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Munincipalities of New Colsex County
City Name Population (2018) Area (miles) Density (population/square mile) GDP Per Capita RW Inspiration
Sadikady* 320,759 49.06 6,538 $28,205 Newark, NJ and Cincinnati, Ohio
Hirvington* 86,906 9.86 8,814 $17,874 Brockton, MA and Irvington, NJ
Darling 21,504 24.48 878 $16,235 No RW inspiration.
Dredford 36,888 8.90 4,145 $26,210 The minority town that made it. It is akin to Missouri City with lots of middle class minorities, it's location isn't amazing and it has a lower middle class contingent. Also mostly people that commutes to Sadikady. It's actually solidly middle class but has a small portion of NE that is an extension of the Sadikady ghetto.
Mount Tabitha 54,075 5.87 9,212 $25,827 Unsure, extension of whatever is on the Ann'harbor side of the border. Might have to lower or increase density. Some might commute to Ann'harbor or (NYC)
Florence Mills 29,358 4.08 7,196 $28,027 Mostly Ulethan working class with a small minority contingent part of the town. mostly commute to (NYC).
Margette 33,672 7.27 4,632 $25,841 Almost entirely working class town of Ingerish/ first settler stock. commuting to (NYC).
Collieville 46,573 7.25 6,424 $51,418 Upper middle class town that functions as a suburb of Ann'harbor, (NYC) and Scorched Plains, a large recent immigrant population.
West Ballsborough 31,018 2.94 10,550 $28,636 Wallington, NJ
Burr Express 26,103 1.92 13,595 $24,735 Hempstead, NY
Haltom 53,857 3.57 15,086 $32,183 Rockville Centre, NY and Garden City, NY
Tommany 49,531 5.04 9,828 $27,431 Elmont, NY and Valley Stream, NY
Festus Hills 16,579 4.72 3,513 $36,506 Solidly middle class city that is predominantly Scorched Plain commuters.
Doorham 106,658 18.17 5,870 $49,235 A huge contingent of people who live here work here in this quintessential large suburb. Most people are commuters though to (NYC). Super desirable upper middle class town known for it's above and beyond amenities. Trying to become the Boujee version of Scorched Plains. But due to NIMBYism real development Downtown is keeping it from taking of in any meaningful way.
South Kerringly 21,117 2.12 9,961 $42,035 Spillover from Kerringly, subject to change.
Scorched Plains* 74,146 8.52 8,703 $48,825 White Plains style business district. Mixed income town that is trying to push it's poorer people out. Gentrification in the suburbs is now a thing...
Colsex Fell 10,702 3.98 2,689 $96,434 Wealthy suburb of Scorched Plain commuters.
East Chase 68,045 6.88 9,890 $20,861 IT seems poor but the northern portions as well as the business district are surprisingly high end, and you realize this was a failed attempt at creating a Dredford of middle class minorities. The middle class areas became ghetto, and the upper class areas stayed upper class, but many poor minorities couldn't afford to live there anyway.
King-of-Pretania 19,936 12.58 1,585 $35,070 middle class, low density town that's known for big lots and commuters in all directions.
Tolliver 39,864 16.61 2,400 $39,627 Has quickly become the Ethnoburb for two recent immigrant groups. easy commute to all four of the large county CBDs. (Isopec/Downtown SaKa/ Scorched Plains/CCDT (Colsex City Downtown)
Pretanic Rock 38,623 11.20 3,448 $30,911 People who can't afford Doorham but want the amenities live in the Northern half, the reverse for Colsex City live in the SE.
Hogshead 21,009 7.20 2,918 $36,325 Ancient town that the native's had was located here, still has fancy museum and some colonial architecture across from CCDT in Hogshead DT, apart from the tourism industry and some people who want a pain-in-the-ass commute to (NYC) it's a working class rural-ish small town.
Moreton 15,889 9.93 1,600 $27,292 Famous for Moreton University. Essentially Princeton University. Lots of college kids and Professors. Would probably be considered really wealthy if you take out all the broke College Kids out of the equation.
Gayhurst Park 13,869 4.91 2,825 $36,466 People who can't afford to live in Moreton (take out the college kids first), but work there. Also has a large amount of commuters to Sadikady's two business districts.
Ruthersburg 18,635 5.89 3,164 $38,495 100% if you live here you must commute to Sadikady.
Haddon Bend 20,822 9.57 2,176 $54,347 Upper middle class rural-ish gem. No one knows someone who lives here or if this is even inside the county limits, noone has ever been here either but the one coworker who has says it's beautiful.
Colsex City** 83,315 22.64 3,680 $41,724 They have their little colonial Downtown that has a few commuters, but in all honesty it's only slightly more impressive than Doorham's Suburban Office Park CBD that they like to flaunt. Outside of Colonial downtown its as suburban as every town in the county. Likes to think it's the fourth in a Big 4 commercial areas for the county. TBH it's a big 3 and they didn't make the cut.
Colton 14,998 12.46 1,204 $71,150 New Money rich people, high immigrant population.
Westchase 6,082 8.83 689 $124,558 Piney Point Village, TX and Southampton (village), NY
Currey's Ferry 16,519 12.09 1,366 $84,209 Somehow their Tourist Trap, declining colonial center is more impressive than Colsex City's... but I digress. Outside of the Colonial Center, it's big Colonial homes. Hampton Bays/North Sea, NY
City of Chase* 44,846 5.44 8,244 $48,035 Irving, TX and Floral Park, NJ
New Colsex County 1,441,898 313.98 4,592 $35,171 Northern New Jersey

(** is County Seat, * is a County-level City (recognized for it's own business district or center))