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OGFmapicon.png 46.324 N, 131.484 E
Confederate States of Mergany

Konföderierte Staaten von Merganien
Mergany Flag.pngMergan coa.png
FlagCoat of arms
"Freiheit, Recht und Brüderlichkeit"
Freedom, Justice and Fraternalism
Map of Mergany
Largest cityStanncatt
Official languagesMergan
GovernmentFederal parliamentary republic
 • PresidentHeiner Lafontaine
 • ChancellorGabriel Dietauer
 • Total122 758 km2
47397 sq mi
 • Water (%)62.7
 • Estimate (2011)27 250 000
 • Density222/km2
575/sq mi
 • Total$1.723 trillion
 • Per capita$63 221
GDP (nominal)
 • Total1.522 trillion
 • Per capita$55 853
HDI (2010)Increase 0.908
very high
TimezoneWUT +8h
CurrencyMergan Mark (MM)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD .mer

Mergany is a federal sovereign state in Eastern Uletha and an active member of the Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies and Assembly of Nations. In the 21st century, Mergany is a great power and has one of the world's largest economies in the sector of high technology. As a global leader in several industrial and technological sectors, it plays an important role in export and import of goods. Mergany is a highly developed country with a very high standard of living sustained by a skilled and productive society. It upholds a social security and universal health care system, environmental protection and a tuition-free university education.


The name of Mergany derives from the Romantian expression "mergari", which means "to trade". The ending "-ny" was established later on and stems from Ingerish. The name came up after Kalmish settlements have been established in Eastern Uletha in the 14th century.


Discoveries shows that ancient humans were present in Mergany at least 350 000 years ago. One of the oldest complete hunting weapon found anywhere in the world was discovered in northern Holswig. This is the settlement of most Reisjian Tribes.

See also the Timeline of Mergan history.


Time zones in Mergany
Sant Elena Uthira Stadt Sant Michelle Johannastat Main land Fiorentia Ludenitz
Clock 08-44.svg Clock 10-44.svg Clock 11-44.svg Clock 03-44.svg Clock 04-44.svg Clock 05-44.svg Clock 07-44.svg

Mergany is the southernmost of a number of countries that form the Scythe of Uletha in Eastern Uletha, with Viljanni and Eshein bordering to the south, UL013, UL012 and UL011 to the east and Helvetiany, Arcantonie, UL044, UL041 and Otma to the north. It is also bordered by the Darcodian Sea and the Gulf of Volta. It lies mostly between latitudes 43.5° and 48.5° N and longitudes 129° and 133° E. Mergany has five oversea territories on three continents, each named after the largest town:

Exclusive economic zone

The exclusive economic zone of Mergany (OGFmapicon.png map) is the 200 nautical miles sea zone (measured from the coast line) prescribed by the 19?? AN Convention on the Law of the Sea over which each state has special rights regarding the exploration and use of marine resources, including energy production from water and wind.


The island is dominated by an oceanic climate with quite narrow temperature differences between seasons. Thus the temperature varies with the seasons seldom dropping below −10°C or rising above 30°C. The prevailing wind is from the east and bears frequent spells of mild and wet weather from the Asperic Ocean, although the western parts are mostly sheltered from this wind since the majority of the rain falls over the eastern regions the western parts are therefore the driest. Rainfall occurs year-round, with no consistent dry season. The winters often are mild, especially at the western coasts. Summers are warmest in the west of Mergany, being closest to the Darcodian Sea. Heavy snowfall are seldom in winter due to the lack of high ground.

Mergany Weather Averages
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average maximum temperature
7.5 9.1 10.1 13.4 17.8 20.1 24.8 22.6 19.5 15.6 10.2 8.1 14.9
Average minimum temperature
2.5 2.4 3.7 4.2 7.5 11.8 13.8 13.7 11.6 8.2 4.1 2.3 7.2
74.2 79.3 122.1 178.5 199.3 195.7 212.1 203.5 155.2 122.5 78.2 69.2 1689.8
62.2 55.4 61.4 59.9 57.3 55.0 57.1 56.2 61.7 71.2 78.9 72,3 748.6
Rainfall ≥ 1 mm
9.4 9.2 10.1 10.2 9.4 9.3 9.1 8.6 8.9 10.0 12.1 11.3 117.6



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Political parties

Mergan Parliament 2014-2019


Parliament building
Parliament building

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See also: Government ministries and agencies of Mergany

  • Ministry of Building, Infrastructure and Energy
  • Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is a confederate agency with main responsibility for the Confederate Defence and located in Stanncatt.

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs

map coming soon... National Center of Innovation

  • Ministry Economic Cooperation and Development

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  • Ministry of Education and Research

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  • Ministry for the Environment and Nature Conservation
Ministry for the Environment and Nature Conservation

map coming soon...

  • Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

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  • Ministry of Finance

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  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture

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  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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  • Ministry of Health

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  • Ministry of the Interior

coming soon... Confederate Statistical Office Mergany

  • Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection

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  • Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

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The civil law system of Mergany is based on Ancient Ulethan law. The Mergan penal system seeks the protection of the public and the rehabilitation of the criminal. Mergany has a very low murder rate with 0.7 murders per 100000 in 2017.

Foreign relations

Mergan embassy in Ravalin
Mergan embassy in Canan-Yar in Al-Kaza OGFmapicon.png map

Mergany has many diplomatic missions abroad and maintains relations with even more countries, for details see Foreign relations of Mergany.

Mergan embassy in Huntington, Federal States


The Confederate States of Mergany comprises nine federal states and one free city-state. Each state has its own state constitution and is largely autonomous in regard to its internal organisation. Because of differences in size and population the subdivisions of these states vary.


9, 46.4606, 130.4407
Flag of Falzland

Falz is a state of Mergany located in center, north of Vocklenbrug and south of Wirtembrug.


10, 48.1688, 129.4080
Flag of Holswig

Holswig is a state of Mergany located in the north-west, west of Schersen.


9, 47.5524, 132.2781
Flag of Rüthingen

Rüthingen is a state of Mergany located in the north east, north of Wirtembrug and east of Schersen.


9, 47.9605, 130.8087
Flag of Schersen

Schersen is a state of Mergany located in the north, north of Wirtembrug and between Rüthingen and Holswig.


10, 45.0871, 130.6563
Flag of Stefalen

Stefalen is a state of Mergany located in the south-east of the main island, north of Wabern and east of Vocklenbrug.

Mine in Stefalen


9, 45.5641, 130.4022
Flag of Vocklenbrug

Vocklenbrug is a state of Mergany located in the south-west of the main island, north of Wabern, west of Stefalen and south of Wirtembrug and Falz.


9, 44.1428, 130.2209
Flag of Wabern

Wabern is a state of Mergany located in the south, south Stefalen and Vocklenbrug. The state is bordering to the south with Eshein. Halwalla, Mergany's collection of famous people in also located here.


9, 47.0439, 131.2372
Flag of Wirtembrug
Internet TLD .bw

Wirtembrug is a state of Mergany located in the middle, south of Schersen and Rüthingen and north of Falz and Vocklenbrug.


State Flag Capital Area Population Map
Brugham Brugham    550 000 47.4780,132.6853
Wirtembrug Stanncatt 6 250 000 47.0130,131.3470
Holswig Liek    950 000 48.1482,129.4004
Falz 1 600 000 46.3957,130.3233
Rüthingen 2 300 000 47.5371,132.2486
Schersen Wiesbrungach 3 800 000 47.9154,130.8815
Stefalen Cöhn 1 400 000 45.0682,130.6219
Vocklenbrug Werschin 7 200 000 45.4245,130.2869
Wabern Gausbrug 3 200 000 44.1255,130.1578

Armed Forces

The Confederate Defence is the unified armed forces of Mergany and member of the EUDA.

National safety and security

Intelligence service

Mergan Secreto Intelligencia (MSI)


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Mergany has a social market economy with a highly skilled labour force, a large capital stock, a low level of corruption and a comperatively high level of innovation. It is one of the world's largest exporter and importer of goods and has a large national economy. Therefore Mergany is a leading nation in the EUEC. The unemployment rate is low and Mergany has one of the highest labour productivity levels in the world. Especially the modern industry of Mergany is regarded as one of the most competitive and innovative. An overview of companies in Mergany is provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Some of the world's largest and well known companies are headquartered in Mergany. 16 Mergan-based companies are included in the MHB, the Mergan stock market index. Mergany is recognised for its large portion of specialised small and medium enterprises, which are very flexible and innovative. Many of these companies are global market leaders in their segment and are labelled hidden champions. Chaussee near Stanncatt developed a thriving, cosmopolitan hub for startup companies and became a leading location for venture capital funded firms in the EUEC.



See also: List of companies in Mergany

Some of the world's largest stock-market-listed companies are headquartered in Mergany. 16 Mergany-based companies such as LeunaOil, Pliar, Sabouche and SAF are included in the MERGHAB16, the most important Mergan stock market index.

Mergany is also recognised for its large portion of specialised small and medium enterprises. Around 850 of these companies are global market leaders in their segment and are labelled hidden champions. Examples for those relatively small but highly successful companies are TMW and Magnus. Stanncatt developed a thriving, cosmopolitan hub for startup companies and became a leading location for venture capital funded firms in Eastern Uletha.








The volume of traffic in Mergany, especially goods transportation, is at a very high level.

Road traffic

Mergany has a dense network of roads. which is extensively used.

The Staatsautobahn (Ingerish: Confederate Motorway, Mergan: Sτąąτsąưτoɓąӊɲ, SAB) is the Mergan confederate highway system. Where no local speed limit is posted, the advisory limit is 120 km/h. Only federally built controlled-access highways meeting certain construction standards including at least two lanes per direction are called Staatsautobahn. They have their own, green-coloured signs and numbers smaller than 20 in the numbering system. All Staatsautobahnen are named by using the capital letter "A" (for the first category), followed by a blank and a number (for example "A 1"). The main Autobahnen have single digit numbers, shorter sections have numbers between 11 and 19. The Staatsautobahnen are considered the safest category of Mergan roads: in 2007, while carrying 22% of all motorized road traffic, they only accounted for 7% of Mergany's traffic fatalities. Mergan Staatsautobahnen are toll-free for light vehicles. A blanket mandatory toll on trucks and buses was introduced in the 1980s.

The national roads in Mergany are called Staatsstraße (Ingerish: Confederate Highway, Mergan: Sτąąτssτrąʂє, SST). Their numbers are between 21 and 99 and are usually well known to local road users, as they appear (written in black digits on a yellow rectangle with black border) on direction traffic signs and in street maps. A Staatsstraßen is often referred to as "B" (for the second category) followed by its number, for example "B21". While the first digit stands for the region, more important routes have a lower second digit.

Other main public roads are maintained by the States, called Landesstraße (Ingerish: Country Highway, Mergan: Ląɲɗєssτrąʂє, LST). The numbers of these roads are prefixed with "C" (for the third category), but are usually not seen on direction signs or written in maps. They appear on the kilometre posts on the roadside. Numbers are larger than 110, where the first digit stands for the state.

  • 111
  • 112

Minor roads and streets are built and maintained by the municipalities. These roads have the number prefix "D" (for the fourth street category).


Railroad traffic

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Mergan Staatsbahnen

The capital Stanncatt is accessible by Metex and Tunnelbahn, which serves as the main means of transport there.


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Airport name City name State WAAT code ANACA code Class Runways Position Notes
International Airport Stanncatt Stanncatt Wirtembrug STC HMMS international 4: 11R/29L, 11L/29R, 3R/21L, 3L/21R 47.0444,131.4294
Runway of Nordier-Werke Bütingen Wirtembrug -- -- industrial 1: xx/xx 46.8379,130.7616
Airport Gausbrug Gausbrug Wabern --- --- regional 2: 05/23, 10/28 44.2799,130.0029
Airport Werschin Werschin Vocklenbrug --- --- regional 1: XX/XX 45.4223,130.2290
Airbase Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Vocklenbrug --- --- military 1: XX/XX 46.0379,130.1003 military use only

Shipping and inland water transport

Mergany's major port is the Port of Brugham.

Utilities and disposal


See also: User:Mstr/Sandbox/Mergany#Energy


Water supply and sanitation

See also: User:Mstr/Sandbox/Mergany#Infrastructure


Telecommunication and computing

Mergany has its own top-level domain .mer and as a special, .bw for the state Wirtembrug.


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Christicism is the largest religion in Mergany, claiming 64.3% Reformatic and 13.4% Ortholic traditions. All other religions accounted for 22.3%[2]. Geographically, Reformatism is spread all over the country, whereas Ortholicism is concentrated in the south, especially in Wabern.

Main churches in Mergany are:

  • the Reformatic Church in Mergany,
  • the Mergan Ortholic Church,
  • the Freedenom Church.

A unique features of Christicism in Mergany is the fairly advanced reconciliation of both parts of the chirch, so called Oicumenism. One of the main steps was the foundation of the Monestary of Zaite, which is notable for being composed of more than one hundred brothers from Reformatic and Ortholic traditions. The community emphasizes the reconciliation of all denominations. This movement is internationally known, attracting over 70 000 young pilgrims annually.


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Responsibility for educational supervision in Mergany is primarily organised within the individual confederate states, which follow the rules made by the Ministry of Education and Research. Kindergarten education is provided for all children between three and six years old, after which school attendance is compulsory for at least nine years. Primary education lasts for five years. Secondary education includes three traditional types of schools focused on different academic levels: the Oberschule enrols the most gifted children and prepares students for university studies; the Mittelschule for intermediate students lasts five years and the Gemeinschule prepares pupils for vocational education.

The standard system of apprenticeship called dual education does not lead to an academic degree. Instead, it allows students in vocational training to learn in a company as well as in a state-run vocational school. This model is highly regarded and reproduced all around the world.

All Mergan universities are public institutions, and students have traditionally studied without fee payment. The general requirement for university is the Cog, a qualification normally based on continuous assessment during the last few years at school and final examinations, there are no exceptions. Academic education is open to international students and is increasingly common. In the academic ranking especially the Technical University of Bronn has a prominent position.

School in Mergany
secondary 12 Oberschule
10 Gemeinschule Mittelschule
primary 5


The Technical University of Bronn (TUB) is the largest education institution in Mergany and one of the most prestigious research institutions worldwide.

Tecscleron University in Stanncatt

O'Hanna University in Johannastat

Technical University Gausbrug

Amadeus University Gausbrug

University Werschin

University Wiesbrungach

Brugham School of Trade and Business

Mergodin School of Economics and Engineering

Fridericiana University Fiorentia

Holswig University Büleck

Northern University in Thoga

University Suidbrug


Mergany's system of hospices, called spitals, dates from medieval times, and today, Mergany has one of the world's oldest universal health care system, dating from the 1920s. Since then, reforms and provisions have ensured a balanced health care system. Currently the population is covered by a health insurance plan without any need for a private health insurance contract.




Stanncatt bid for the Summer Geolympiad 1988.

Field hockey

Main article: Hockey in Mergany


Main article: Football in Mergany

Football (soccer) is one of the most popular sports in Mergany, with the most registered players and most clubs among all sports in Mergany.

Other Sports

  • Cycling
  • Handball
  • Tennis

comin soon...

International contributions

Mergan contributions to international expositions


National flag

The flag of Mergany
The flag of Mergany or Mergan flag (Mergan: Merganische Flagge) consists of the three national colors of Mergany
  • gold (RGB: 255,255,0; Web color: #FFFF00),
  • red (RGB: 225,0,0; Web color: #E10000) and
  • black (RGB: 0,0,0; Web color: #000000)

(Mergan: Gold-Rot-Schwarz) arranged in form of a spiral. Its center shows three black leopards, each with a red tongue, on top of each other on gold background. The black leopards on gold ground stem from the Dynasty of Wirtembreg. The spiral shape can be interpreted as an allusion to waves of the sea surrounding the Mergan islands. Mergany's flag was first adopted as the national flag in 1832, but details have been modified several times until 1921, when the current flag was created.


  1. "Temperatures in Mergany". Mergan WSO. (Stanncatt, Mergany) 2012. Retrieved 28 February 2013.
  2. "Religion in Mergany". CoLa. (Mergany) 2013. Retrieved 01 August 2014.

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