National roads in B'tuaga

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B'tuaga has three national highway systems: Interstates, Major Highways, and Minor Highways. These were all designated in the Highway Act of 2002, signed by President Edmund Jonson. When the Federation was reorganized in 2011, new president Eugene Thomas kept the highway system unchanged. There is also a fourth type of highway system, the Lesser Highways, which are maintained by the state they are in.


The B'tuagan System of Inter-state and Inter-island Highways (Interstates) is a group of seven main freeways designed to a specified standard to provide quick access between the parts of B'tuaga. The seven main Interstates are I-2, I-90, I-92, I-94, I-96, I-100, and I-102. There are several connector and loop Interstates built to the same standards; these are designated with a three-digit (or four-digit) number based off of their "parent" Interstate (e.g. I-202, I-190, I-3100).

Interstate 100, the primary east-west thoroughfare for B'tuaga.

All Interstates serve the B'tuagan mainland, with the small exception of part of I-100 on Mandan Island. They are built as full limited-access highways with interchanges that provide access to and from any other roads. Despite portions of I-2 and I-102 being oriented north-south, there are no signed north-south Interstates.

Major Highways

Major Highways in B'tuaga are marked on maps as "MA _", with the blank being either a two or three digit number. Numbers are assigned via a grid system, with odd numbers for north-south highways and even numbers for east-west highways.

Major Highway 15, the north-south thoroughfare for central B'tuaga.

Odd numbers increase from 1 to 35 traveling east and even numbers increase from 4 to 58 traveling south. Three-digit major highways usually spur off of their "parent" to important destinations not served by the "parent".

Minor Highways

The Minor Highway System consists of all the former state routes that were taken over by the Federal Government in the ReHF (Reauthorization of Highway Funding) Bill in 2005. These are often chaotically numbered, with no rhyme or reason behind numbers. Usually even numbers travel east-west and odd numbers travel north-south, but there is no guarantee of that.

Minor Highway 12, a connector between Vandal, MS and Major Highway 15.

All Minor Highways share the same basic shield design, with the color varying between states. In the Dak Islands, Minor Highways serve the purposes of Major Highways, as the MA system does not extend to the islands.

Lesser Highways

The last type of highway system in B'tuaga is the Lesser Highway System. Each county is allocated the numbers 1-999, to be used wherever the county feels necessary. Signs are of the same basic design, but no two counties share the same colors.

Lesser Highway 50 in St. Joe, Jonson County, MS

Although the highways are designated by the respective County Council, the respective state Transportation Department has final say over the approval of the designation. These highways are maintained by the state, and not by the county.