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The Republic Of Naexma
"We shall prevail"
CapitalLezerne City
Largest cityLezerne City
Official languagesNaexmian-Ingerish nationalities = 80% Naexmian 20% Plainar
 • PresidentRayce Farelle population_estimate = 10,000,000
GDP (PPP)2016
 • Total26.3 Million
 • Per capitaK20.00
HDI (2016)Increase 0.715
Drives on theright

Early History

Historical evidence of settlers in Naexma can be traced as far back as 365 AD with the ruins of Templarius into the north. Most of these people were hunter/gatherers and were not fully integrated into what was considered modern at the time. They were eventually taken over by a planiun tribe by evidence of old inscriptions on a mountain in Corelia. Corelian inhabitants weren't fully settled until 1075 AD


Naemxa is famous for being colonized by two countries, Ingerland to the north and a former Slavic country of Russyia to the south. Naexma was split between the two and trade was conducted and it was known for the trade of human trafficking and ruthless bandits thieving and pillaging small colonial settlements and forts. Eventually the Ingerland Militia killed or captured all bandit groups and forced them into Indentured Servitude. This turned out to be a very good idea for the time being for the two colonies to coexist with each other. Russyia collapsed within 5 years of its inception and caused a disturbance in Naexmian Politics leading Ingerland to leave the colonies to fend for themselves.

Indentured Revolts

Mass Mistreatment, Malpractice and abuse by captors and guards eventually caused the indentured servants to revolt and take a hold of fort Beresin in the south of the country. With their new found freedom they banded together with local community leaders and formed the Badger Coalition in 1876. Indentured servitude was banned in the Badger Coalition since 1876. Eventually all had come to an end and the communities to the north needing supplies eventually staged revolts in the cities and joined the Badger Coalition. The Badger Coalition renamed themselves to the Country of Naexma named after a now dry riverbed in the south of the country. The country prospered until Slavic Countries started to hold revolutions of a new Revolutionary named Ninel Rimidalv in 1917 forming several communist countries to the north.


These communist Ideologies spoke to the former Indentured Servants and the starving populous of the north who had hatred towards the Barons in the west hoarding wealth. The Barons started a plot to try and end Communism and Neo Bolshevism once and for all by hiring a private military from the east. Unbeknownst to them they were all communist sympathizers and captured and/or killed all the Barons and their families and causing a famine to the Western side of Naexma for at least 10 years until 1927 when they were forgiven for all crimes to the state. In 1945 Naexma was renamed into the United Socialist Republic of Artrasia. During the reign of a brutal Dictator named Eoj Nilats. During his reign over 500,000 people starved in makeshift prison camps until the reforms of 1964. The reign of the Nilats family was over as during a family trip they were found mysteriously shot in the Lake of Lezerne. The Family of Farelle took control of Naexma and Reinstated reforms and programs of the 1930s such as collective wealth and profit sharing.

<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a> Caption: A newfound prosperity was found and wealth was distributed leading to an artificial middle class

In the 1980s the Farelle allowed more freedoms and less restrictions upon people even going so far as to loosen censorship and accept mild criticism of their acts. This in-turn lead to a trust in the communist party and the socialist values that the USRA was trying to achieve. During this period more and more people learned to trust the government and even trusted soldiers to dinner and other family events. The Farelle's were loved and are still to this day known as the best family in Naexmian History. In the 1990s the revolution of the Internet and the "World Wide Web" came to fruition and more and more citizens were going online. Eventually the Farelle's blocked some websites deemed immoral and illegal which most saw as fair since they dealt with illegal matters.

End of Communism

In 2005 the Farelle family held a vote within the inner party to scrap communism from their namesake and constitution. the vote passed with a rarely unprecedented tie breaker by the 13th member of the Cabinet of what is now known as the Eco-Party. While Naexma was still formally called the USRA it soon lost that abbreviation once it was official that the Farelle's had rid Naexma for the time being of Communism. A semi-socialist government was created within its place to hold normality while new people were being elected for the first time since 1916 by the citizens themselves. While the Farelle family was still within power structures and government, they chose to have less power within the Naexmian process of judicial powers and legislation. By 2008 Naexma had fully integrated into a quasi-communist society. Many citizens still held the Communist views and ideology in hopes of a comeback to a successful Communist government.

Modern Day

Naexma is prospering from its investments in a socialist mixed economy and letting "western" companies enter the Naexmian Market early in the 1980s. While some programs are lacking, in some countries they are considered state of the art. Naexma still considers itself communist and the leader Rayce Farelle has had interest in bringing Communist Ideology back into the spotlight of government politics. Naexmians also aren't given as much surveillance due to a mutual trust of the government. The Naexmian Economy is prospering and so is its social order and values as a whole.