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5, 72.40, 64.95
Medwedian Democratic Federation
Fyr Gudt og Faterland!
For God and Fatherland!
and largest city
Official languagesMedwedian
Ethnic Groups
Medwedian (98%)
GovernmentTotalitarian neofeudalist dictatorship
 • President of the Medwedian Democratic FederationTheodor Lynden Frankenstein
 • Vice-President of the Medwedian Democratic FederationEdmund Olsen
 • Census (2018)142,500,00
 • DensityTBD/km2
HDI (2018)Decrease 0.450
CurrencyMedwedisk Dalar (MDD)
Drives on theright
OGFSCC country codeMDF

Medwedia, officially the Medwedian Democratic Federation (Medwedisk Demokratisk Føderatjon in Medwedian), is a totalitarian dictatorship located in northwestern Uletha. It borders UL160 and Uleroåland to the south, Läxland and Bloregia to the southwest, Norðurland to the west and the Great North Sea as well as the Northern Ice Sea to the east. It shares a maritime border with UL151a. Notable for its variety of landscapes ranging from the intense agricultural plains of Hedbymark to the treeless tundras, glaciers and ice-deserts of northern Fjørdland, Medwedia is rich in natural resources such as coal, iron, aluminium and uranium.

Ravaged by frequent civil wars and conflicts with its neighbors, the country was first unified in 1769 and is currently ruled with an iron fist by the "National Collectivist", neofeudalist, far-right Medwedisk Folksparti. The small elite, headed by the dictator Theodor Lynden Frankenstein, treats the country as its personal property. Significant portions of the population are serfs employed in mega-farms or slaves toiling in work camps and mines. The government profits off this cheap labor, which is sold to other rogue states and international corporations.

The official language is Medwedian, a North Gaermanic language with significant West Gaermanic and Syrillangan influences. The state religion is the Medwedian Orthodox Christianity, a Christic faith altered by the government to cater for its propaganda purposes. The Medwedian Democratic Federation is notable for its large and poorly-equipped armed forces and the extensive State Security apparatus used by the government to crack down on dissent. Despite the extreme poverty of the population, Medwedia posesses a fairly modern motorway and rail network built in the 20th century to fulfill the needs of the military. The nation is also known for its nuclear arsenal, which it frequently uses as a "bargain" in diplomatic negotiations.


"Medwedia", the stylized abbreviation of the term "Medwedian lands" that was used to refer to the areas controlled by the city of Medwed (which is the capital now) in the Middle Ages, comes from the Karolic-Ugric language of the original inhabitants of Medwedia. It is derived from the word "medveaz", which means "the first" or "ancient" and refers to the fact that Medwed was the first Gaermanic settlement in the area.


Looking at the Brodigor mountain from the village of Nykirken near Stedelfjeld, Åberhøymark

The Medwedian Democratic Federation is located in northwestern Uletha, bordering Norðurland to the west, the Great North Sea, which separates it from Hyildien and UL151a, to the east, the Bay of Predrussen to the southeast and UL160, Uleroåland, Läxland and Pohjoismaa to the south. The territory of Medwedia amounts to TBD square kilometers, TBD percent of which are military, industrial and border areas as well as national parks off-limits to ordinary citizens.

Medwedia is separated into 22 Gouvernøratne (Governorates), which are in turn separated into Rajoner (Districts) and Områdne (Counties).

Nr. Gouvernørat Flag Coat of Arms Capital Area Population Postal Code Map
I Medwedland Flag TBD CoA TBD Medwed Area TBD Population TBD 001-007 (Medwed), 008-009 (Vedsted and western suburbs), 010-017 (Rest of Governorate) Map TBD
Ic Valdenmark Flag TBD CoA TBD Valden Area TBD Population TBD 016 (Valden), 018-019 (Rest of Governorate) Map TBD
II Waidawiek Flag TBD CoA TBD Waideby Area TBD Population TBD 02 Map TBD
III Tullemark Flag TBD CoA TBD Tulleborg Area TBD Population TBD 03, 0285 (Pyrnuwiek) Map TBD
IV Åberhøymark Flag TBD CoA TBD Åberma Area TBD Population TBD 040-045 Map TBD
V Søndermark Flag TBD CoA TBD Sønderby Area TBD Population TBD 05 Map TBD
VI Hedbymark Flag TBD CoA TBD Hedby Area TBD Population TBD 06 Map TBD
VII Vesterland-Petersbjerg Flag TBD CoA TBD Petersbjerg Area TBD Population TBD 048-049 (Petersbjerg and Northeast), 070-078 (Rest of Governorate) Map TBD
VIII Gerdriksmark Flag TBD CoA TBD Gødering Area TBD Population TBD 08, 079 (North) Map TBD
IX Kagland Flag TBD CoA TBD Nygard Area TBD Population TBD 09 Map TBD
X Predrussen Flag TBD CoA TBD St. Ignads Area TBD Population TBD 10 Map TBD
XI Forholmalden Flag TBD CoA TBD Trøndelborg Area TBD Population TBD 110-118 Map TBD
XII, XId Ostbyland Flag TBD CoA TBD Ostby Area TBD Population TBD 12, 119 (Vendland) Map TBD
XIII Holmalden Flag TBD CoA TBD Seiersbjerg Area TBD Population TBD 13 Map TBD
XIV Nøre Flag TBD CoA TBD Nøring Area TBD Population TBD 14 Map TBD
XV Rødrikslag Flag TBD CoA TBD Valting Area TBD Population TBD 15, 046 (South) Map TBD
XVI Haugland Flag TBD CoA TBD Pomorska Vidda Area TBD Population TBD 16 Map TBD
XVII Pomoren Flag TBD CoA TBD Nykirken i Pomoren Area TBD Population TBD 17 Map TBD
XVIII Nederpomoren-Ejdalmark Flag TBD CoA TBD Feiring i Ejdalmark Area TBD Population TBD 18 Map TBD
XIX, XXc Mønland Flag TBD CoA TBD Hammarnes Area TBD Population TBD 19, 208-209 (Northern Exclave) Map TBD
XX Kargandetmark Flag TBD CoA TBD Rørøs på Vidda Area TBD Population TBD 200-207, 219 (North) Map TBD
XXI Fjørdland Flag TBD CoA TBD Rodelv Area TBD Population TBD 210-218 Map TBD



Pre-Gaermanic Uletarephian settlement

Gaermanic settlement and Middle Ages

Early Modern Age


Industrial Revolution

First Medwedian Civil War

File:Https://ä victims 1918.jpg
The Koholmina Massacre of Bloregian and Läx people on the 8th of February of 1952, in retaliation to a previous mass execution by the regime of newly-independent Läxland.

Great War and Second Medwedian Civil War

1947 coup and First Brandmøller Regime

Petersen Regime

Second Brandmøller Regime

1992 coup and establishment of the Frankenstein Regime

Celebration at the Presidental Palace shortly before the 15-05 Massacre of leading National Unity Party politicians.
Ingvar Matjas Skansenbjerg, current Chief Minister of the Medwedian Democratic Federation, posing with a Frankensteinist soldier outside the Standhus in Medwed on the 17th of May of 1992.

Recent history

2005 Rodelv border dispute and massacre

Head of the Medwedian National Army of Southern Fjørdland and Norðurlensk citizen General Frederik Frederiksen at a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of National Security in Rodelv, Fjørdland

Politics and Government

Medwedisk Folksparti

President of the Medwedian Democratic Federation

Cabinet of Ministers

Name Role Picture Titles and Ranks Date of Birth In Office since Notes
Theodor Lynden Frankenstein President of the Medwedian Democratic Federation, Supreme Commander of the Medwedian Armed Forces, First Secretary of the Medwedisk Folksparti Jack Layton - 2011.jpg Chief Marshal, President of the Medwedian Democratic Federation 4th May 1942 1992
Edmund Olsen Vice-President of the Medwedian Democratic Federation, Deputy Commander of the Medwedian Armed Forces Pál Schmitt (2011).jpg Field Marshal, Vice-President of the Medwedian Democratic Federation 7th August 1957 1992
Ingvar Matjas Skansenbjerg Chief Minister of the Medwedian Democratic Federation Rüdiger Lucassen (2019).png Field Marshal 1st November 1955 1996
Harald Grønbjerg-Dobner Deputy Chief Minister of the Medwedian Democratic Federation Andrei Kobjakow, Belarus Vize-Ministerpräsident 2 (cropped).jpg General-Lieutenant 6th July 1969 1996
Ebenhard Thorwald Honedegger Minister of Defence Klaus Berka cropped.jpg Field Marshal 22nd March 1948 1993
Dr. Herbert Karl von Waldau Minister of the Economy, Second Secretary of the Medwedisk Folksparti H.-Behrendt Bild.jpg General 15th October 1941 2016
Martin Harald Brodinek Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Pál Csáky.jpg Field Marshal 8th April 1960 2009
Dr. Gernot Adalbert Kraigeler Minister of Natural Ressources and Mining Alajos Mészáros (Martin Rulsch) 3.jpg Admiral of the Fleet 16th May 1950 2018
Igor Stanislav Kartoschnik Minister of External Affairs Janusz Korwin-Mikke Sejm 2016.JPG General-Lieutenant 15th January 1944 2017
Egon Tomas Adler Minister of Internal Affairs Eugen Jurzyca (cropped).jpg General-Major (Cavalry) 20th September 1958 1998
Adolf Tadæus Rømer Minister of National Security Uladzimir Niakliaew2010.jpg General-Major (Airborne Troops) 2nd October 1964 2019
Gregor Marius Pálfi Minister of Energy 2016-12-15 Detlev Spangenberg (Landtagsprojekt Sachsen) by Sandro Halank.jpg General-Lieutenant 17th November 1949 2011
Prof. Dr. mult. Martin Medwediak Minister of Space Exploration Csapody Miklós.JPG General-Major 27th February 1956 2010
Dr. Rudolf Bogumil von Horvath-Wallenberg Minister of Patriotism, National Identity and Heritage Heinz-Christian Strache 2009 edited.jpg Brigadier (Air Force) 19th June 1972 2013
Mikal IV. (Mikal Raimund Petersen) Patriarch of Medwed, Head of the Medwedian Orthodox Church, Minister of Faith Митрополит Ростислав (Девятов).jpg General 9th April 1962 2008
Frederik Prince of Medwed-Adelsbjerg Minister of Nobility Ian Wachtmeister 2014-03-27 001.jpg General-Major 11th August 1949 1984
Albert Bjørn Orthvald Minister of Education Rolf Lüders.jpg General 19th September 1959 2009
Gerald John Påstrup Minister of Border Protection, Commander of the Medwedisk Grenspatrull Christian Hafenecker 3.JPG General-Major 11th January 1981 2017
Thorwald von Schellenberg Minister of Culture and Art Dr. Ulrich W. Schiefer, MBA.jpg Commodore (Navy) 2nd March 1978 2017
Ruppert Martin Bemballinek-Kronbajer Minister of Customs, Taxation and Excise Michael D. Higgins 2006.jpg General-Lieutenant 1st May 1955 2015
Helmut Karl Grøn-Lindebjerg Minister of Morality, Commander of the Federal Inquisition Albrecht Glaser 2015.jpg General-Major 12th February 1933 1992
Raimund Adebar Klaussen Minister of Sports Eike Pies (* 1942).jpg General-Major 31st March 1971 2019
Martin Kowatsch Minister of Justice Kent Olsson, ordforande naringsutskottet (Bilden ar tagen vid Nordiska radets session i Oslo, 2003).jpg General-Lieutenant 7th November 1962 1997
Gunter Ivan Brodmøller Minister of Telecommunication 2019-03-14 Ralph Weber Landtag Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 6417.jpg General-Lieutenant 12th November 1961 2007
Herbert Gessner Minister of Foreign Trade Wilt Aden Schröder 2011.jpg General-Lieutenant 15th March 1964 1994
Thorwald Martin Glinka Minister of Business Development Kolesov (cropped).jpg Colonel (Air Force) 4th June 1971 2012
Adalbert Olav Rothenberg Minister of Banking and Currency Mikhail Oseevsky.jpg Brigadier 29th September 1975 2012
Edvard Benesch Minister without Portfolio Jānis Lagzdiņš, 2010-06-21.jpg General-Lieutenant 13th January 1955 2017
Carl Gustav Borislau Minister without Portfolio Flickr - Saeima - 9.Saeimas deputāts Miroslavs Mitrofanovs.jpg Brigadier 11th April 1981 2018
Gernot Ingvar Melnik Minister without Portfolio Hugh Bronson, AfD (Martin Rulsch) 2017-11-16 1.jpg Colonel 5th May 1970 2009
Edvard Gøsseiner Minister without Portfolio, Mayor of Medwed 12.Saeimas deputāts Gaidis Bērziņš (15364092223).jpg General-Lieutenant 27th April 1973 2016