National roads in Escadia

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Types of Roads

The national road network of Escadia consists of motorways (M-series), trunk roads (A-series), primary and local roads.


M100 near Rheilach

The M-Series is the federal controlled-access highway system in Escadia. It's the countries primary inter-city/inter-state transit artery for automobile traffic. Only federally built controlled-access highways with certain construction standards including at least three lanes per direction are part of the M-Series. They have their own, white-on-blue signs and numbering system. The numbering series starts at 100 and increases as the north-south motorways are generally numbered using odd numbers. Similarly, the east-west routes are numbered using even numbers. The speed limit is set to 120 kilometres per hour (75 mph) throughout the network.

Motorway Areas
M100.png Rheilach - Kurgai - Aalsted - Askerberg
M101.png Rheilach - Kena - Brekim - Horvrea
M102.png Rheilach - Sandviken - Notra - Askerberg
M103.png Horvrea - Jurvaine - Innesi - Rossted - Kuldus - Heivala - Vanskile - Gulsta - Bausmiera - Brondsens - Kretvaris
M104.png Rheilach - Hersted - Bacut
M107.png Rheilach - Nokola - Gulsta
M110.png Jurvaine - Gellis
M111.png Aalsted - Molberg - Hokkvern
M113.png Ringlund - Hafholmur - Ulkinen
M115.png Gellis - Horvrea

Trunk Roads

The A-series (4 lane) trunk network inter-connects large and medium sized cities. These are typically double-lane roads with the same quality as motorways and and have grade-separated junctions.

A311 near Jurvaine
Trunk Road Areas
A301 Gulzekne/M102 - Rosebaeka
A302 Heivala - Nokola - Sastarina
A304 Gulsta - Brodsens
A305 Alingby - Gulsta
A306 M103 - Ellinn - Rakvi - Kena - Brekstrand
A307 Aalsted - Helbecka
A310 Kurgai - Glohagen - Kongsheim - Ulkinen
A311 Jurvaine - Dalvik - Aarhagen
A313 Gellis - Ellinn - Oteru - Lahksa - Halava - Rakva - Rovattien - Heivala - Ringholm - Alingby
A315 Ringholm - Vanskile - Nokola
A317 Alingby - Hillekilde - Egelse - Bausmiera