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Aschnar (Aschnarese: អស្ចារ្យ), or Aschar, is a Khmer-speaking kingdom of AR909 inspired by Cambodia. It was once a major power in the region but has declined sharply since. The straight borders are the result of past concessions made to other colonial powers such as the Kalmish, which colonised Sin Se to the northeast. Since the 20th century, border disputes have occurred over the demarcation of the lines, with a heavy military presence at the border regions.

The country is financially poor with an unstable political climate. The weak monarch can do little to resolve the crisis, while the military (backed by Kuehong) often tried to maintain power to keep the peace in the area, supported by the rich, while a small band of activists advocating for the restoration of freedom and democracy in the kingdom. The two financial centres will generally see slums and all that in the suburbs, with villas and palaces for the rich closer to the city centre. The main industry will be agriculture and mining owned by corrupt corporations seeking to exploit the local labour.

The official language will be Khmer, or Aschnarese. Near the border regions, Bai (Chinese) may also be used alongside Aschnarese names. A glossary of Khmer names will be put up.

The terrain will be largely flat, following the RW Cambodian terrain. Mountains no higher than 600m will go through the central area in a NE-SW direction. The kingdom will see many rivers flowing through the plains. The two major financial centres of the country will be in the coastal areas. The Royal Capital (ដីខ្ពស់ Dei-khepasa) will be in the central area, and due to its historical and cultural importance, is nominated an ANESCO site.

Province map

Aschnar-province map sketch.png