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This page is for the planning and coordination of AR120-11 (map link), the eastern collaborative state in AR120. Anyone interested in contributing to this state is welcome to make themselves known on the talk page.


The coordinators of AR120-11 are Easky30 and BMSOUZA.


AR120-11 is expected to resemble the Northeastern US, reflecting influences from New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, including New York. The state name will be decided by a vote of AN120 territory owners and coordinators. This page can be moved to reflect the name once it is chosen.

A large metropolis, forming one of AR120's main centers of population, will be located somewhere in the state's eastern "neck" or coastal region. Population density will be high, and there can be major secondary cities and large numbers of smaller towns located throughout the state. AR120-11 is home to major rivers and mountains resembling those in the Northeastern US, and rural lands are expected to be a mixture of farms and forests. The area is thought to have been first colonized by the Ingerish in the 17th century.

The state is expected to have have at least 50 counties, irregularly shaped, with smaller counties in the east and somewhat larger ones in the west.

General plan and collaborative framework

On the talk page and/or the AR120 forum, coordinators will propose a general plan (a rough map to guide development) and collaborative framework (the rules of participation) for this state. After considering any feedback, they will post finalized versions in this space.