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12, 32.4943, 122.1309
 • RegionCounty Waptia
Location of Murthwaite in Wiwaxia
Location of Murthwaite in Wiwaxia
Ethnic Groups
Wiwaxians (95%), Other (5%)
NationalitiesWiwaxians (89%), Kojolese (5%) Ataraxians (3%), Galicians (2%), Other (1%)
 • MayorVivienne Lasker
 • Estimate (2014)980,770
 • Density2,802/km2

Murthwaite is a city in Wiwaxia, in County Waptia. It is the largest city in northern Wiwaxia with a population of 980,770.

Murthwaite Metropolitan Area


The city was built around Murthwaite Keep, which was originally built to control the mouth of the Waptia River by Sathrian privateers in 1581 in the ornate Sathroque style. Sadly, much of the ornamentation was removed to conform with Ingerish tastes. Attempts to recreate the original appearance during renovations in 1890-1898 resulted in the ugly hodgepodge you find today. Significant portions of the original city walls can still be found throughout the Old St. Robbin neighbourhood.

Points of Interest

Along with Murthwaite Keep, the center of the city is dominated by St. Robbin Church. Outside the church, the old stalls of the Great Market are still in use.

Octagon House c. 1899

To the northeast of the old town is The Great Beam, one of Wiwaxia's most historic lighthouses. No longer in use since 1962, it is now a maritime museum. To the east is Wilkie Hall, home to the famed Murthwaite Philharmonic. Further along is the Four Squares neighborhood and the famous Octagon House, originally built by renowned architect Natalie Orman for the Usher family in 1799. It is now a five-star hotel.


Murthwaite University, founded in 1902, includes the Spearman College of Law, Wiwaxia's largest law school.


The Murthwaite Coliseum is home to the city's Regulars FC professional football club. The Murthwaite Tennis Club is part of the national circuit, hosting regular tournaments year-round.


The Murthwaite Underground subway system has four lines and 63 stations.

Murthwaite is served by the Willmore-Starkadder Highway W431, the Murthwaite-Verney Freeway W341, and the R24 Murthwaite Ring Highway. Trains servicing the Great Waymeet Station in central Murthwaite connect to Starkadder and Willmore, with connections further west and south, as well as to Wiwaxmouthe via Verney; and Cape Angkatell in the far north of the country. Murthwaite is served by Delvile International airport, some 30 kilometers to the south.

Royal Wiwax Air Corps

Six kilometers north of the airport on the other side of the W431 are the Royal Wiwax Air Corps headquarters.