Margraviate of Sudestia

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Margraviate of Sudestia
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CountryFlag3.jpg Auleus
 • CapitalFucia
 • Largest CityIbalonia
 • MargravePoppo
 • PremierJustine Jozefo

The The Margraviate of Sudestia is a state in the Aulean Confederation.


Sudestia was first mentioned in the Wedfry Chronicle in 1358AD, when it is mentioned that a king of Sudestia build a temple in Wedfry. Sudestia was made a Margraviate under the ownership of Kalm and when the Duchy of Auleus was granted dominionship, Sudestia was granted independence as the Kalmish had never really established much in Sudestia and it was more expensive to maintain than the profit they got from it. During this period the population became more homogenous and the Sudestians attempted to expand their influence. The Cooragwengwenup Wars occurred between 1886-1901, resulting in a Sudestian victory, and the gain of Fevevia, Aestra, Johnsburg-Wedfry and Yuele, as well as the Conquest of the Barne, gaining Barne-Termonsen, Barne-Piper, Barne-Hiltiup, Barne-Barne and Barne-Hilup. By this time the Empire of Auleus had imperialist ambitions of itself and with Sudestia having significant populations of Kalmish and Eus people as well as the Auleans wanting to push the Sudestians to behind the Cooragwengwenup River or further if possible. Because of this and the increasing economic problems in Auleus, the Emperor attempted to distract the populace with a great patriotic war against Sudestia. Although the Auleans made some early gains against the Sudestians, the famous Sudestian cavalry soon put an end to this and the war became entrenched, after rebellions in the north of Auleus, the war became the Aulean Civil War. After victory in the civil war, the former Aulean territory was divided between North Auleus and South Auleus and the control of Fevevia, Aestra, Johnsburg-Wedfry were reaffirmed to the Sudestians. After the collapse of South Auleus, Sudestian Hussars were in Carran and the Treaty of Ferron was signed between the Aulean States and Sudestian forming the Aulean Confederation. Sudestia signed the treaty under the impression that they would get some territory and maintain independence, however on the former was true as in the treaty a line stated that Sudestia and North Auleus were to cooperate more closely. This was leveraged by the Hillser Government of North Auleus to attempt to merge with Sudestia to form the Union of the Auleuses and Sudestia, the Sudestians refused and so the North Aulean Army was sent in, and managed to seize Fucia within a week, without any international backing the Margrave had to step down, and was replaced by a Peoples Commisioner who was just a puppet of Hillser. The first People Commisionner George v'Luckder was widely known as traitor as he had switched sides multiple times during the Civil War and was hated by nearly everybody, and his only ally was Hillser who had as ally because v'Luckder was willing to do anything he was asked to do. v'Luckder did not last very long, after a year and a half, he and his guard went missing whilst walking in Kenewup. After this the Sudestians demanded their Margrave back and autonomy, after a week Hillser relented, in exchange for the border being reopened. After this agreement was made the hardliners on both sides were unhappy, however the majority of Sudestians were satisfied.


Sudestia uses a unicameral parliamentry system.

Current parliament

Sudestian election 2015.svg

  Labour: 40 seats
  Radicals: 160 seats
  Nationalist: 240 seats


Sudestia has long attempted to reclaim its independence as many feel that it was unjustly taken from them. During the Hillser administration Sudestian separatists were prosecuted, since then Sudestian separatists have been tolerated, however, the majority view towards them is negative. The Sudestian Independence Party due to its alliance with the ruling Conservative Party has managed to further independence efforts, with a plebiscite rumored to be held soon.