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Z12, -47.4684 °S, 45.2403 °E
Lordship of Northtale

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Electoral Lordship in Winn
Largest city Waterby
Country Winn
Barony Warren

Northtale (Aeránanue: Teil-Dhos) is one of the 44 electoral lordships that make up Winn. It is, along with the lordships of Carann, Farm, and Caranntale and Lycer one of the lordships that make up the barony of Warren. Northtale is the most influential of these four, carrying 7 seats in parliament. Northtale has historically swung between Blue and Green, but in recent years seems to have settled on Blue, usually voting majority POLL. The lordship is oddly disjointed, as it contains the entire western exclave of the barony of Warren, as well as a thin strip of the other mainland portion of the barony, containing the barony capital of Waterby.

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28px Political divisions in Winn
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