New Tyrrin, A.R.

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13, 43.2902, 129.4179
New Tyrrin (City)
Noy Tyrrin (Shtadt)
Neutyrrin (Stadt)
Metropolitan City
New Tyrrin City Logo
New Tyrrin City Logo
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
 • StateState of Atelfain and State of Keswerg
 • CountyNoy Tyrrin and Madelaynleyk
DemonymNew Tyrrinier
 • MayorGeorg Feiner
 • Census (2015)1,330,320

The New Tyrrin, Angela Region (Eshen "Noy Tyrrin"), commonly New Tyrrin or AR (Change its name in january 1,2020, the first part of the 2020 rearrangement reform),is the capital region of the Kingdom of Eshein. The city/region is the home of the Queen of Eshein, Helena Angela Margaret Halensk. The city located in the middle of Eshein in the northeastern part of Atelfain, in the krayk of Noy Tyrrin, on the New Tyrrin archipelago (the delta of the Kamno reiver) in the Strait of Owneheym and on the southern part of Keswerg. New Tyrrin is de facto the biggest city in Eshein, although Northriver is the biggest city de jure. New Tyrrin isn't a "classical" city. It is composed by 20 boroughs that each one has its own authorities and one representative on the city council, headed by the elected mayor, therefor it isn't "officially" a city although culturally and historically it is.


The first name of the city, before queen Angela arrived, was "Strard". After the Eshen Revolutionary War, the happy rebels wanted to thank their leader, so they named a city after a city in their queens previous country, in order to honor the queen that gave them freedom. The name "Strard" was changed to "New Tengah", after the city of Tengah, Midistland, where their queen came from. The name "New Tengah" didn't last long and it was changed after only three monthes to "New Tyrrin" from unknown reasons, after the city of Tyrrin, Midistland. The Queen Loved the gesture and decided she want New Tyrrin to be her capital, and not deersdon (where she first settled).


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City Districts

New Tyrrin is devided into 20 districts and one executive area.

New Name Seal Old/Common Name State Population Respesentative in the city council Main Sights
NTS5 St. Enthorp
(aka "Hill")
Atelfain tbd Alfred Bhel St. Enthorp square, nationam museum, national gallery, old Strard town hall, st. Enthorp church, national opera, national theatr, Kamno hill, Addinberg hill, Roghar hill, Noy Tyrriner do̊n.
NTS6 Noy Ingerland Atelfain tbd Queen Roberts Prince Arlent square
NTS7 Noy Merganny Atelfain tbd Kilyann Georger tbd
NTS8 Diesen unt Dormer Atelfain tbd Lyssa Brown Undek Hills: Undek hill, James hill and Holl hill
NTS9 Katedral Atelfain tbd Flinn Blayk New Tyrrin cathedral, national library
NTS10 Memoryal Atelfain tbd Helen Karlson Angela Halensk memorial, NT university, memoryal church, the embassies park
NTS11 Bron Atelfain tbd Anthony Karlson tbd
NTS12 Sterben Atelfain tbd Yuliya Habbel tbd
NTS13 Hafen Bey Atelfain tbd Roger Nomrik tbd
NTS14 Werfel Atelfain tbd Yohann Lilburg tbd
NTS15 Rikkena Atelfain tbd Auster Swann tbd
NTS16 Reysen Atelfain tbd Jeffary Bowman Ko̊ren hill, NT north marina
NTS17 Noy Eym Atelfain tbd Jaide Challinder
NTS18 Bering Atelfain tbd Maecy Fyste The Eshen supreme court, EUDA, Ownehwym station
NTS1 Eynst Yll Atelfain tbd Arren Farrest Liten palas, Bey markket, Briggen Square
NTS2 Zvynd Yll Atelfain tbd Byrant Parren tbd
NTS3 Drerd Yll Atelfain tbd Everan Selle Grose palas, the crown lake, island and hall, NT city hall, Eshein National Assembly palace, Eshein senate palace
NTS4 Firt Yll Atelfain tbd Alis Cartwell tbd
NTS19 Rewirburg Keswerg tbd Elayne Ticker tbd
NTS20 Colsexton Keswerg tbd Porter Krey tbd
NTS21 Ekseckyo̊tiv Berayk av Pro̊sident Yll Atelfain tbd Kilyann Georger (considered as part of Noy Mergany in the council) The president mansion and offices

The Eshen capital problem

New Tyrrin, as the capital of the Eshen Kingdom, is the home of the Eshen Queen and all the government establishments such as the Eshen parliament, the Folkhalten, and the Eshen supreme constitutional court. New Tyrrin is a metropolitan city, which means it doesn't have a mayor like any other Eshen city, it has a council composed by one representative of each of the city's boroughs. Most of the boroughs are in the Noy Tyrrin krayk on Atelfain, while two boroughs (Rewirburg and Colsekston) are in the Madelaynleyk krayk of Keswerg. The problematic status of the city, of being on both sides of the Strait of Owneheym, resulting different laws in different parts of the same city, thus making it two separate cities instead of one metropolitan city. For example, in Atelfain it's illegal to possess marijuana, while in Keswerg it's legal.
This situation becomes difficult in every subject , starting from educationa, law enforcement, judicial, etc. Furthermore, the 2nd island borough, which is the borough containing the parliament and the royal palace, is on the Atelfainer part of the city, making it impossible for the Folkhalter or the monarch to be impartial.

Important Buildings


Part of Queen Angela's Memolrial Clock Tower
  • The Crown Island and the Crown Hall
  • Queen Angela "The Founder" Memorial
  • Enthorp Square Fountain


The Folkhergen Palace


New Tyrrin Cathedral
  • Memorial Church
  • New Tyrrin Cathedral
  • St. Enthorp Church

Education And Museums

  • National Library of Eshein
  • University of New Tyrrin
  • National Gallery of Eshein
  • National Eshen Museum


Eshein Bridge
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