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The NCIAA, standing for North Commonia International Airport - Acote, is a major airport in the northeast of Commonia. It is located in the identically named district in the city of Acote. It is one of the 3 airports in Acote, and the biggest. It serves as an international hub for Acote and possibly the rest of Raintree. It is the only airport with international routes in the city, because the Commonian Confederation only allowed one international airport in the city.


It has 4 runways, one separated from the other three. An interesting fact is that the one single runway has much bigger terminals than the other 3. It has everything an international airport needs. The airport is not going to expand anytime in the future, because there are plans to construct the second international airport in Acote, if the city of Acote (5.7 million) surpasses Ombo in population (9 million). This is a requirement from the Commonian Confederation.


The airport is in good shape, with most of the customers saying their trip was safe, the staff is friendly and the food is delicious. Meanwhile, in the terminals, everything is in perfect layout, and customers can get around the airport quite easily. On the World Ratings list, they have a rating of 8.9 out of 10.


The airport is attracting many airlines, from over the world. The current most used airlines are FlyNC, Commonia Airways and Adios Airlines. There are several international connections. Most popular ones include: Acote - Winburgh and Acote - Latina (Ciudad). The only domestic routes are from Acote to Katsnelson and Altaville. Other airports in Acote are supposed to connect Commonia to Acote.