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Traded asMUDL
 Computer software
 Computer hardware
 Television and Radio
FounderNancy Travis
HeadquartersEmach City(1) - TBC
Area Served Archanta
Key PeopleLewis Travis, Chief Executive Officer
 Timothy Raphordy, Chief Of Operations
 Frank Hoovenheem, Chief Of Management
 George Taniss-Wells, President
Production Output6,000 computers per day
 6,000 phones and tablets per day
 24 hrs of Television and Radio spent
 50 cars per day (Project Carmo)
 software & internet components
Revenue$51 billion
Operating Income$19 billion
Net Income$14.32
Number of employees51712
 Project Carmo

Mudle Company & Services, known as Mudle is a company that specialises in Internet and tv/radio related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, retailing and hardware. It was founded by Nancy Travis in 2012 to provide internet access to Archanta. Mudle opened in Pembrook, Mecyna and expanded to Rhododactylia and will be opened in Gablain in 2017. Mudle has plans of expanding it's network to every continent so every one could connect easily. The company's rapid growth since incorporation has triggered a chain of products, acquisitions, and partnerships beyond it's real core growth, Project Carmo.

Project Carmo was so successful, 67% of Gablain's cars were manufactured from Mudle and the number is growing. Mudle has also created new subsidiaries that are capturing people in Archanta, RhodoEnt. and GabianEnt. These subsidiaries are providing 24 hours of television, radio and internet video content to millions of people.


Mudle was a small subsidiary of abc123 in the 1990's owned by Sarah Rajeans and was actually named ProjectTatherPolaris or PTP which was a car manufacturer in Mecyna. In 2000 Rejeans died and Nancy Travis took over and bought 45 shares of abc123 and the money was contributed to PTP's shares which allowed to add more services, where Nacy named the succeeding company Mudle.

A set of Mudle's 2000 network server.

Financing and Growth

Mudle was initially funded by an contribution of $1 million from; the University of Mecyna, Rhododactylia and Gablain students, also $10 million was produced by Mudle's Car Project in 2000 and the government of Pembrook County systems. It also recieved money from investors in the SAF and abc123(after it was resolved into Mudle, Congrosov Fiesta and Johnson Travis who were businessmen also contributed to the companies rise.

As the company was growing in debts, more money was being invested to the company and also some contributions of phone services payments from other companies including, which was separated to other companies.

In 2002 Mudle held an internal public offering and monetary investments board (IPOMIB). where the company sold 29,012,309 shares (at $105 per share) for the first week. Shares were sold in an online auction provided by the Emach City Stock Exchange. Later investments had blown up for the next four months where 90 million more shares were sold in 3 different cities for $90 per share, as the company also grew in investments other Internet-based companies like Eskiso also grew because they owned shares of the company.

Mudle data centers, Project Carmo

As of today Mudle is working with international countries to produce data centers that will connect the world into one time network connection that will help rural areas to get more internet and calling access. And Mudle's Carmo Project will be working to pave roads to connect people easier to places and make the world a more connected place. This whole Mudle project will take years to complete but it's being started now.

Search Engine

According to the Rhododactylian TV Data and Internet Analysis, Mudle was one of the most used search engines in the world and most dominant in Archanta countries market with a share of 81%. The search engine loads up millions of pages at a type of search at a fast rate of speed. Mudle also hosts MudleTV, which reports on international television stories and updates to billions and trillions of people everywhere, thus Mudle recruited thousands of journalists from Archantan universities.

Internet services

In 2004, Mudle announced it's finished project of MudleNetwork which was a internent (WiFi) componet service for millions of people who got Mudle service in their area. The project also mixed cellular data and WiFi to give longer access speeds of 200 megabytes per second.

The project building began in Emach City Subway Stations in 2007 and worked perfectly for people using the service so the project is continuing to expand continent-wise. According to the Emachian Paper the Internet service was used by 90 million people in North Archanta in 4 months alone. the project is still expanding.