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8, -40.221, 151.150
State of Nipewa
Flag of Nipewa
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityFayette
Official languagesIngerish, Franquese
 • Regional languagesNipowee
 • GovernorPatrick J. Borden
 • Lieutenant GovernorBill M. Schneider
 • Total17831.67 km2
6884.85 sq mi
 • Estimate (2016)7621009

Nipewa is a state part of the (unnamed) Lakes. The lakes are fed by the mountains to the east which Nipewa shares with New Carnaby.


Nipewa was first discovered by the Nipowee, some say they've been there 1000 years before meeting the Ingerish settlers. The first Ulethan to visit Nipewa was Étienne Lemont who decided to fish along Lake Leighton (modern day Kennedy) and decided to notify the king of Franqueterre about the resources, who then established the small settlement of Kennedie (Now Kennedy) which would fish and cut down trees to sustain themselves. By 1700 The Ingerish came and took over the land, inviting their people to settle the land and create new settlements. Around 1720, there was around 50,000 settlers in Nipewa with a majority living in Kennedy. By 1800 the population spiked to 500K from 300K in 1790, the population began to ruse throughout the 19th century. By 1820 Nipewa became a state and got it's current borders.

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