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Gen. Mateaz Nagherulean in full military uniform (1886)

Mateaz Nagherulean was a Rogolnikan general and politician, born January 4, 1843, in the city of Ethenrul and died on March 19, 1910 in Ergolanyum. He served the Rogolnikan Royal Army and was deployed in different parts of the country for peacekeeping purposes. In 1886, during a military coup, he was proclaimed as the first President of the Republic of Rogolnika.



Born in a poor family, he worked as a printing press operator until the age of 21. His father has a mixed ancestry (Ingerish and Ridollani) and worked as a newspaper vendor, and his mother (Romaldegan) worked in a clothing factory. In 1864, he enlisted to the army after hearing the news of a rebellion against the king. An anti-monarchist revolt began in Ethenrul involving rogue soldiers trying to destabilize the accession of King Bernard I to the throne. He immediately enlisted in the army as a private. A battle broke out for 3 weeks, threatening to kill the king, and he protected the monarch by hiding him in the attic of a building. Four weeks after the coronation of the king, he was awarded the Royal Medallion of Honour, the highest award given by the king to an outstanding citizen. He worked for the king for almost a decade, of which he was given the privilege to study history, law and economics. In 1875, he was promoted as a General, on which he was deployed in the northeastern Rogolnikan border to fight a brief skirmish against Drullis who are being manipulated by their colonial rulers in trying to enter or invade the Province of Gromnard. He had successfully suppressed and defeated the unsuccessful invasion in a three month battle from July to September 1875.

He became disillusioned after finding out that King Bernard developed a mental disorder, which directly affected his interaction with his officials, including Nagherulean, and soon he was declared insane by his personal physicians. He was later assassinated by conspirators and then Martin III, his son, automatically became the king in 1877. He campaigned for the investigation at the assassination of King Bernard. However, he was arrested and thrown in jail for being a threat to the monarchy as an 'usurper and a right-hand of the king' as what was suspected by the new king. King Martin believed that his father's time had come, and that he will make Rogolnika as a 'free country' of which the word 'free' became obscured into the vocabulary of the masses. Angered by the injustice of his captivity in the prison, Nagherulean soon switched sides to fight against the monarchy.

In the 1880 Ergolanyum was badly damaged by a strong storm. The King did not do anything since he was on a vacation in the city of Domkarad. Petty riots began and the Ergolanyumans were dissatisfied by the ineptitude of the king. The citizens began to rebuild the capital without the help of the king, but the efforts were futile. They became helpless but slow progress were made.

Several disasters happened throughout the country during the 1880s. A drought in Kiolar began in 1882 to 1884 that resulted to a bad harvest. Starvation began and many people died. Miner revolts in the mountains of Nayarmun, of which the government ignored by killing the protesters. The Naghezdan government went into instability when the cronies of the monarchy secretly stole some funds from the treasury. The economy suffered heavily as the king continued his lavish spending and overseas trips and acquiring treasures from faraway nations. As the ridiculous behavior of the king became known throughout the country, a strong sentiment of revolution sparked in the hearts of the people.

After being held captive in Segorma Prison in Nayarmun, Nagherulean managed to escape with the aid of a friend (Gen. Albert Ghesarlon) in the military. He carefully organised his rebel troops as he made his way to the capital. The military, disappointed of their king and of the monarchy, eagerly joined the general. Within three months, the student anarchists and nationalists joined him to his rebellion.

1886 Coup and Civil War

In December 5, 1886, Gen. Nagherulean, along with 13,000 troops, marched eastward to Ergolanyum and proclaimed the country as a republic, and promised that he will fix the disasters of the nation. A joyous celebration followed and a lot of people believed in him as he was cheered as the new leader (President) of the nation. A counterrevolution was soon organized by the King to destroy the rebellion in the capital. This soon escalated to a full-scale civil war, and the nation's capital was transferred to Ethenrul. For the next four years until the year 1890 the civil war took place. Hundreds of thousands of people, both civilians and soldiers, died in the war. Nagherulean encouraged the citizens to be united together and rebuild the country.


During his post-civil-war presidency, he arranged a constitutional convention composed of Rogolnikan scholars and newly proclaimed Provincial and City leaders to write a new constitution for Rogolnika, which will be ratified in December 1891. Infrastructures and roads were rebuilt to connect cities, as well as man made canals and rivers in Kiolar. He also built schools and ordered the rebuilding the universities destroyed in the Southern Provinces. Most of all, he reorganized the military. He re-integrated the civilian army to the armed forces due to their valor and courage. Those civilians who doesn't want military service were given work by the government. To compensate for the losses of the civil war, he encouraged citizens to help each other in times of hardships. Although he made financial compensations for the victims, he also erected a monument for the all the soldiers of the war. A lot of reorganization happened during his term. The rebel civilians, convinced that the new administration was going to be peaceful and faithful to the nation, now supported the Nagherulean government.


The far-right group RPU actually hate Nagherulean as they see him as a "warmongering opportunist who basically disabled the unity of the monarchy and of the whole Rogolnika". However, not many people sees him that way because he basically changed the autocratic rule of the monarchy and gave democracy to the people.


After the elections in 1896, a majority vote was held at the Palace of the Rogolnikan National Assembly by politicians. Nagherulean was succeeded by General Alfred Reigham as the new President. He spent his latter years as an adviser to the Reigham government and other subsequent governments, until his death in March 19, 1910.

A primary road was named after him in Ergolanyum, and a statue near the Provincial Parliament of Romaldego was built for him in his hometown Ethenrul.

Preceded by President of Rogolnika Succeeded by
None 1886 - 1896 Alfred Reigham