Mergan Handelsbörsen

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Mergan Handelsbörsen

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Institution in the Confederate States of Mergany
Status Private
The Mergan Handelsbörsen, abbreviated to MHA, is a stock exchange located in Stanncatt in Mergany. It was founded in 1805 by King George IV. Its main index MERHAB16 includes 16 Mergan-based companies.
Mergan Handeslbörsen
Mergan Handeslbörsen
Mergan Handeslbörsen


The building that houses the Mergan Handelsbörsen does not have a distinct name, though it is usually called simply the Börsen. It is located in the western part of the center of Stanncatt. The building was erected from 1858 to 1862 and mixes elements of Empire architectural styles and the Neo-Renaissance. It has an abundance of ornaments and sculptures, created by famous artists.


Inside Mergan Handeslbörsen

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