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Flag province Mil Ojes

The province of Mil Ojes has the name from the "thousand lakes" or "thousand eyes". Therefore in this area the touristic infrastructure is an important factor of oeconomy.

Greatest town and capital is Topahappan. Topahappan is the only great city in Latina with an indigene name - means "Wood at the lake". Other settlements in the province are under 125.000 inhabitants, greatest are Lupo Blance with 124.644 and Vanguard with 103.825 inhabitants.

The province of Mil Ojes is in closed relations with the Area Norte and the Area Este for the indigene people. The area Norte lays north of the province and the Area Este at the eastside, but behind the Sierra Grande


Cantones of the province Mil Ojes
  • Motorways = # 6 (Latina - Porto Colon), # 16 (Du Bois - Topahappan) and # 18 (Northern frontier - Delta). Route # 25 from Guvillion via La Perdiz to the northeast is in construction.
  • AVE-hi-speed railway = Lines ## 6, 11 and 12 in Topahappan, ## 6 and 11 in Vanguard and # 5 over Guvillion in Lupo Blanco
  • Airport = Topahappan regional Airport


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Topahappan is the capital of the province, but good transportation possibilities are also to Givullion, a town with more commercial athmosphere as Topahappan. So many people buy their luxourios things, clothes or meubles in Givullion.


The eastern boundary of the province is the Sierra Grande with the Monte Veritas (5003 m) at the northern boundary. To the weat the mountains near Cornichon MO and Lupa Blanco are the watershed between the Rio Bravo and the Rio San Giovanni in the province Rio Bravo. The boundary then springs to the east and north of Guvillion the valley of the Rio Bravo is then part of the province Rio Bravo.

Greatest rivers are the Rio Oriente and the Rio Bravo. The water of the eastern part of the lakes flow with the Rio Oriente through Topahappan and the water from the western lakes with the Rio Bravo through Guvillion in the province Rio Bravo. The rivers flow roughly in southwesatern direction - so as the hill-chains are.

In the Sierra Grande is at the east of Topahappan the lowest pass (907 m), the Elk Pass. In this way is layed the motorway # 6 and the AVE-line # 6 both to Van Pelt City.

The province on map see please at 8, -10.323, 44.231


Tacola in the north is often visit in remembrance of the meeting of the chiefs of the indigene tribes here in the 1880ies against the state of Latina with Wahahahuppon, the leading man. Here is a great museum with exhibitions over the former live of the indigene people. A second museum of this theme is in Topahappan.



Province Capital Inhabitants km² Density Car-Code Notes
Mil Ojes Topahappan 2 536 132 71 178.59 35.6 MO-


No. Name Capital Tel Post Car-Code Inhabitants Notes
1 Topahappan Topahappan (Cidudad) 048-1 to -7. 4801 ff -T 867.309 postal code follows the barrios
2 Lupo Blanco Lupo Blanco 048-8.9 4880 ff -L 372.827
3 Zypressis Zypressis 049-1... 4910 ff -Z 99.392
4 Hirsch Hirsch 049-2... 4920 ff -H 143.904
5 Frigoleto Frigoleto 049-3... 4930 ff -F 136.923
6 Asterion Asterion 049-4... 4940 ff -A 101.834
7 Conifera Conifera 049-50... 4950 ff -C 98.763
8 Cabacera Cabacera 049-55 4950 ff -R 72.942
9 La Perdiz La Perdiz 049-6... 4960 ff -P 275.620
10 Cornichon MO Cornichon MO 049-70... 4970 ff -M 82.942
11 Tacola Tacola 049-80... 4880 ff -G 46.805
12 Tres Lagos Llueve 049-85... 4985 ff -K 64.800
13 Altos Lagos Erchantos 048-9... 4890 ff -Q 62.071
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