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Narghana, or the Republic of Narghana (abbreviated RNG) is a constitutional democratic republic in the western part of Tarephia.

6, -2.921, 9.229
Republic of Narghana
FlagCoat of arms
"El Youe Es Mi Amigo"
Youe Is My Friend
Youe song
Location of Narghana in Western Tarephia
CapitalNarghana City
Largest cityNarghana City
Official languagesNarghanan (is a mix from spanish and the Narg dialect),Ingerish, Castellanese.
 • National languagesNarg (is the dialect spoken by natives)
 • Regional languagesIngerish, Castellanese, Spanglish.
Ethnic Groups
White Narghanan (19.2%), Mixed Narghanan (55.8%), Natives (25.0%)
Nationalities90% Narghanan 2% non-Narghanan
 • PresidentLucius Linthor
 • vice-presidentKor Negrete
 • President of Council of governmentPedro Perez
Legislaturecentral government
 • Upper houseCouncil of government
 • Total1,411,130.26 km2
 • Water (%)10.7
 • Estimate (2013)13,538,401
 • Census (2010)e.g 13,606,000
 • Density9.6/km2
 • Total$tbd trillion
 • Per capita$tbd
GDP (nominal)
 • Total$tbd trillion
 • Per capita$tbd
HDI (2010)Increase 0.5
TimezoneWUT +0:00
CurrencyGhan (G`)
Drives on theleft



The earliest inhabitants in Narghana were the nomadic tribes arrive after the great migration that came from northern tarephia.

They came to the jungles of northern narghana about 1100 BC. The first nomadic tribes were gatherers and lived in caves. according to latest excavations anthropologists have determined that utensils and artifacts found in the Maghol cave is believed were also hunters, because petroglifos found with drawing a hunter and his prey.

These early tribes moved south along the rivers to the lagartera lake. Here they established their first village at 830 BC and some followed the river further south across the central mountains and settling in the hillsides of volcano of water. In a second displacement around 150 BC they reach the shores of the Western Ocean where they become seaman.

The Ghanules and Narghules most populous ethnic groups are the closest descendants of Magholes, the earliest inhabitants of Narghana, still maintain their customs and beliefs to survive in its environment.

They have evidence of battles in the jungles of Narghana where Nakare tribes encroach to peoples Nargules and Ghanules subjected to these. With weapons Naka made of stones and wood. these weapons led them to conquer much of southern Narghana for many years.

Age of Discovery and Colonization

The New Republic

Narghana has been a constitutional democratic republic for several years, ever since it's founding on May 5th,1599 (National Day).

Modern Time


Narghana is Nice.

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Narghana has a very diverse population.


Province Name Postal Abbrev. Province Capital Area (km2) Population
Narghana State Ng Narghana City (Capital of the territory of Narghana) 422 340.87
Lagartera LR Lagartera City 59 956.08
LokhiTong LT Ciudad Fortaleza 350 583.84
Valle Grande VG Bejuco City 325 611.14
Montuoso MT Mitasuki 252 638.33

Major Cities


There are many major national holidays within the Republic

  • National Day- May 5th, commemorating the founding of the Republic
  • Native day- Dec 8th, commemorating the Culture Native in the Republic

National Flag


Pledge of Allegiance

"I pledge allegiance to the flag Republic of Narghana And I will defend with my life forever."


Narghana uses the Ghan, or Narghanan Peso.(symbol G`) Bills come in G`1, G`5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 Ghan bills. Coins come in Gc´5, Gc´25, and Gc´50 (Gc´ is Pins Coin.)

200px 200px


Narghana has a humid tropical climate, prevailing only has 2 seasons, dry season with high temperatures generally between 30 and 40 degrees C and temperatures in rainy season between 20 and 27 degrees C. The rainy season lasts almost all year and average rainfall reaches 6000 mm in the months from July to November Stronger throughout the year weather events are hard rains can cause flooding.

Governmental System

The country is governed as a single entity and has a strong centralized government. Democratic and liberal republics states that follow a liberal ideology, in a presidential system, the president is both the head of state and head of the government.

Presidents and Vice Presidents

  • 2000-
  • 2015- Lucius Linthor (president) & Kor Negrete (vice president)- Narghana's current president and vice president. Taking a more global approach, helping improve relations and industry between Narghana and other nations, while working to make Narghana more competitive in industry and technology.


Import / Export

Major exports. Automobile, electric generators, metals and precious stones, exotic fruits Other major exports. Coffee, bananas, native crafts and resources of seas and rivers.


Industries of the Republic are the carmakers by the state-private enterprise. National Resthon Motor company its acronym RMC, A first in making electric vehicles also produce air and hydro-electric generators.


The tourism industry in recent years has had a boom. Narghana has 1,400 km of coastline Narghana pose one lush beaches and mountains form the landscape of Narghana. Important tourist attractions:

  • Lagartera Lake


The Royal Navy of the Republic of Narghana RNN, protects this country since the colonies period there are located two naval bases on land and the other at sea.



Science and technology



The National Generating Company NGC manages five hydroelectric generating 940 MW and 2 generating 400MW wind farms.



Larger cities like Narghana City, Lagartera City, Costa Tiburon have metro systems and large bus systems.

Highways and roads reach most of the territory and continues to expand with state and private programs such as those carried out by the Ministry of Roads and Narghanan Construction Company NCC.


National Railways Company NRC responsible for building and maintaining the network of railways of the Republic.


Most major cities have large international airports. (Ex. El Prado International Airport in Narghana City) The Republic also have a national airline called Narghanair (formerly Narghanan National Airlines).


The Narganan Merchant Marine NMM is responsible for legalizing all vessels, ports and seafarers. and transport goods, raw materials and exports.

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