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Maria Dechova 1930

Maria Dechova - born 1901 in Dolny Hodonycy in the czech colony in the province Valle Vulpeculo was the first great star of the Cinecitta film production in Latina - Palermo at the end of the 1920ies and 1930ies.

Her beginning 1919 was a theater in Porto Colon, but in short time she goes to the great theaters at the Boulevard in Cordoba. Here she came in the focus of the filmmakers.

Often she played tragic roles with unanswered love or she died, so that people in her films take great handkerchiefs for the tears. But that she did only for the money - in real life she was a very optimistic person.

Her first great success 1927 was "Manzana verda" (green apple), where she played a farmgirl in Rio Norte between two men, rich and bad and good, but poor. The next great film 1928 was the classical "Madame Bovary".

In this time Lubomir Maly (1919 - 1931) was president of the rebublic, born in the same little town as she. The newspapers write wild stories about her and him, but both set hard dementies. So came 1930 the bill through the Cortes, that newspapers must correct untrue reports on page 1. The first was Hoy, who writes then a long eloge to Maria Dechova on the page 1 of that day.

1931 was realisized "Llegamos todos al tiempo salvo tú" (we all are punctual without you), following the story of Emmanuelle Frix and again Maria Dechova had a tragic end in the movie.

Sensation then was 1937 the film "Llueve" (it rains), where she played a happy woman, living with her two daughters and changing mans in a village at the sea. This role was uncommon for this time, but in the public discussion she so did a lot for unmarried women.

Maria Dechova has played in 24 filmes in the years 1926 til 1943. Her last role was Brett Ashley in "Fiesta".

1943, as he was 42, she makes no one film more and lived privat in Youlanta (Province Nutria) with her husband, an engineer. She has a daughter and two sons and died 1986 in Youlanta, where she is buried.