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15, 56.0219, 19.5613
Town and Mynster of Rima Súd Óst
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Merestowe Lihtehús seen from the Kirkcomon
"Béacenfýr geondscínþ sæwang"
A beacon shines on the beach
 • LæðWestaxe
 • EardRima Súd Óst
 • BurgealdorCedric Yansson
 • BurhgeréfaLiam Liamsson
 • Estimate (2014)1,980
Postal CodeMS
Telephone Code02

Merestowe is a coastal town and mynster in Myrcia . It is located in the læð of Westaxe and the eard of Rima Súd Óst, approximately 11 miles south of St Grimbald. Merestowe has historically been reliant on agriculture and brewing but this focus has shifted onto tourism in the past three decades.

The Albans Brewery has been situated in the centre of town for over two centuries and still produces ales which bear the symbols of the town's most well-known sight, its iconic lighthouse. The Merestowe Lihtehús was built in 1781 and stands above the beach, it still operates today, warning sailors of the dangerous rocks along the Westaxe coast. The town's pier is another local landmark, it was recently renovated and still sustains a summer-only steamer service to St Grimbald.


Merestowe was traditionally connected to the west of Westaxe by railway, the nearest station was in the village of Derwere which is connected by foot ferry to the town quay in Merestowe. The railway line between Derwere and St Grimbald closed in 1971 but the ferry service remains. The nearest major road is the A4 which forms the Súdrima Weg and a regular bus service connects the town with St Grimbald and Bereford.