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When they start working their new territory, one thing people like to do is get the name of their territory to show up on the world map. To do this, you have to edit the boundary relation for the territory. Once you make the update, please be patient - sometimes there is a delay before changes show up on the main map. This delay can be several days for low zooms. So don't worry. Make the change and feel secure you've done it right.

It's really not that hard to change your territory's relation using the iD in-browser editor. Here's what you do.

Find your territory.

Luciano Screenshot iD relation 1.png

Zoom in to a spot on the border. Choose a spot where the border has a bend, curve, or corner.

(If you zoom in on a straight stretch of border, you may have difficulty clicking on it.)

Luciano Screenshot iD relation 2.png

No, more.

Luciano Screenshot iD relation 3.png

Actually, can you zoom a little more?

Luciano Screenshot iD relation 4.png

Select the international border (red arrow).

(For mappers naming a state, you'll be selecting the state border instead.)

Luciano Screenshot iD relation 5.png

Select Administrative Boundary (red arrow). Not Multipolygon. Be sure to select the correct territory number.

(If you select the wrong territory number, you may end up naming your neighbor's territory...)

Luciano Screenshot iD relation 6.png

Select select the view "all tags" of the relation (red arrow).

Luciano Screenshot iD relation 7.png

Look at all those tags (red circle).

Luciano Screenshot iD relation 9.png

Change the various tag key values and save! (red arrows).

  • 1. change the "name" value
  • 2. change the "ogf:owner" value (if necessary)
  • 3. change the "ogf:status" value (normally if you own a country, the status is "active")
  • 4. save!

Luciano Screenshot iD relation 10.png

So easy.

But please understand that it may take some time for your changes to appear on the map!

For more info, see our FAQ: Why am I not seeing my recent edits on the map?