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Muhamməd Âli Cân
[[File:HRH Prince Michael of Kent 62 Allan Warren.jpg|220px|alt=Muhammed Can in Ingerland]]
Muhammed Cân in Ingerland, 2016
Other NamesImani name: Muhamməd bin Nəcib əl-Rəşad
NationalityKusiye flag.png Kushya
EthnicityKusic, Aryan, Demirhan
ResidencePresidential Palace of the Assembly
EducationJura Major
OccupationUniversity of Ehmediye
Known forPresidency of Kusiye
Years Activesince 1995
Political PartyPeople's Movement Party
MovementPeople's Movement,
Vision of the Nation
ReligionTaswaf Iman
HonorsHis Excellency, Honorable President
Home TownŞəhrəzad
Spouse(s)Ayşəgül Əbübəkiroğlu
ChildrenTayib Can,
Əzəd Can,
Ləyla Nur Can
RelativesNəcib Can (father), Hayca Can (mother), İrhmət Can (brother)

Muhamməd Âli Cân, more commonly known as Muhamməd Can, is the current president of Kusiye. He was born in May 1957 in Shahresad, his hometown.

He is currently a member and leader of the People's Movement Party and is also a senior member of the Imanist movement, the Vision of the Nation.

Early Life

He was born in 1957 in Shahresad, his birthplace and hometown. He was born to his parents, Necib and Hayca Can. He was not born in a hospital, rather he was born in a village on the outskirts of Shahresad. he grew up with his brother Irhmet and his sister Zara. He was sent to school as his father, Necib, had business in Shahresad. He described himself as very religious in his early age, and he began praying as young as 9 years old.

He went to the Main School of Shahresad. When he finished school, he moved on to pursue an education. He moved to Ehmediye in 1976, later his family in 1978. In 1977, he studied Theology and Juristiction and became a lawyer in 1989.

File:Muhammed Can Youth.png
Can in Ehmediye, 1976

Political Career

As he became a lawyer and an Imam, he was interested in politics. He joined the Conservative Collective Party in 1992, and was a prominent member early on. He was nomitaed for a presidential candidacy in 1994, and won the election by a landslide in 1995.

He went on to abolish the infamous Military Order, and he succeeded, but then he was met by a severe and destructive coup which was described as war-like. The overthrowing was failed and he officially abolished the Military Order.

In 1998, he began a project which tried to create ties with his opposition party, the republicans. He resigned in 2000, favoring the post of Prime Minister. This was the first time that opposition parties formed a coalition. Furqan Cemoglu, the president, was ordered to be assasinated by Can in 2004, because he tried to reesablish the Military Order. He later regretted the decision, saying that he could have used dialog.

Ali Faysal was elected president, and hopes of cross-party coalition was failed. He later changed his policies from cross-party coalition to single-party coalition. He was met with fury in the Republican Party by his decision. He was met with another round of anger when he joined the Imanist Vision of the Nation.

In 2008, he planned for all conservative parties to unite under one party, which happened in 2009, where the new party, the People's Movement, had a staggering 104 seats in parliament. In 2014, Ali Faysal announced that he would no longer be running for president in 2015, and soon after, Can announced that he would begin his campaign. The response in the BMP was positive. He became elected in 2015.

In 2017, he passed a legislation in parliament which would change the constitution drastically. The Parliament was too discussive and proposals were ordered to be vetoed. The Republicans abstained from entering parliament 2 whole weeks, saying that Muhammed Can now owns the parliament. Muhammed Can then proceeded to take the matters into the hands of the people, with over 52% of people voting yes for the reforms.

The Presidency was now made HOS and Executive. Prime Minister post was abolished, and the Vice-President role was assigned.

In late-2019, Muhammed Can started his campaign with the slogan; "Reform".

Muhammed Can has proposed a tax reform, economic reform, education and welfare reform, theologic reform, market reform and an assembly reform. He says that if he wins the 2020 election, he will promise all reforms.

Family life

His father is Necib Can, and his mother is Aysegul Can. His father has been dead since 1998 after a heart attack and his mother is well, even at her old age. His eldest son, Tayib Can is a member of the People's Movement Party and is in the parliament. His younger son, Ezed Can is an entrepenuer and a businessman. His brother, Irhmet Can is retired, and both retain a very good relationship to oneanother. His daughter, Layla Nur Can is a singer and a midwife in the Hospital of Ehmediye.

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