Purgatio Nortia

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The Purgatio Nortia or the Nortian Clearances were the forced displacement and expulsion during the Inaran Nations reign of Pretany. A significant number of people from traditional land tenancies in the Great Rift Deltas of Pretany, where they had practiced small-scale agriculture for centuries were forced out in two waves, between 1039-1357 and 1357-1700 AD. The clearances are considered a significant global event due to the subsequent colonization and spread of Romantian culture throughout Uletha and the world.

The Nortian Tribe was closely related to tribal ethnic groups in Garlis, in eastern Kalm, and southwestern Ísztianország, with tribal migrations happening in prehistory. Darcodia, Ispelia, Karolia, Florescenta, and Vartasimalia were five countries already colonized during the prehistory of Pretany by the Nortian Tribe between 300-400 AD. The circumstances surrounding the ancient migrations were unknown, possibly a population explosion that required outward migration and over-consumption of resources during that time. Once the Inaran Nation invaded the Nortian city states in the north a massive genocide began. It is estimated that 500,000- 1 milion Nortian tribal members existed in collective city states throughout the 1st millennium AD, north of the Inara Basin. By the time Duke Beglidere appeared in 1357, only 50,000 Nortian members were left on their ancestral lands. Not only was the Romantian speaking culture expunged from the Deltas, they were expelled from Pretany in a wave of exoduses that was only seen later during the Ingerish colonization efforts. Countries founded, populated, or colonized during the expulsion were, Astura, Legonia, Sathria, and a significant number of emigrants arrived in Castellán by 1066. Castellán went on to colonize several countries of its own further spreading Romantian variations. The Clearances resulted in significant emigration of Nortians to the southern and Eastern coasts of Uletha. Romantian evolved slowly into Franquese during the clearances by populations that remained hidden within the hill lands of central Northwest Pretany. Between 1357 and 1700 several more waves of Franquese speaking ethnic Nortians emigrated and colonized Alora, Ataraxia, Akinyaka, Beaudry, Gobrassanya, Inretsk, Lorredion, Paroy, Picard, Meridonia and Surricy. Signs of the Nortian Clearances are seen everywhere in Northern Pretany. Many of the cities and Shires in northern Pretany are rooted in Romantian and Franquese history and named locations and the spreading of the catholic faith. In the early 21st century, more descendants of the Nortian Tribe and of original Romantian descent are found in these diaspora destinations than in Northern Pretany itself.