New Commonia (City)

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New Commonia
"'Derp-a-derp, derp'"
'Will we remake it? Maybe.'
DemonymNew Commonian


The City of New Commonia was founded in 2015 by Karl Tatar, at that time known as the Town of Redstoneville.

The Counties

There are 7 counties in the city. They are: Town of Redstoneville, South Redstoneville (unincorporated), West Konkord County, East Konkord County, Chaotican County, Centerian County, and Trebizond County.

Major Roads

There are plenty of major roads that go through New Commonia.

Eskan Road

Eskan Road is the north-south road through the city.

Cape Highway (R-4)

The Cape Highway is the road that connects the city to the rest of Commonia.

C-12 Highway (R-12)

C-12 is a road that ends in Thornbridge. It is an east-west road.

Redstoneville Bypass (R-42)

R-42 is a bypass of the city. You can get to Thornbridge much easier this way.

Great Motorway (M67)

The M67 is a road that runs through the city, north-south. A few, less important roads spawn off of it.