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Bahasa Maja/Bahasa Melayi
Native toLorotoban, Wallea, Mathani, Commonwealth of Central Archanta
Native speakers80 million (2017)
Language familyAsperic
  • Asanic
    • Melayish
Early formsGobrassian
  • Old Melayish
    • Melayish
Lorotoban Melayish
Wali Melayish
Kemuning Melayish
Mathani Melayish
Tropika Melayish
Writing systemRomantian (Melayish alphabet)
Mazanic script (Aru alphabet)
Wali script (Wallean alphabet)
Mathanian (Mathani alphabet)
Official status
Official language inFlag of Tengah Tauri.svg Tengah Tauri (Tropika Melayish)
Walleanflag.jpg Wallea (also called Bahasa Maja and more local dialect as regional language)
Minority language inCCA-Flag2-01.jpg Commonwealth of Central Archanta (Bahasa Pasika)
Mathani (Mathani Maja)
AN Flag.png Assembly of Nations (Melayish used at AN peacekeeping missions)

Melayish (Melayish: Bahasa Mejayi, بهاس ملايي/بهاس ماج) is an Asperic language spoken in regions in Western Equatorial Archanta. The language has been used in several countries with its own dialects and creole. Standard Melayish, or Maja Baku was the literary standard of the pre-imanic Maja Sultanates, and so the language is sometimes called Maja or melayish (or various combinations of those names) to distinguish it from the various other Asperic languages. Currently, the alphabet used for Melayish is the Romantian alphabet, replacing the Mazanic script to conform to the surrounding colonial nation from Uletha such as Ingerland,Karolia and Castellan.


Linguist expert has agreed on the origin of Melayish being on the coast of Majesia. A form known as Proto-Melayish was spoken in Majesia at least by 1000 BCE and argued to be the ancestral language of all subsequent Melayish language. Its ancestor, Proto-Asperic, began to spread from the Gobrassanya peninsula at least by 2000 BCE as the result of Asperic people expansion into Maritime Archanta.


The old Melayish was directly influenced by. The Melayish language came into widespread use as the lingua franca of the Majesian Empire (1289–1476). During this period, the Melayish language developed rapidly under the influence of empire and as the trade language with several nations like Lorotoban. The development changed the nature of the language with a massive infusion of Mazanic and Mathanian under the period of the Sultanate of Majesia (1563-1895).