the country. So, is usual army, navy and air force sharing military bases.

Name/ Location Forces Content Notes
0Kariranya.png Base Central de Yña`úma-KR
  • Headquarter of all National Forces.
  • There is enough space to support any military operations of allies countries.
0Urukuya.png Base Naval de Ytoro`ró-UR
  • Army
  • Navy
  • 80 soldiers
  • 80 marines
  • 2 cars
  • 2 boats
  • Base in Uru`kuya province.
0Kariranya.png Presídio de Ama`pá-KR
  • Army
  • 150 soldiers
  • 300 prisioners (max.)
  • prisioners are used as work force at the landfill, in the same island
Unknown Flag.png [ ]

The police stations are under rules of National Force, but in a minor role.


The most popular sport in Maka`he is football (soccer).

In a minor role, rugby is a bit popular among makahe people, but as there are only two teams, there is not any league, just some trophies to specific matchs during the year.

In earl 2000, was tried to bring tennis events to Maka`he, but was not a successful plan.


Maka`he national football team.
There is a semi-amateur football league in Maka`he, playing officially since 2000. Currently, 8 teams are playing the league. As there is only one tier, there are not relegation/ promotion to other tiers. The league run under Federação Makahe de Futebol rules.

The national team usually is close to the last positions in Uletha Confederation and OGFIFA rankings.

Ground Name Owner Address/ Location Colours Remarks
Nacional Universitário (10.000) UNM - Univ.Nacional 0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR N/A used as national stadium
Maraka`nä (8.000) Vi`torya 0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR   Black    Yellow  
Municipal (2.500) Maka`bú 0Kariranya.png Maka`bú-KR   Blue    White    Red  
Provincial de Uru`kuya (2.000) FC Itororó 0Urukuya.png Ytoro`ró-UR   Green    White  
Kaju`ëro (1.000) Poten`gy 0Urukuya.png [ Itam`by-UR]   Blue    Yellow  
Municipal (1.000) Kae`té 0Kariranya.png [ Kae`té-KR]   Blue    White  
Pyabe`tá (3.000) Pyabe`tá FC 0Kariranya.png [ Kataryna-KR]   Black    White  
(1.000) Tym`byra FC 0Kariranya.png Kolubän`dë-KR   Green    Blue  
Municipal (1.500) Arsenal 0Kariranya.png Yña`úma-KR   Red    White  


Sport Ground Name Owner Address/ Location Remarks
Basketball/ Volleyball Ginásio Universitário (3.000) Universidade Nacional 0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR
Baseball Praça do Beisebol (700) Liga Amadora de Baseball 0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR
Rugby Kay`ssaras (1.000) Kataryna Kay`ssaras 0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR
Rugby Municipal (400) Itam`by Ilhéus 0Urukuya.png [ Itam`by-UR]
Golf Kissaman Golf Club Kyssa`män Beach Club 0Urukuya.png Kyssa`män-UR
Swimming Universidade Nacional 0Kariranya.png [ ]
Equestrian Hipódromo Dea`ydë Família Deay`dë 0Kariranya.png Maka`bu-KR
  • Property of the rich and influent Deay`dë family, in an owned island
Tennis Quadras de Paradiso Hotel Paradiso 0Kariranya.png Kataryna-KR
Golf Le Jardin Boassú Tennis Club Le Jardin Boassú Resort Unknown Flag.png [ Ytoro`ró-UR]
Unknown Flag.png [ ]
Unknown Flag.png [ ]