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13, 48.4082, 158.2468
CountryOstermark Flag.jpg Østermark
Location of Mynninghamn in Østermark.jpg
Location of Mynninghamn in Østermark
Ethnic Groups
Østermarker (90%), Piyockeney (3%), Other (7%)
NationalitiesØstermark (94%), Orinoco (3%), Dustmark (2%), Other (1%)
DemonymMynninghamnsbo (Ing: Minninghamian)
 • BorgmæstareJesper Månsson
 • TotalTBD km2
 • UrbanTBD km2
 • RuralTBD km2
 • Estimate (2015)1 010 377
 • Census (2010)1 000 036
 • DensityTBD/km2
Tram8 lines

Mynninghamn (Ingerish: Minningham) is the capital and largest city of Østermark. Situated at the mouth of the Buller River, it is a large port city and the center of commerce as well as government for Østermark, with rail, road, ferry and air connections to the rest of the country.

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The traditional founding of Mynninghamn is given as 1389, although there is strong evidence that both the Piyockeney and Kalmish seafarers had earlier settlements there as well.


Jetty at Fiskarshamn on the island of Gammalåker

Mynninghamn is built on several islands and the banks of the Buller River where it flows into Lead Bay. The oldest parts of the city are on the two main islands of Gammalåker and Grønholmen. The islands are green but rocky and rolling, with several sets of bluffs. The western bank of the river is marked by a bluff that runs from Hjortgatan north up to the main rail bridge across the Buller. Boggy areas on the river banks have long been drained to provide additional space for the city. Although there is much industry on the waterfront, the city is still quite focused on the river and bay, with many jetties and piers for the popular commuter ferries.

Although Østermark is in a boreal forest zone, Mynninghamn's climate is on the mild end of the spectrum due to its location, benefitting both from the shelter of the bay as well as the mitigating temperature effects of the ocean.


Mynningham, like most of Østermark, has few inhabitants from outside the country. There is a small population of Orinocons and an even smaller group of Duss. There is also a small population of indigenous Piyockeney, living mostly in the western suburbs of Bågfors and Sejvattnet.

Mynninghamn is where most of the country's few wealthy citizens live, in particular in the southern part of Grønholmen, and around Trastgården Park and Ekskogen Wood. The city has a sizeable middle class as well, but the majority of the city is made up of the working poor, who live in the city on the east bank of the Buller, in the Kasparstan, Klintdal and Issta neighborhoods, as well as in many of the suburbs, such as Lindalt, Læckermåla, Bågfors, Fjæderviken and Jofridsudden.


Mynningham is the financial center of Østermark. The stock exchange, Børsen, is located on Stortorget in the center of the city. The majority of the country's banks are also headquartered here, including the Federal Reserve Bank - Riksbanken - located on Storgatan just south of the Central Post Office, Posten.

The city is also the commercial center of the country, with most major household consumer brands headquartered here, including the national comprehensive grocery and department store chain Modus.

Mynninghamn is also a major manufacturing center, with manufacturing facilities such as major brewery Ælvestrandsbryggeriet and Herr Larsson's fish cannery.

Foreign companies also have production facilities in the area, with the low cost of labor a driving force for establishing factories in Østermark. One of the biggest foreign facilities is the Pliar sportswear factory, the company is one of the city's most popular employers known for its high standards - much higher than local production facilities - with approximately 1,000 workers.

Culture, Leisure and Entertainment


The city is home to a number of cultural institutions, heavily grouped in the St. Ebba neighborhood, including the National Theater - Riksteatern - and Simfonika, home of the Mynninghamn Symphony Orchestra. The National Library, Riksbiblioteket is also in St. Ebba.


The Fjæderviks djurpark - the Featherwick Zoo - is located south of the city, several kilometers north of Harboda Airport. Built in 1922, the last major renovation of the zoo was in the late 1970s and animal rights organizations in Dustmark have long called on the city to improve the conditions for the animals. [1]

The amusement park Lekø - Play Isle - is located on an island midway between Grønholmen, Gammalåker and the suburban island of Sæltingø. Accessible only by the Lekø Ekspress ferry, the amusement park is extremely popular despite being regularly closed down for safety violations, most recently for a week in summer of 2015. [2]


Østermark's two favorite sports - football and hockey - are well represented. Stora Ishallen is home to the city's ice hockey team, I.K. Mynninghamn. The football team Mynninghamn I.F. plays at the MIF Arena in the Kasparstan neighborhood.


Mynninghamn is a very green city, with a large number of parks in virtually all neighborhoods. Some of the biggest include Trastgården, Knutparken, Tuvagården, Ekskogen, Kalikåparken and Mechthildparken in the western neighborhoods; Gammalåkersparken and Torvaldskog on the island of Gammalåker; Grønholmen's Nature Preserve on Grønholmen; the Moll and Dur parks on the east side, along with Spetsgården and Bæckønspark on Bæck Island.

Folksting, Østermark's parliament, on Tingsø

Government and Law

Seat of Government

As the seat of the government, Mynninghamn is home to the Folksting, Østermark's parliament, which is located on Tingsø, the island of the parliament. Many of the major government agencies and secretariats are located close by on Grønholmen island, including the Foreign Affairs Department, Department of Education, Department of Environment, Department of Culture, Department of Labor, Department of Defense, and more. Exceptions are the Supreme Court, which is located on Almplan in New Town on Gammalåker island.

Local Government

The city government is located on Gammalåker island in the old town, with City Hall, Rådhuset at one end of Blomstergården Square, and the Police Department at the other end.

Penal System

Storang Prison is located in the southwest suburbs, Østermark's largest prison.


Along with Mynningham's numerous lower form, upper form schools and gymnasiums, the city is home to Mynninghamn University and the Biological Technology College.



Nyrikesposten, Mynninghamn's only national news daily, is located on Fældsparken in the Tuvan neighborhood.


Nyrikes Television & Radio, commonly known as NTR, is the national television and radio network, with its offices, studios and transmission tower in a complex off of Kåregatan in north Lindalt. NTR operates the two TV channels Kanal ett (channel one) and Kanal två (channel two), as well as Nyrikes Radio channels Radio 1, Radio 2 and Radio 3.


Mynninghamn tram


Mynninghamn city is served by the Mynninghamns Spårvægar tram system with eight lines, as well as the extensive Mynninghamns Lokaltrafik bus system. Mynninghamns Regionaltrafik commuter trains run from Central Station as well as the Eastern Station to most suburbs. The Bullerbåten commuter ferry service with the City Færjan ferry terminal connected to Central Station is equally as popular as trains.

Østermarks Rikstrafik Intercity rail service connects to Gråklosters, Syllerås, Aneborn, Vimmerdal, Falminne and Ørnviken, plus points beyond.

The N1 and N3 highways connect north-south and east-west respectively. Currently still incomplete, the national highways continue to contain long stretches that are under construction or still in the planning stages. A lack of funding hampers completion of the system.

Mynninghamn's Harboda Airport was recently greatly expanded at huge cost, which created much controversy as the capacity is far greater than current needs. Charges of corruption, bribes and closed bidding processes are currently under investigation, although few expect much to come out of it.[3] The city also has the much smaller Flenløsa airport to the east of the city.

Health Systems

Mynninghamn is home to Østermark's biggest hospital complex, St. Stenvor sjukhus in suburban Stenvordalen. The city also has a number of other hospitals, including Norrasjukhus in the Klintdal neighborhood of the city.


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