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13, 18.8075, 88.9968
CountryGobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya
 • DistrictMarapura
Ethnic Groups
 • MayorTimothy Arbor-Remon
 • Council PresidentWoonaya Imamore
 • Council Vice PresidentKansol Retyra
 • Total Land885.31 km2
341.82 sq mi
Elevation0-76 m (0-249 ft)
 • Estimate (2019)978,634
 • Census (2016)975,862
 • Density1102.28/km2
TramMarapura Light Rail
BusesMarapura Bus Rapid Transit

Marapura, officially the City and County of Marapura is a consolidated city-county in the eastern part of the Marapura District of GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya which also serves as the district capital. It was founded in 1398 and has grown to a population of nearly 975,862 featuring world-class subway and light rail systems operated by Marapura Transit, the newly-renovated [Marapura International Airport], cruise terminals and parks overlooking the [Marapura Bay], the prestigious [Marapura University], and protected greenbelts dotted across the city. Marapura's current mayor since 2016 is Timothy Arbor-Remon.

History and Importances

The city was originally founded at the mouth of the Marapura river near the Marapura Bay by Castellanese founder Beltrán Núñez De Quintana in 1398 AD. As the city continued to grow along the coast it merged with other towns such as Quiantawa, Eight and a Half, South Marapura, and Santa Anita, which are now neighborhoods of the city of Marapura. In 1947, the city of Marapura and Marapura county merged into the consolidated city-county that currently exists. The city-county borders Satranora and Roorowara counties. Marapura is famous for its geographic features and decision by the city council in 1968, during exponential growth elsewhere in Gobrassanya, to keep the Marapura region's belts of farms and greenery. Currently, the Marapura Marsh, Southwest Greenbelt, Patralawan Farms, West Greenbelt, Marapura Bay and Estuary, and various North Greenbelts are all protected under the Marapura Green Act. Central Hill near downtown Marapura is the largest hill in the city-county, being 76m/249ft tall. Marapura is also renowned for its iconic Harbor, Peace, 5th Street, Marapura, and Molling Bridges crossing the Marapura River. Lastly, the deep-sea Marapura Ferry Terminal holds major importance in its industrial areas, passenger ferries to Khaiwoon, and massive shipping docks carrying freight in and out of Gobrassanya. On this note, Marapura City-County is also designated as an area carrying high volumes of freight in Gobrassanya. More freight passes through the Marapura District than any other, outside of the Capitol District.


Marapura being a consolidated city-county does not have a county commissioner. Instead, the mayor, Timothy Arbor-Remon, assumes the role of the county commissioner. The city council also serves as the county council and the common legislative body for the district. All county offices were merged into the city, and district headquarters are located there as well.



The A-1 highway runs in a north-south direction through Marapura, from exits 11 to the endpoint at the Marapura Ferry Terminal. From the endpoint to exit 3A, the highway is labeled as the 'Khaiwoon Southwestern Freeway". At exit 3A-B, the A-209 highway merges to make A-1 part of the Morrison Bridge, towering up to 17.6 meters above the Marapura Marsh. From exit 4-7A, the highway is labeled as "Douglas Freeway". It goes through a short tunnel section called the "Wamaranoo Circus Tunnel" at exit 6. the A-9 highway then merges at exit 7A-B to become the Gorrawati Freeway and run past exit 11 at the city limits. A-1 is the most heavily used roadway in Marapura, with about 653,000 traveling the corridor daily and more than a quarter of that comprised of freight trucks. It was built in 1954. More information about A-1 can be found here [[1]]


The A-9 highway runs from exits 15A-19 in Marapura, starting at the Eight And A Half interchange with A-209, named the "Dream Bight Freeway". It terminates and merges at A-1 at exit 19. It is one of the main Gobrassanya highway corridors and was built in 1958. More information about A-9 can be found here: [[2]]


The A-209 highway runs entirely within Marapura city-county borders from its termination at 47th Street North to its merging with A-1 at exit 8A-B as part of the Morrison Bridge which travels up to 17.6 meters above the Marapura Marsh. It includes multiple notable interchanges such as the northern interchange with A-1, interchange with B-23, Silverview Park Interchange, Eight And A Half Interchange, and Satranora Interchange with B-219 and MP-123. It serves as the major beltway of the city-county of Marapura and a bypass around the city. It was built in 1964 as the Marapura metro area expanded and replaced parts of B-23 and B-219. More information about A-209 can be found here: [[3]]

Marapura Light Rail


Marapura Bus Rapid Transit


GoHSR Stations in Marapura


Silverview Park


Marapura International Airport (MIA)

Marapura International Airport is a medium-sized international hub in GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya that services the Marapura District as the largest airport within it. It flies 2.3 million annual passengers to 127 countries. It is the 10th largest airport in Gobrassanya. It has two runways and a Main Terminal with six concourses. The airport was originally the Marapura District Airfield in 1923, then the Marapura City Airport in 1930 with a small main terminal, then the Marapura International Airport in 1955 with a large main terminal. The airport used to have one small runway until its lengthening in 1956 as part of the upgrades to an international airport in the mid-fifties. The second full-size runway was built in 1979. No concourses were added to the Main Terminal until 1999 when the airport was completely renovated as a part of a city program to attract more tourists and 'green residents', or those who live sustainably. In 1930, there were only three gates, until 1955 when ten more were added. In 1979, another ten more were added to make 23 gates total. Finally, in 1999, the revamp brought the number up to 50 across the six circular-shaped concourses. The airport was added to the city-county's subway-light rail system along the 'A-Line' in 1999, also as part of the revamp. The airport is now regarded as one of the top-ranking in Gobrassanya in customer experience, on-time flights, and staff friendliness/helpfulness. Yet, the airport has been under controversy since 2013 over a lack of utilities to handle bags and transport them to the baggage claim from arrivals. This has resulted in a drop in customer end satisfaction among those surveyed in the airport over this matter.