New Scandic

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New Scandic
Pronunciation/nu skændɪk/
Native toOstermark Flag.jpg Østermark
Native speakers3 million+ (in 2015)
Language familyUletarephian
  • Gaermanic
    • New Scandic
Early formsOld Scandic
  • New Scandic
DialectsDuss Nyskandisk
Writing systemRomantian
Official status
Official language inOstermark Flag.jpg Østermark
Dustmark Flag.png Dustmark
Regulated bySpråkrådet

New Scandic (Nyskandisk) is the language spoken in Østermark. It devolved from the Scandic spoken in Scandmark in the 1200s. It is also closely related to Norlensk. Although technically a separate language with its own orthography, pronunciation and some unique vocabulary, Scandic and New Scandic are for the most part mutually intelligible for most speakers of the two languages.


Although the Aulander spoken in Orinoco's Aulander islands is considered a separate language, technically speaking it is a dialect of New Scandic.