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The Nekkā Tsōřts is the most important national newspaper of Řots, although in recent years it has had to endure strong competition from the internet. The newspaper was founded in 3343 (1866) as a local newspaper, but it quickly spread over the entire country. Originally, it was an anti-government newspaper, strongly connected to the liberal-conservative Parti Askandats (PA, Progress Party), but its tone became steadily more neutral when the PA first came to power, some 70 years ago.

Articles about Řots also appear here.

  • 3494 (2017/2018) edition : King at parliamentary session on 15 March; traffic in Kotōlets and Nekkar to be suspended (23 February)
  • 3493 (2016/2017) edition : Government investigating membership of the Archanta Nations Organisation (16 June) | Nude drunk elite party surprises visitors of commercial centre of Bakiřvē Ots (1 July) | Řots Government approves construction of new international airport near Nekkar (7 July)
  • 3492 (2015/2016) edition : Progress Party rejects Bast Hulme Gabiř as prime minister after a month of negotiations (27 September) | Vervets Bekřa Nureet sworn in as prime minister; Řots backs Neo Delta in conflict with Suvuma (2 November) | Former foreign minister of Řots asks world nations to recognise Goytakanya (9 November) | Health of Řots’s King Bēserets Sot ‘rapidly deteriorating’ (5 December) | Řots’s King Bēserets Sot not dead yet; brother designated heir presumptive (13 December) | Řots’s King Bēserets Sot died; younger brother crowned King Verteř V Storm (14 February)
  • 3491 (2014/2015) edition : Parliamentary elections on 30 August (23 June) | Bořāzint provincial parliament approves motorway Kiřtemon-Vōřrakar (22 July) | Progress Party leader wants universities to teach in Ingerish (6 August) | Angry Duchess peppersprays mayor of Glep (10 August) | Two days before the election, almost 50% of the voters of Řots haven’t decided yet (28 August) | Exit polls: two parties battle for victory; heavy losses for ŘPP (30 August) | Constitutional Court proposes Bast Hulme Gabiř as candidate prime minister in a surprise move (6 September)