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Marapura, officially the City and County of Marapura is a consolidated city-county in the eastern part of the Marapura District of GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya which also serves as the district capital.

History and Geography

The city was originally founded at the mouth of the Marapura river near the Marapura Bay by castellanese founder Beltrán Núñez De Quintana in 1398 AD. As the city continued to grow along the coast it merged with other towns such as Quiantawa, Eight and a Half, South Marapura, Santa Anita, etc which are now neighborhoods of the city of Marapura. In 1947 the city and the county merged into the consolidated city-county that exists now. The entire county is now within the city limits.


Marapura being a consolidated city-county does not have a county commissioner. Instead the mayor assumes the role of the county commissioner and the city council serves as the county council and serves as the common legislative body for the city/county. All county offices were merged into the city.