Nettleton Industries

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Nettleton Industries
IndustryRoad infrastructure, energy, urban development
FoundedNovember 17, 1995
FounderMiyoko Nettleton
HeadquartersSouthaven, Sakura Prefecture, SKR, Belphenia
Area Served Belphenia, Drevet, Rogolnika, Woolonia
Key PeopleLevi Nettleton, President
 Brandy Foxmarrow, CEO
ProductsRoad and Rail Infrastructure
 Power Infrastructure

Nettleton Industries, Inc. is a Belphenian manufacturer that specializes in production of windmill support structures, lighting and traffic poles, highway sign structures, and wood and steel utility poles. It was founded on November 17, 1995.

Their corporate office and main plant is located on Nettleton Avenue between Sakura Road and Southsage Street in Southaven, Sakura.


Traffic lights being erected in Eraede on July 1, 2011 to address traffic light malfunctions

After the collapse of Sasuke Volkman's totalitarian regime, the Belphenia Department of Transportation hired Nettleton Industries to redesign and reconstruct Belphenia's deteriorating road and rail infrastructure on a long-term basis. In June 2011, Sadie Hall, the CEO of Nettleton Industries, said that "the country's rail and road infrastructure in every major city looked like something came out from a dictatorship like Sasuke Volkman's. Now that Belphenia is free again, it is time to redo Belphenia's road and rail infrastructure from the ground up, on a long-term modernization project." Since July 2011, Nettleton Industries got involved with the Workers' Party of Belphenia and the Housing and Urban development Council in many reconstruction and modernization projects across Belphenia.

Involvement in foreign humanitarian aid in Rogolnika

On April 18, 2015, Nettleton Industries deployed 7,000 workers, along with the 130,000 Belphenian workers to Rogolnika to help the Rogolnikan government build more housing in urban redevelopment projects to reduce homelessness in affected areas. Since then, Nettleton Industries established a branch on building houses and launching urban development and redevelopment projects with the support of the Housing and Urban Development Council and has a one-year contract with Rogolnikan workers.