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6, 58.159, 145.975
Noble Republic of Nordmark
FlagCoat of arms
Fair Liberty / Liberté Chérie / Frihed Àlainn
and largest city
Greater Anderton Flag.png Anderton
Official languagesIngerish, Franquese, Gaerman
 • Regional languagesErdarian, North Slevic, South Slevic
Ethnic Groups
Nordmarquiss 84.7%
? 7.5%
? 4.9%
Other 3.4%
GovernmentNoble Confederal Republic
 • PrinceThomas II
LegislatureFederal Assembly
 • Total585,489.67 km2
226,058.83 sq mi
 • Census (2015)42,153,201
 • Density71.99/km2
 • Per capita$62,543
HDI (2015)0.901
very high
CurrencyNordmarques Franc (NF)

The Noble Republic of Nordmark, commonly known as Nordmark is a sovereign state in Uletha. Nordmark is a constitutional republic under the presidency of the Council headey by a prince/princess. This confederal republic is situated in Eastern Uletha, east of UL099. It consists of 19 confederal states, and the city of Anderton is the seat of the federal authorities.

Nordmark is one of the few widely recognized independent states that has not become a member of the Assembly of Nations.


Signing of the Letter of Alliance on 7 May 1334. This letter represents the beginning of the Nordmarques Confederation. It was signed by seven councillors of the City of Norfield; by three councillors and admiral Williams of Neufchastel and by saint Edward I, Duke of Anderton. The Letter was acclaimed by the representatives of mountainous areas of Arolla, Amont, Wald and signed on their behalf by Firmin of North Crawley, monk of Mittelberg Abbey. The Alliance was then blessed by saint John IV (bishop of Norfield and abbot of St. Timothy's Abbey), by Mark II (abbot of Cwenburh Abbey) and by Paul of Elyf (bishop of Awarica).


Federal units

Nordmark consists of 19 confederal states. They have a permanent constitutional status and, in comparison with the situation in other countries, a high degree of independence.

Flag Coat of arms Code Name Since Area
Capital Official languages
Norfield Archduchy Flag.png NF Norfield 1201 Norfield
Saint Timothy Abbeyland Flag.png Coat of Arms of Saint Timothy Abbeyland.png ST Saint Timothy Abbeyland 1201 0.17 48 Saint Timothy Abbey
AR Arolla 1334 13156.56 697,297 Finster
AM Amont 1334 5826.01 151,476 Achberg
WD Wald 1334 6608.24
Anderton Dukedom Flag.png AN Anderton 1334 Anderton
NE Neuchâtel 1334 Neuchâtel
Flag of Mittertal.jpg MI Mittertal 1379 Novalles / Newfort
ND Nidfließen 1481 112,463 Ølstykke
Flag of Obfließen.png Coat of Arms of Obfließen.png OF Obfließen 1481 310.24 20,475 Erdar
St. Martin Commonwealth Flag.jpg City of Saint Martin Coat of Arms.png SM City of Saint Martin 1520
(as St. Martin Commonwealth until 1831)
95.11 137,148 Saint Martin
ML Martinsland 1520
(as St. Martin Commonwealth until 1831)
15502.27 2,185,820 Saint Martin
NorthNordNortt Flag.png NT North / Nord / Nortt 1527
Lowrie Flag.png Lowrie Coat of Arms.png LW Lowrie 1581 24127.50 Itane / Ethan
Abtheachland Flag.png Abtheachland Coat of Arms.png AL Abtheachland 1804 Saint William
Flag of Koln Canton.png Coat of Arms of the Republic of Koeln.png KN Kœln 1831 Koln
Flag of Nordseaxe.png Coat of Arms of Nordseaxe.png NS Nordseaxe 1831 New Lynchester
Saint Nicolas League Flag.png Saint Nicolas League Coat of Arms.png SN Saint Nicolas League 1831 Sankt Clemens
CA City of Anderton 1831 City of Anderton
Montran Flag.jpg Montran Crowned Coat of Arms.png NK Nordmark 42,153,201 Anderton 585,489.67

National anthem

Thomas II in archducal robes (by A. Kolinsky)

Fair liberty,
beloved liberty,
liberty sweetly avowed,
thou are the treasured gift that God to us endowed.

All our glory is thy true creation,
to our Home thou are all the decoration.

No silver nor gold, not life itself could replace
the reward of thy pure and sublime grace.


The Federal Constitution adopted in 1831 is the legal foundation of the modern federal state. A new Nordmarques Constitution was adopted in 1995, but did not introduce notable changes to the federal structure. It outlines basic and political rights of individuals and citizen participation in public affairs, divides the powers between the Confederation and the states and defines federal jurisdiction and authority.

Direct democracy and federalism are hallmarks of the Nordmarques political system. Nordmarques citizens are subject to three legal jurisdictions: the municipality, state and federal levels.

There are three main governing bodies on the federal level: the bicameral parliament (legislative), the Council (executive) and the Court (judicial).

The Federal Council

The Council is the seven-member executive council that constitutes the federal government of the Confederation and serves as the collective executive head of government and state of Nordmark. While the entire council is responsible for leading the federal administration of Nordmark, each Councillor heads one of the seven federal executive departments. The position of Federal President is hold by the Prince of Nordmark.

Member of Council Photo Joined Council Party State Function
Isaac Meyer 2016 National NorthNordNortt Flag.png North Head of the Federal Department of Defence and Civil Protection
Martin L. Weiss 2018 Conservative Flag of Koln Canton.png Koln Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
Nicolás Scheiner 2019 People Norfield Archduchy Flag.png Norfield Head of the Federal Department of Finance
Luiza Nowak 2019 People Saint Nicolas League Flag.png Saint-Nicolas Head of the Federal Department of Education, Research, Environment and Sports
Jean Thomassen 2019 People Flag of Obfließen.png Obfließen Head of the Federal Department of Economics, Labour and Social Affairs
Emil Agner 2019 Labour Flag of Koln Canton.png Koln Head of the Federal Department of Transport, Energy and Communications
Clément Aebischer 2019 People Lowrie Flag.png Lowrie Head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs and Justice

Political parties

Party Political ideas National Council Council of States
People (P) Social conservatism
Nordic socialism
Economic nationalism
80 13
Conservative (C) Social conservatism
Economic liberalism
Libertarian conservatism
32 7
Labour (W) Democratic socialism
Social progressivism
26 7
National (N) Nordmarques nationalism
Economic liberalism
26 3
Moderate (M) Social progressivism
Nordic socialism
17 3
Green (G) Sustainable development
Green liberalism
14 2
Liberal (L) Liberalism
5 1

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