Model Railway Norms

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To coordinate activities for model railways, this organisation set the normes. The MRN was founded 1950. Industry, magazines and choosen model railway enthusiasts here are assembled. To reach more realistic at the models and make it easyer, to work with elements of different factories, this normes are set. In the last decades most activities are focussed for electronic protocolls for digital steering and a worldwide "open" software for this. All mesures of the MRN-norms are metric.

The MRN has set different model-spurs, basically bound at the 1.435 m main-spur.

  • "A" - 1:25 - model-spur is 57.4 mm, meter-spur is 40 mm
  • "B" - 1:50 - model-spur is 28.7 mm, meter-spur is 20 mm
  • "C" - 1:100 - model-spur is 14.35 mm, meter-spur is 10 mm
  • "D" - 1:200 - model-spur is 7.175 mm, meter spur is 5 mm

There too are greater spurs for real-steam modelling and garden railways as

  • "10" - 1:10 - model-spur is 143.5 mm, so called "short 5 inch"
  • "7" - 1:7 - model spur is 205 mm, so called "short 8 inch"

The headquarter is 33, Calle dos Gatos, Latina (Ciudad) 12 near the railway museum in the old western station.