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15, -38.6498, 10.3831
Capital city and municipality
CountryJardinian flag.png Jardinia
 • ComarcaMondeonís
 • Total3.95 km2
1.53 sq mi
 • Estimate (2018)28,150
 • Density7,126.6/km2
This article is about the city. For the comarca, see Mondeonís (comarca).

Mondeonís is the capital city of Jardinia. It has more than 28,000 inhabitants and a metropolitan area of approximately 100,000. The city is located in central Matano Island, in the Mondeonís Peninsula, and is crossed by Onis River.


Mondeonís is located in the northern part of the Mondeonís Peninsula, which is located in the center of Matano Island. While the old Colonial Mondeonís and most of the city is located in the valley of the Onís River, other boroughs are separated by the mountains, for example, Aldancor.



Jardinia International Airport, although not technically located in Mondeonís, was built where it lays because of its proximity to the city. In fact, it is sometimes called Mondeonís Airport.


Train at Birés Station

In 1996, the Mondeonís Terminal Station was built together with the Mondeonís-Vonga railway line as a part of the Matano Rail Corridor. As of 2021, this line remains the only operative one of the whole project.