Moniranian Mountain Range

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Jyibacqtyi (4343), the highest peak

The Moniranian Mountain Range, or the Moniranian Mountains (Hyldian: Moniromier) is located on the Moniranian peninsula in nothern Uletha. The mountains were formed over tens of millions of years as the Northern Ice Sea tectonic plate and Ulethan tectonic plate collided. One of the highest peaks is the Jyibacqtyi (Cloud peak) in Hyldia at 4343 meter over the sea level. An other famous peak is the S:t Paul's Peak that reach 2311 meter over the sea level. The range affects the climate in northern Uletha and stops cold winds and weather from spreding southwards. Wildlife such as reindeers and bears live in the valleys up to elevations of 1,500 m.