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Warning! This page is still in development, hence history may be inaccurate. Want to discuss history? We can discuss it here: [[1]] Thank you!

Nahele Republic

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The Nahele Republic is a small country surrounded by TA109a and Beaumontan. The Nahele Republic was founded in 2-15 by the Nahi native leader Wa'ataku, and the Commoner Leadership Association member Louis Cradlmeier. The Nahele Republic is very significant due to the fact that it's Human Development Index (HDI) is much of that as the Federal States of Archanta, being 0.91 (very high) The Nahele Republic was founded recently in 2014 by the powerfull yet kind forces of Wa'ataku, the New Nahi Leader at the time. His hard work into dedicating his efforts to create a strong independent country was very important to the Nahele Republic's history, as he set aside his comfort and life of luxury to create a strong independent country known as we love. There are many fun activities and get-aways that you may find here in Nahele, such as the Sunning Islands. These islands are a great way to have a successful vacation. You can find more about them ikn this wiki page.

Cool Facts

Did you know that a Yellowdart is a type of finch? (bird). Yellowdarts have vivid yellow bodies and a black stripe on their wings.
The Nahele Republic is a member of the Tarephia Cooperation Council?
Peillonnex is the 2nd largest city in the nation?

Political Map

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Picture Gallery

People Hiking in Mt. Haulpi Area

The Sengrat Valley Looking up at the Frère Montagnes.
A-15 North of Yellowdart Falls
Lac Grand near Langantasitan, looking up at a mountain.
9, 23.7692, -14.1690
Nahele Republic
Rapabulik Nahelili
This is the current flag of the Nahele Republic.
""Nahelili Uniit Au Ressid, frondeks a miko!""
"Unite the people of our land, my brothers!"
Nahelili Ǔnisi Au Residd
CapitalYellowdart Falls
Largest cityYellowdart Falls
National languagesFranquese, Ingerish
Ethnic Groups
"white" (32%), "Black" (40%), "Mixed" (20%), "Other" (8%)
 • PresidentCraig Sander
 • Vice PresidentJaba'a Kuvsii
 • First LadyAmy Sander Forrester
 • Lead RepresentativesRicky Terrel Newport, Parker Woodie Cooper, Aduut Mak' Att'i
 • Senate of the AssemblyLakumi Dzhrasuu
 • Census~6,543,000
 • Density~180/km2
~300/sq mi
 • TotalᎮ419,567,798,098 ($200,750,142,631 in USD) (※237,013,155,409 in Tares)
 • Per capitaᎮ108,155.60 ($51,749.09 in USD) (※61,096.92 in Tares)
HDI (2020)Steady 0.80
Timezone+2 WUT
CurrencyNahelean Paza'a (Ꭾ) Tarephian Tare (※) ( NAP TAR)
Drives on theright

Learn the Language

Follow this link to learn Nahelean: Nahelean Language Basics


!!Map Notice!!

Some of the events listed below may not be accurate. Other occurrences may have happened in other countries and their history may also be altered slightly. The Nahele Republic will take full responsibility in any errors within the timeline of our history.


50 MYA This area may have been underwater, as the Ornica Sea may have been larger. Many prehistoric sea fossils have been found here.

19 MYA Sandy soil is present, and many flora sprout, but not enough to be a forest. Radio-metric Dating was used to determine this.

1 MYA Modern humans reach this Area

~600,000 BCE Pre-Nahi people begin using bronze tools.

~10,000 BCE Pre-Nahi people form settlements.

Ogu'tian Period

1607 - The first native settlements were created in the heart of the plains of Present Day Yellowdart Falls. The first native name of their village named "Daa't Mahakatso meaning "Home of the Yellow Bird in their native language. Natives continued to spread settlement until reaching the sea.

1612 - First time Pre-Nahi People travel beyond present day borders of the western panhandle of Beaumontan

1613-1659 - Expansion continues into TA109a

1660 - The Nahi people have become their own country dubbed "Mahak Daa't" meaning "bird of yellow"

1661-1763 - Not much happened in this point. People continued southeastward expansion to present day Beaumontan

The Colonization Period

1803 - Commonia establishes the "Welminster Colony" in the south along the sea.

1813 - Colony wins independence from Commonia. The Colony names itself "Welmisnter". Welminster annexes the undiscovered land until present day Aichen.

1830-1835 - War of the River (Welminster vs. Mahak Daa't)

1837 - Treaty of Welminster (The table below summarizes each article)

Treaty of Welminster Articles Article Text
Article 1: Welminster will cede western territory to Mahak Daa't. Mahak Daa't has shown efficient fighting against Welmintser, but will still remain out of boundaries of their capital.
Article 2: Both opposing members will establish and alliance between each other because of Nahi elite "Absawahi" or "Rolling Hill". He has reasoned with Colonizer Darwin Sandziem and will create the "League of the River"
Article 3 Mahak Daa't and Welminster will remain neutral, and will work together against an opposing force.

1890 - Welminster signs a bill to let Mahak Daa't purchase some of their land.

1905 - League of the River disbands due to monetary issues.

1936 - Mahak Daa't becomes the Nahele Republic (Rapabulik Nahelili). First president of the new republic is "Nicolas Leroux".

Modern Era

1973 - University of Nahele Republic is founded

1977 - Bahaat Ugaila" Is elected as president

1982 - Grand Morrison Station Massacre (appox. 20 people killed; was a terrorist attack from an unknown origin); Uvaji D'osano elected President

1990 - Presidency of Yoselyn Brambache

1998 - Presidency of Andrew Atlas

2014-Present Day - The Organization Project: Organizing all the counties.

2018-2019 - "Abeau Lussier" takes role of president. Lussier resigns after year long term.

2019-Present Day - Craig Sander Takes role of president.


Flag County Name Foundation Date Info Abbreviation
River county.png River County November 12, 2014 River County is an area that surrounds Yellowdart Falls and most of the north of the country. River County is famous because this is where the legacy of the country began. RE
Coeur des plaines.png Coeur Des Plaines County June 18, 2015 Coeur Des Plaines County is a territory that separated from River County CP
Grand key.png Grand Key County June 18, 2015 Grand Key County is a county that separated from Gran Halupi County GC
Grassland.png Grassland County January 28, 2015 Grassland county is in the middle of the Nahele Republic. This county is the largest crop producing area in the entirety of the Nahele Republic. GA
East tonque.png Ouest Tonque County April 19, 2015 To be Decided... OT
Sunning islands.png Sunning Islands County May 1, 2019 The Sunning Islands were a part of the Grand Key County, but being its own archipelago, the Senate of the Assembly decided it should be its own county for no confusion SI
Cubani.png Cubani County January 7, 2017 Tribes that lived here: Kiosi, Masuanaa, and most popular, Cubani. These tribes lived mainly in this part of the country, hence the name. CB
Malure.png Malure County October 21, 2016 Named after the Third Vice President Sumari Malure. This place is famous for the Southern Bluffs ML
Gran halupi.png Gran Halupi County November 9, 2015 Here in this county, lies the tallest mountain/volcano is the Nahele Republic, Mt. Halupi. GH

Interactive Map

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Climate data for Yellowdart Falls (Yellowdart Falls Intercontinental Airport) 2014-Today
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 39.7
Average high °C (°F) 29.6
Average low °C (°F) 18.5
Record low °C (°F) 14.6
[citation needed]

License Plate

This is a newer version of the Nahelean plate, as the nahele republic recently became a member of the Tarephia Cooperation Council.

President List

Presidency Length President President Number
1936-1940 Nicholas Leroux 1
1940-1944 Maasa Miat'a 2
1944-1948 Adam Dransfeldt 3
1948-1952 Amber Laughlin 4
1956-1960 De'etaa Rauviis 5
1960-1964 Kaavas Lelemo 6
1964-1972 Kokos Andyora 7
1972-1977 David Payasi 8
1977-1981 Bahaat Ugalia 9
1981-1982 Bao Cha Sooma 10
1982-1986 Uvaji D'osano 11
1986-1990 E'to Amey 12
1990-1998 Yoselyn Brambache 13
1998-2002 Andrew Atlas 14
2002-2006 John Doorman 15
2006-2014 Danielle Savine 16
2014-2018 Adele Mieto 17
2018-2019 Abeau Lussier 18
2019- Craig Sander 19


There are many different sports that the Nahele Republic are participating in. You may find all sorts of the many sports that Nahele has or is participating in. Common sports such as Basketball, Association Football (Soccer), Cricket, Tennis, etc. are popular sports that have many fans in Nahele. Many National/Major League Sports have included the Nahele Republic as a competitor. Sports became more popular during the time that Nahele was a part of Gran-Lusland. Sports took on a wide variety of fans throughout the Nahele Republic. By the time Rugby was introduced to Nahele, people from countries associated with Rugby and big fans of it started to move to the Nahele Republic to celebrate what was called the Sportage Immigration in 2015. Sports are a big factor in people's lives in the Nahele Republic and are widespread about the country. The most popular sport in the Nahele Republic is Association Football (Soccer) because it is one of the most common sports that is played. Here is a list of sports that are popular in the Nahele Republic.


The Nahelean Nahis is the national Rugby team for the Nahele republic. The Nahis are average to performance in world tournaments and are one of the best teams in their region of Tarephia.

Association Football (Soccer)

Soccer is widely regarded to be the best sport around the world, and the Nahele Republic also thinks this is true. There is no pseudonym for the Nahelean Soccer Team, as they usually are called by their demonym: The Naheleans. Soccer is a major part of all sports in the Nahele Republic, as it is very popular about the country, with over 62% of the population being a fan of Soccer.


Although not a major sport in the country, Naheleans still play it for fun. What we mean by golf is by playing normal Golf and Disc Golf. Disc Golf is just slightly more popular in the Nahele Republic because it tests your arm strength and accuracy. Golf has been introduced to the Nahele Republic before it was independent. (2003)


Basketball was introduced to the Nahele Republic in 2014 and is commonly played around the country.

Basketball Teams:
Yellowdart Peckers
Peillonnex Bulldogs
Grand Key Hurricanes


Brochures you can find in international airports around the country

Vallée de la Nouaille

The Vallée de la Nouaille is a large valley in the eastern portion of the Nahele Republic. There are four main rivers and streams that flow here:

Russieau Fleur Russieau de Jocylin Nouaille River Ha'apoipu River

The Vallée de la Nouaille has origins from about 8 MYA. The Ha'apoipu River was smaller, and the Nouaille River has flowed from the upper mountains, erosion of stone caused the formation of the river valley. This area used to all be forest; due to evolution of the area's shape, most of the forest remains on the elevated peaks. A large area has been landscaped and used for agricultural reasons.


The Vallée de la Nouaille is famous nation-wide because of Mountain Biking (Mountain Biking is an extreme sport, which riders use bikes to navigate off-road-like terrain) trails. These trails are usually surrounding the lower peaks in the Halupi Mountain Range.

Trail Name Information Difficulty
Upwards Cut Upwards cut is a trail which connects the lower lot to the upper lot. This trail is a one way only. Intermediate
Knots and Crosses Knotts and crosses gets its name for being a very twisty trai, as it navigates the slope down to the Nouaille River. This is a one way trail. Intermediate
Speed of Light This trail is known for riders to get astronomical speeds (the record is 87 km/h). This is a one way trail. Beginner
Flower Creek Loop The Flower Creek Loop is a looping trail that surrounds small buttes, but mostly the name originates by following by the Russieau Fleur (Franquese for Flower Creek). This is a one way trail. Beginner
Iron Horse Loop This loop is known for the silver white horses that are kept in farms near-by the village of Surfonds. This is a one way trail. Advanced
Mt. Laurie Loop This loop is a longer loop for more adventurous riders. This is a one way trail. Intermideate
Evergreen Trail This is a connector trail to all loops. This is a two way trail. Beginner

Tour Areas

Towns and Villages

Yellowdart Falls

Places to Go

The Capital Square

Yellowdart River

Fort Anderson

The Southern Coast

Places to Go

The Sunning Islands

The Parkson Bluffs