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9, -36.9554, 160.6119
State of Natrinia
Seal of Natrinia
FlagState Seal
"Et de collibus usque ad mare."
From the hills to the sea.
"The Voice of Natrinia"
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
and largest city
Official languagesIngerish
 • GovernorDoris Sakowitz
 • Lieutenant-GovernorDavid Burns
Legislature General Assembly
 • Upper houseState Senate
 • Lower houseHouse of Delegates
 • Total16843.65 km2
6503.37 sq mi
 • Estimate (2016)3,000,000
GDP (nominal)2019
 • Total$603.1 billion
HDI (2019)0.930
very high

Natrinia is a state within the Northeast Region of the Federal States of Archanta. Natrinia is bordered by Boscainifornio to the northeast, AR12-27 to the northwest, Wilthamshire to the west, Newlynn to the southwest, Oakhill to the direct south, and Ervinia to the southeast. Morsboro is the capital of Natrinia.

Natrinia is one of the first states to be settled by the Ingerish in the now-Federal States. It came into being as an entity after a royal grant to TBD, widely known as the founder of the state. It was the XXth state to join the Federal States, on December 17, 1XXX.


The name 'Natrinia' is thought to be derived from the Natru tribe, which inhabited the coastal areas of the region. The first settlers of the colony adopted the Ingerish ending 'inia' to the Natru name, thus forming the states' first name according to written documents, Natrinia. It is unknown when the switch from Natrunia to Natrinia took place, though all documents of the state from its induction into the Federal States use the current form of the name.



Natrinia is divided into three regions geographically and ecologically.

  • East Natrinia is part of a vast coastal plain that stretches across most states on the East Coast. The shore is comprised of barrier islands, many of which have been modified and developed. West of these islands is a wide expanse of estuaries, providing an important habitat for tens of thousands of migratory seabirds each year. This area is one of the last remaining undeveloped salt marsh ecosystems in the country, and is federally protected for conservation. Moving west, the flat and fertile land allows agriculture to remain an essential industry for the coastal plain.
  • Central Natrinia begins at the (TBD) Plateau which consists of gentle rolling hills; in some areas, streams have dissected the plateau to give the appearance of mountains. It is the highest populated and most developed region, containing numerous major cities including the capital, Morsboro.
  • The (TBD) Mountains, west of the (TBD plateau), have shaped the development of Natrinia significantly. The mountain range's unique ridge-valley formations are especially prominent in the state, and they proved difficult to pass even in recent history, although they pale in comparison to the tall summits of the western FSA. This region consists of patches of old-growth forest on the tops of ridges that are some of the last remaining on the east coast. This is the least developed region in the state, due chiefly to the demanding terrain.

Natrinia's land area is about 6,500 sq mi, ranking it as one of the smallest states in the union. Natrinia is bordered to the north by Boscanifornio and Caroline. The western border, formed by the xxx River, travels north then branches off to the west near Vicksburg to trace xxx Ridge. It shares this border with Williamshire. Natrinia borders Oakhill to the southeast and Newlynn to the south.


Natrinia's geographical diversity contributes to its diversity in climate. West Natrinia has a humid continental climate due to high elevation, while East Natrinia has a humid subtropical climate. Natrinia has hot, humid summers, and cold, snowy winters. Most of the state receives at least 30 inches of snow each winter, and parts of the mountainous West can top over 100 inches. However, the Coastal Plain receives only about 10 inches of snow each year due to the ocean's effects on pressure, wind, and temperature.

The record high temperature was recorded near Elizabeth on August 23rd, 1982 when it reached 110ºF. The lowest temperature was -26ºF, recorded on Mount Andrews on December 2nd, 1899 accompanied by wind gusts up to 100 mph. The highest recorded snowfall was five feet, measured at the same location in February 1977.

Natrinia is occasionally impacted by tropical cyclones which form under a subtropical ridge in the Asperic Ocean. The most recent major tropical cyclone was Hurricane <xxx> which killed 11 people and inflicted $8.2 billion in damage in 2013. It made landfall south of Marshport at Diamond Point.

In 2018, an extremely damaging and rare tornado outbreak struck Southeast Natrinia and parts of Oakhill, killing 29. 10 of these died when a school gymnasium building Tansid collapsed on students sheltering inside.


The economy of Natrinia has evolved from relying on manufacturing and blue-collar industries to professional industries, research and development, and tourism. Furthermore, Natrinia's In 2019, Natrinia's gross domestic product topped $387 billion, ranking the state <TBD>th in the nation.


Administrative divisions

Natrinia is divided into 12 counties.

County name County seat Area (km2) Population
TBD County County Seat TBD
TBD County 2 County Seat 2 TBD




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