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Meseta County is a county in the F.S. state of Sierra. Meseta County is located in the center of the state, on the east bank of the *Colurona* River, and has an area of some 5975.67 km² (2307 sq.mi.). It is the third-most populous county in Sierra with 429,600 inhabitants. The county seat is Elvira, which is also the state capital.

The bulk of the county's population is located no more than 20km from the river, in Elvira in the north and across from Lola in the south.


Railway bridge over the Colurona, 1890s

Meseta County was established in 1854, over a year after the founding of Elvira; it was founded in 1852 or 1853 and became the main town in the county after 1856. Meseta County initially extended to Sierra's eastern border. During the Lola-Dennison conflict in the mid-1860s, Elvira's politicians and businessmen championed it as a viable alternative to either of those cities for both the vital future railway line and perhaps even capital of the territory. By 1870 the railway committees chose Elvira and in 1871 was named a compromise capital, paving the way for statehood the following year.

The eastern half of Meseta and Serrano Counties were separated in 1921 to form Estancia County.


Meseta County borders six counties:

Portions of various national and state protected areas are found in the county, particularly to the north, east and south.


The largest city in Meseta County is Elvira; 401,220 people live in the greater Elvira area.

The town of Fountainhead, some 13km north west of Elvira is the oldest town in the county, and one of the oldest in the state. It was founded around 1849 by silver prospectors, whereupon its boom years of 1853-1856 had 12,000 inhabitants. The modern town is much smaller, and is known for the Fountainhead Outlet Mall, largest in the state.

The large military base of Fort James P. Nickerson is partly located in the county, whose portion comprises all the residential areas of the base. The settlement of Fort Nickerson, located outside the military base, is also home to a number of people.

Huararuab (in Ingerish: Muddy Valley) is an indigenous village in the northeast area of the county. Located at 3650m above sea level in a valley, it is the highest altitude settlement in the state.

  • Elvira: 401,220
  • Harding: 9400
  • Ballard: 7600
  • Statler: 3400
  • Fountainhead: 1800
  • Lewes: 1600
  • Fort Nickerson: 1100
  • Tenda
  • Huayaruab

Nearly 2500 people live in farms or rural areas.


Meseta County is home to two significant airports in the state. Elvira Regional Airport is found in the south of Elvira, and Lola-Fort Nickerson Regional Airport is located adjacent to the military base, serving for private and military aircraft.

FS-81 is the main motorway in the county, crossing it north to south near the western limit.


The county is served by the Meseta County Public Schools (MCPS), Ortholic Schools of Meseta County and various private schools. MCPS is often considered among the top public school systems in the country, certainly in the state.

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