Nepomuk Du Bois

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Nepomuk Du Bois

Nepomuk Du Bois was an latinian poet and theater-writer. He was born 1701 as son of Louis Du Bois (1676 - 1738), the last leader of the Du Bois principality and brother from Frederic Du Bois (1709 - 1781), the first gouverneur of the then latinian province of Guimbras. He died only 23 years old 1724.

His first poems he write in frenchish language and the family published them in 1719, as he was 18 years old. Here he was still in the tradition of his time with the themes of love, moon and shephard-idylle. The family saw, that Nepomuk was not the man, who can have care for the principality, so that his younger brother Frederic was set in the role of the successor for his father. That was no problem for Nepomuk - after this was declared 1719, he feel free. So first he go one year to the university of Cordoba, to study the belles artes and was one of the better known guests in the salon of Charlotte Gontard in Linea. Later he go to Wiwaxia in the universitary-life there.

1722 he write - most in Wiwaxia - his comedia "Bianca". Til today it is an often played piece at the stages worldwide. It is the only piece, he ever wrote. 1723, as he was back in Du Bois, on the private stage in the palace of the family the piece first came to the theatre with great succes. Half of the land speak over this little piece of excellence. So in the same year in Cordoba, Latina (Cidudad), Givullion, Van Pelt and Elegantia in Zylanda this piece was played - first in frenkish, but in the same year too in the latinian version, written from Nepomuk Du Bois himself. Translations in other languages follows in short time. Til today in the latinian schools this work is classical lecture in the later school-years. It is a short piece - only one hour. But theaters takes always the whole price, if "Bianca" is played.

The story is simple: Bianca shall marry an unknown prince, Leandro. Leandro shall marry an unknown princess, Bianca. So both go at the night before the marriage away at the sea and at the strand - in the moonlight - they saw another without knowing theyr names. And all the time they say no names. Then come one romantic szene, then a very romantic made darker from the clouds before the moon and the courtain close decently. Next morning at the official marriage they see the other - again. That was set in scene with light esprit, ironical dialogues and some free words.

In the next year Nepomuk Du Bois died at an accident at hunting, killed by a boar. He is buried in the family mausoleum in Du Bois. He was not married and has - as official known - no children. Some young woman claimed, that they had a little Du Bois under her heart. The family payed for four children as Du Bois tradition, but did not official claim this babies for the family.