Nekkar International Airport

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Z13, -50.4 °S, 132.67 °E
Nekkar International Airport
Nekkar International Airport
(national name)

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Basic information
Country Lost country.png Řots
City Nekkar
Began operation t.b.d.
Passengers t.b.d.
Direction Length
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Number Length
Highways P2
Long distance train lines nearby train stations to Nekkar and elsewhere in Řots

Nekkar International Aiport (Řotsnan: Nekkā Pereerabardu Vekiprusuda, WAAT code: NKA, ANACA code: ARNE) is the international airport of Nekkar (as the name already suggests). It is currently the object of national shame and humiliation, as it is incredibly small and oldfashioned in comparison to international airports in other countries. Plans to construct a completely new and modern airport have existed for several years, but due to procedural obstacles, these plans still exist only on paper.


The airport has a runway of about 5km (3.11m), so the airport is able to host a variety of aircraft. The main terminal is however rather small but surrounded by temporary buildings serving as additional gates, with bus connections to the main terminal and/or directly to the aircraft. Arriving at Nekkar from abroad is quite easy, as you only have to follow the exit signs to leave the terminal; leaving from Nekkar and transfer connections can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating experiences when trying to find one's gate, but despite many complaints, things (still) usually go as they should.

National connections

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International connections

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