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Ambox currentevent.svg This page is open to discuss collaboration aspects for Antigo

Achtung.svg Due to rapid changes to the region currently, there may be rapid changes on certain characteristics of Antigo, including the possibility of moving Antigo from where it is currently. Collaboration is currently closed at this point.

Antigo (Pretanic Faction State (PFS)) is a totalitarian dictatorship used to be part of Pretany located in eastern Uletha. The country is a "community territory", marked in purple on the overview map. If you are interested, contact bhj867 (bhj867 is currently on a break so the project may be on hold). It will be courteous if you inform us if you are willing to map in the area, then we may assign you an area to build on.

This page is intended to support collaboration for this country.


The country was once a fledgeling empire up till the 9th century AD, when the Inara conquered the nation in a series of trade route disputes. After the fall of Inara in the 13th century, Pretany took control of the territory despite calls for independence. A violent uprising took place in the 20th century, which ended in an armistice. Antigo shortly became a dictatorship similar to North Korea, ruled under the Briarmack dynasty claiming to follow the Principles of Cuppa (the native religion) and Antigoan Socialism. The current dictator/Supreme Leader is T. K. (Dick) Briarmack, who took over in 2015.

Discussions and questions

If you have any questions or want to discuss something regarding this country, contact zhenkang or bhj867. If you want to establish ties with the country or anything along those lines, see below. Otherwise, you can just directly go to the discussion page.


As stated in one of bhj867's diary entries, there are guidelines concerning the PFS. It is meant to reach out to new users especially those who did not manage to get a territory during the long admin break, but still, everyone is welcome, especially those from eastern Europe or Russia.

  • Any eastern European mapper may contact the coordinators if he/she feels that he can contribute to Antigo. You may map in a few towns or cities but it depends.
  • For any new mappers, they are still free to contact, and they will be assigned a duchy within the country. You (the mapper) are to map WITHIN the borders of that duchy only and with supervision from me and zhenkang.
  • This is an internship so to speak. You are learning to collaborate with each other on your borders and how to function in a productive manner to produce aesthetic looking maps. The mods have the right to tell you to change something if it is outlandish. In the most polite manner possible. We also hold the right to "tweak" but only before letting you know what we are doing and why it needs to be done. including but not limited to, scale inaccuracies, unauthorized motorways, city grids that are not neat and organized. The quality of your mapping = how much we let you map without interruptions. More experienced or talented mappers may never be bothered at all as long as something is not completely astray. This is a learning experience and a "school" of sorts. Please set your expectations to that level moving forward.
  • If you do not want a full duchy, you can map within a "residential land use" of a small town or city within the PFS, and that includes the city of Antigo with help from zhenkang and me.
  • The PFS has mainly Algonquin-like location names, with many street names references members of the "revolution" and other ingerish/anglo dominated names. There is a strong Pretanic culture within the country itself. The Antigo language is a loose mutated form of Algonquin and Arabic combined, widely spoken, and growing yearly. Have fun with the culture. It is not going to be micromanaged in terms of region to regional differences during the mapping process, but I do want it uniform across the entire country.
  • PFS is very South American in its road layout, at least for the older cities or in the old central area. However, it will be more organised in the Soviet way for newer neighbourhoods and/or rebuilt cities. Many cities may even have a rebuilt ancient "square" where there used to be a temple for Cuppa sacrificial worship.
  • Any motorways are SET IN PLACE unless needed to be moved in 1-3 km or below increments around towns and cities, This keeps the motorways currently in place from becoming messy. Any additional motorways must be approved by me or zhenkang.
  • This is an impoverished totalitarian dictatorship with cruel tendencies like North Korea. Think of all of the atrocities that may or may not happen in the real world, and even in possible fiction like The Handmaid's Tale or 1984, and add that to this country. (Preferably though, more 'socialist' policies seen in North Korea or the eastern bloc than fascist policies from Nazi Germany) Zones, tent cities, concentration camps, "indoctrination" schools (breeding camps). Large halls in every town for local oligarchy meetings. The original layout of what PFS looked like before the government takeover is vague and always "hinted" at in the mapping. Examples would be former commercial centres converted into churches, Former non-cuppa religious institutions burned to the ground, tightly guarded housing "districts" that were formerly loose suburbs, government corporations and housing stock linked to the same property. like a "company store" or a "company housing".
  • HAVE FUN!!!!

Antigo and duchies

For the purpose of coordination and an overall national plan for Antigo. See also this list.

Any user interested can directly ask the coordinators for a duchy they want to map in. Some details of the duchies, such as the capital and their main industry, are intentionally left blank and up to any user to add-on. If you have any suggestions, feel free to go to the talk page as well.

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Past and current contributors for Antigo

Those who have been cancelled have never existed in Antigo before. Never did..

Motorway/railway/river systems

For those mapping in Antigo, if you want to create new motorways/trunk roads, you must obtain permission from the coordinators. The Antigoan government may not have the money to construct too many motorways, so we do not encourage new motorways unless we think it is necessary. This is also the same for other nations. Please note also the level of the roads must not exceed 'trunk roads'. The nation roads should use the prefix 'NT'. The current ones use FS, so as not to clash with the Federal States' highway system, please change such to NT if possible.

If you can help plan the hydrology and the national rail network, we will like to hear from you as well.


The area around the capital (Antigo City) and along the Rickorack Plateau is forested. For much of the southern areas, they will be generally flat plains with some nearer to Mazan (UL137) being rather dry as a desert. The desert in Antigoan Alam and other duchies are formed out of years of desertification.

Urban areas

Generally, most towns outside of the capital, with the exception of a few like Kontroga, Taparokagrad, Kessetourilak and Savanna Avay, should have relatively low populations. Users mapping in a duchy has relatively free rein to make as many villages if possible, but try to balance between nature and urban development.

Rules of International cooperation for Antigo

NOTE: These rules are still on-hold. As stated at the OGF:Embassies for building embassies:

Building their embassy in your country Building your embassy in their country
Much as Antigo willing to have relations with everyone, it depends on the nature of the country (not just its political alignment). For nations that do not recognise Antigo's independence but want to have informal ties, they can build a consulate/liaison office instead. Just send a message to me for any questions and we can talk about it.
'Ordinary nations' that are not a threat to Antigo's security can build an office (a node with the amenity=embassy tag) in the respective continent blocks here. If you want your own site, please send a message to me first and we can sort things out.

Other issues:

Diplomatic relations
Common historical events
Message me to talk about it.
Cultural or academical alliance
Antigo in recent years is open to any cultural and academic alliance (in efforts to spread the word of Antigoan Socialism). Just message me. It will be ideal if both our nations have a strong partnership in history or something like that along the lines.
Economical alliance
Much as Antigo relies on its state-owned companies, a few foreign companies, whether big or small, can operate in certain areas of Antigo using our labour. Antigo, in its efforts for economic reform in recent years, may consider joining a few economic alliances, though this is on a case-by-case basis as well. Message me for details.
Military alliance
It is quite unlikely Antigo will be part of a military alliance (probably except with its close neighbour Suria). However, Antigo may be willing to train its troops elsewhere in the world, so if you like a joint military base with Antigo (note: nothing to do with nuclear weapons test), message me.
Trade and transport
Adding Antigo City as your airline's destination
Antigo is not willing to have any international airline destinations besides to Gobrassanya and Suria. All flights to Antigo are served by its domestic carrier AntigoAir.
Passanger ferries
Antigo is a landlocked country.

On a side note, feel free to add on to User:Zhenkang/Sandbox/Foreign relations of Antigo.