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"Lost" countries are countries which no longer exist in the OGF world. Usually, the country's main page is kept as a record of the creative efforts, but all information there can be safely ignored for all other purposes.

More about how to clean-up lost countries can be looked up here.

Countries marked as "archived" or "reserved" in the overview map are not lost - they are being preserved for other possible future use. They are listed here.


Lost country Clean-up status
Country User Notes Main page &
flag template
Pages country Pages user
Lost country.png Agarderia User:Yuanls Core wiki content moved to Sandbox page. Other mentions of Agarderia largely removed from the wiki. Includes Glastian Agarderia. Territory has been merged with UL22h. Yuanls (talk) 22:30, 30 November 2020 (CET) Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Andover User:Jakeroot All user Page Creations marked for deletion except Country Page & Flag Template. No flag present. Ruadh (talk) 13:54, 11 October 2018 (CEST) Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Lost country.png B'tuaga User:Imhotep All user Page Creations marked for deletion except Country Page, Flag & Flag Template Ruadh (talk) 13:54, 11 October 2018 (CEST) Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Lost country.png Durië User:KVh
Lost country.png Eŋrige User:Riiga
Lost country.png Edu AN User:Rekant Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Faseagonland User:DkrotHome72
Lost country.png Galiza User:Gal Now part of Drapeau du Royaume d'Ambroisie.jpg Ambrosia
Lost country.png Hiltonia User:Zeffy
Ileysika User:Ijzer
Lost country.png Luiveland User:KVh Now Lost country.png Ascot
Lost country.png Monte Dorado User:Williamsca97
Lost country.png Morania User:HaxHit
Lost country.png Newlynland User:Arlo Now Glauvaard Flag.png Glauvaard Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Psixal User:SamTheWox Now Lost country.png Lossira Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Lost country.png Roliqia User:HipsterCatWalrus
Lost country.png Samuelonia User:Holdenburg
Lost country.png Semer Republic User:Thermo_nuclear
Tiey User:Cauldron
Lost country.png Tojmidia User:Sp33d3h
Tragaldaba User:Thedragon
Lost country.png Ubana User:Tjj25
Lost country.png Wynot User:Tommypoo
Lost country.png Yotongrek User:PhysicsFighter
Lost country.png Zanaria User:Z11


Lost country Clean-up status
Country User Notes Main page &
flag template
Pages country Pages user
Lost country.png Abunadi User:DereckBarroso
Lost country.png Andalaz User:Okiazr Now collaborative territory AR001b
Lost country.png Angla User:HectorDLT Now reserved territory
Lost country.png Artenia User:CharlieG Now part of Deodeca. Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Basmia User:BillionPenny483
Lost country.png Buildtion User:GibranalNN
Lost country.png Caladea User:MrMiyagi
Lost country.png Canadeshia User:Jan Now AR104b
Lost country.png Canwyru User:Suburbandecay Now AR006
Lost country.png Capitalia User:Andrepoiy Formerly reserved as AR059a, now divided into available territories of AR059a and AR024a
Lost country.png Chionova User:Tâmyña Now part of AR101
Lost country.png Esteli User:Canclaret
Lost country.png Forrintië User:TRJ Now divided into AR045a through AR045j, located south of AR120
Gablain User:SMTHBRS
Lost country.png Graenakkur User:Canclaret
Lost country.png Illiria User:Arberia
Lost country.png Ismikk User:Canclaret Formerly reserved territory, now divided into AR027a, AR027b, AR027c, AR027d and AR120-91 (Alormen) Yes check.svg Yes check lines.svg
Lang Republic User:Langsky Now part of Ascot
Lezerne User:BartLeDuc Now Lost country.png Levarrie
Lost country.png Maurician Republics User:Sil
Lost country.png Naobania User:BartLeDuc
Natlyn User:Natlyn Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Orlandia User:Fazzstinson69 Yes check.svg Yes check lines.svg Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Papuskovia User:Qwertzuiop246
Lost country.png Peridia User:Qwertzuiop246
Lost country.png Renkistan User:Renkon Now Walleanflag.jpg Wallea
Rhii User:Natlyn
Lost country.png Řots User:Rasmus Rasmusson Now Lost country.png Xsegunis Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Saneusitania User:Dsaneus Now divided into AR058a and Lost country.png Déserts
Sastano User:Mapper2000
Lost country.png Shrenland User:GoldenTab
Lost country.png Singkangia User:Zhenkang Now AR006
Lost country.png Solaria User:Quarked
Lost country.png Surricy (FR) User:Azaz_0913 Claimed by Drapeaulorredion.png Lorredion Yes check.svg Emb-red.png
Tagarlot User:Rorotrains Claimed by Drapeaulorredion.png Lorredion Yes check.svg
Lost country.png Tirnua User:Poston
Toukoku User:Yukimura Now AR022 (Lubtonia)
Troipoline User:Patjennings Now part of AR101
Vachia User:Oders
Walentia User:Estragian
WychelleStateFlag.png Wychelle User:Arlo Former state of FSA, now AR120-57 Emb-red.png Emb-red.png Emb-red.png


Lost country Clean-up status
Country User Notes Main page &
flag template
Pages country Pages user
Açora User:Wjoaq114
Alderon User:Mikelatham
Ändeland User:Ydum
Lost country.png Arciv User:Ijzer
Lost country.png Auronia User:JoJoBa Map cleaned for a future owner. 90% of wiki redirects to this county, other informational pages about the country, as well as it's appearances in lists are removed by the former owner. If there are other such links left out, the original owner recommends you, the finder, to delete the link or change it to some other country. You may as well contact the user, so the link could be changed to another country the user owns at the given moment (For example, embassies, instead of creating new ones.) Everything applies for both the OGF Wiki and the OGF World Map. For any other concerns contact User:JoJoBa. This rule will partly be invalid when the territory TA014 gets owned again, at least for the map part. JoJoBa (talk) 18:23, 10 June 2020 (CEST) Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Balkaria User:Geoboi Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Beaudry User:Subway Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Belunjio User:Hmaps5678
Calenopolis User:Editor
Conabaras User:UltraWorlds Yes check.svg Yes check lines.svg Yes check.svg
Lost country.png Denta User:Vren
Dobrobyt User:Roverboy
Lost country.png Dogardland User:Jake Knight Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Drevet User:PColumbus73 Emb-red.png
Equatorial_Tarephia User:Rafaceste
Lost country.png Farax User:IBallasticwolf2
Hleziria User:IXJIE6I
Kataui User:Mirrors
Lost country.png Lapistan and Azurea User:Martinum4
Laplania User:Magnesium
Lost country.png Leto User:Johnny
Lost country.png Narghana User:Robert
Newington User:Realmapper123
Lost country.png Oyequdeq User:Alsatian Now reserved as Aükkomaa Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Patermas User:Louis walker
Lost country.png Picard User:FBG
Quatana User:Magor
Tajackia User:Jacksonthepilot
Lost country.png Tamarindia User:Tamarindia Now divided into part of TA095, TA094, TA091b, San Alvarez and Islatramma
Terwen User:IBallasticwolf2
Lost country.png Thul User:Elmo Now SobokoFlag.png Soboko
Lost country.png Tokaina User:WeeFeeWill
Lost country.png Turonia User:Szpw Now TA013
Ünglend User:Tito zz Now Allendea Emb-red.png
United Swahillian Emirates User:Jonitondieki
Lost country.png Vashi User:BilaIMoin Now AR007
Lost country.png Vienna User:PColumbus73
Lost country.png Yantarland User:Antanas
Lost country.png Yury User:Magor


Lost country Clean-up status
Country User Notes Main page &
flag template
Pages country Pages user
Lost country.png Aiau User:CodeTriangle All user Page Creations marked for deletion except Country Page, Flag & Flag Template Ruadh (talk) 13:54, 11 October 2018 (CEST) Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Lost country.png Akinyaka User:Tom_m7 Now reserved as UL120
Alpachia User:Fluffr Nuttr
Lost country.png Altavia User:Infrarrojo
Aurenia User:Stjur Emb-red.png
Bayland User:Pawl Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Byórn User:Ddtuga
Lost country.png Celesto User:CarolinaAvenue
Lost country.png Centerra User:Logan230
Confoederatio Atlantica User:TBR
Lost country.png Dagelanden User:KVh Now reserved as Zlinkapart Yes check.svg Yes check lines.svg Yes check.svg
Fressland User:Katav Now UL108g Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Guyenne User:Frodrigo
Lost country.png Gwalia User:Ioliver Replaced by Kingdom of Rheim Maark
Lost country.png Jirki User:Senz
Kaga User:Anatolie Golovco
Kobáň User:Severak
Lost country.png Mahikan User:Luziyca
Lost country.png Margo User:Keapler
Lost country.png Mariana User:Brunanter
Northeastern Confederacy User:Jeroenpraat
Lost country.png Nucia User:Kajigafliga Now divided into Flag of Justinique.jpeg Justinique and other countries in the Scythe of Uletha
Lost country.png Otma User:Santos Now Brialbellen
Lost country.png Pieskia User:Giskkard
Lost country.png Phillips User:Chris camillus
Lost country.png Raiden User:Keapler
Riko User:Stennes
Lost country.png Seryisia User:Seerryyii Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Shilesia User:Trabantemnaksiezyc Yes check.svg Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Sonela Gohi User:Renal cow Now part of UL099
Lost country.png Thomern User:Campbt
Tibrin User:TheRiverSticks Territory divided into Glaster Flag.png Glaster, Lost country.png Agarderia, Flagwyster.png Wyster, Reserved country.png Latania and Karamsk
Lost country.png Tierajas-Verdes User:Aces California
Lost country.png Ukiria User:Jesus Antonio Now Uzkesh Emb-red.png
Lost country.png Vinnmark User:Adminero us Now Lentia. All pages combined on the main Vinnmark page. Almost all links to the page removed, except some of neighbouring countries which will be contacted for a new history with Lentia instead Yes check.svg Yes check lines.svg Yes check.svg
Vocolaszcian User:DkrotHome72
Volta User:Connor
Zanyizzix User:Yoyo21

Archived and reserved countries

Archived countries are ones which have had had their mapping preserved.

Reserved countries are kept for possible use in the future.

Map cleanup

This project involves making formerly owned areas more attractive for new users to claim. Specifically:

  • check to make sure that the territory has not already been assigned to someone (if so, remove it from this list)
  • deleting the "name" tag from all objects in the territory
  • resetting the name of the territory back to its original number
  • miscellaneous improvements such as repairing broken territory relations, downgrading extensive motorways, fixing awkward coastlines, etc.
  • searching the wiki for all references to the territory and deleting them, adding the "lost country" tag to its main wiki page
  • removing the country from this list, after all the other items are complete

These projects do not involve deleting all the mapping in a territory. Remember that some new users prefer to claim a territory with significant mapping already in place. Any and all mapping that is halfway decent should remain for a future owner to handle.

Lost country Clean-up status
AR106a AR106a
AN130 AN130
AN136 AN136
TA011 TA011
TA091b TA091b
TA098 TA098
UL046 UL046
UL108g UL108g
UL204 UL204
UL205 UL205
UL211 UL211
Açora TA100
Capitalistic Republic of Dobrobyt UL028
Celesto Republic UL131
Conabaras TA014a
Confederation of Atah AR065
Cyansea Islands AN140b
Davilandia TA014
Dorénesie UL208
Druqua TA022b
Equatorial Tarephia TA101
Gamen TA018
Hlelhia TA031
Hudley TA119
Kataui TA113c
Kingdom of Vocolaszcian UL157
Litauen Reich UL338
Mariana UL212
Monte Dorado AN134e
Orlandia AR022e
Papouśkovje+Perÿdua AR009
Patermas TA021
Populchra AR026
Principauté de Guyenne UL207
Qumal AR017b
Raiden UL014
Rem di Calenopolis TA092b
Republic of Kian TA026c
Republic of Leto TA026b
Republic of Narghana TA103
Republisce Otonosvarçe TA003b
Rosaceae AN134a
Saneusitania AR058
Sastano AR100a
Takaria TA023
Terra Sampuherna TA008a
Terwen TA017a
Tierajas-Verdes UL331
Tiey AN150i
Tirnua AR022c
Tokaina TA008b
United Federation of Kingdoms AR061
United Provinces of Denta TA104
United Socialist Republic of Tyksi AN150b
Vachia AR022a
Vidipurpula AN128
Walentia AR036
Zanaria + Azanari Republic AN137c