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14, 43.6196, 129.9581
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
 • StateKeswerg
 • KraykFenter
 • MayorJames Vilder
 • Census (2019)98,000
Hamerson powerplant in Mirston (map)

Mirston is a city in the Krayk of Fenter in the state of Keswerg. It is the seventh largest city by population in Eshein and the fourth largest in Keswerg. It is the only city in the Krayk of Fenter. Mirston is one of the five cities to have its own airport, Mirston Regyonal, and an Air Force base in it.

Mirston was founded by Ingrans around 1770 during the industrial revolution, replacing an old Gaermish village called "Höllentor", as an industrial-designated town.



Mirston is named after the river it is located on, the Mirntenn river. Originally, the Ingarish name for the town was 'Mirnstown' but when Eshens took control of the area again in the war of 1807, the 'w' , which isn't pronounced the same in Eshen, and the 'n', were droped, resulting the current name of Mirston.

The Mirntenn river is named after a local bird, the "Blaumirner", which is native to the Volta island and the Mirston area. In 2002, when the city council started a competition for changing the Misntonian flag, the winning flag design included the Blaumirner.