Federation of Maurician Republics

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7, -42.342, 141.855
Federation of Maurician Republics
Federatie der Mauricische Republieken
FlagCoat of arms
Justice Through Equal Rights
Merk toch hoe sterk
CapitalNew Amsterdam
Largest cityNew Haarlem
Official languagesHigh Astrasian (Dutch)
 • Regional languagesEnglish
NationalitiesMaurician(57%), Native Astrasian(14%), Naobanian (11%), Forrintian (10%), Other (8%)
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional republic
 • PresidentAndré de Wildt
 • Prime MinisterMaarten van den Berg
LegislatureFederale Staten
 • Upper houseEerste Kamer
 • Lower houseTweede Kamer
 • Estimate (2013)19,074,414
GDP (PPP)2013
 • Total$0,935 trillion
 • Per capita$49,010
GDP (nominal)2013
 • Total$0,953 trillion
 • Per capita$49,958
HDI (2013)Increase 0.877
very high
CurrencyMaurician Guilder (MRG, ƒ)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.mr

The Federation of Maurician Republics (Dutch: Federatie der Mauricische Republieken) is a country in the Astrasian region of Archanta. It is bordered by Pedwatír, Forrintië, Naobania and Asturialand, sharing also a maritime border with the latter two. The Federation of Maurician Republics has 19,074,414 inhabitants.



The Maurician Republics remained largely uninhabited until the establishment of several semi-independent colonies, or patroonships, during the 1620s. New Amsterdam was founded in 1631 as a military stronghold and trading hub. The main idea behind its founding however was to provide the colonies with a central government and promote coordination between the patroonships.

Most of the current coastline was claimed during the 1630s and 1640s by the creation of a network of coastal and upriver forts, although serious territorial expansion would not start until the late 1670s, when increasing rivalry among the colonial powers caused a series of major changes in colonial policy.

The Federation won its independence between 1801 and 1814, following a series of military conflicts between the Maurician colonists, the mother country and neighboring Naobania, in which the Maurician colonist recieved sigificant moral and material support from the kingdom of Forrintia.

Isolationist policies kept the country largely isolated during the the 19th century, when the federal government was mostly focused on colonizing and developing the uninhabited hinterland.



Administrative divisions

The Federation of Maurician Republics is divided into five republics, each under a Patron-Governor (Patroon-Gouverneur). All Republics are divided into provinces (provinciën), of which there are 23.


Flag Republic Capital Largest city Republic's Population
Template:Flagicon New Amsterdam New Amsterdam New Amsterdam 5,488,702
Template:Flagicon Haarlemmer Republic New Haarlem New Haarlem 3,901,197
Template:Flagicon Natalia Pruijmenhoek Vinkenstad 3,896,821
Template:Flagicon North Ommeland Fort de Goede Hoop Buitenwal 3,401,239
Template:Flagicon South Ommeland Haagseveld Haagseveld 2,386,455
Total 19,074,414


Maurician Armed Forces