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This page is a guide to the communication tools used in the OGF community. Each has its own function:

Function Tool
For private messages Your OGF inbox (http://opengeofiction.net/user/YOURUSERNAME/inbox) is for private communications between two mappers. Whenever you get a message in your OGF inbox, you will be sent an email notification. You can send a message to anyone by going to their profile page (http://opengeofiction.net/user/USERNAME) and clicking the "Send Message" link.

Sometimes you may also get important messages from the admin team (e.g. "We've noticed you haven't made any edits for a while. Would you like to keep your country, or not?"). So make sure the email address on your settings page (http://opengeofiction.net/user/YOURUSERNAME/account) is one that you check regularly, and that messages from OGF can get through any spam filters.

For public discussions The forum is our primary center for open discussions. You can ask questions, get feedback, swap tips & tricks, collaborate with other users, share your work, get to know your fellow mappers, and discuss things related (and unrelated) to OGF. The forum log shows all recent posts in the forum, and a link to the forum log will appear in Special:RecentChanges whenever someone has recently made a forum post or comment.
For diary/blogging A bliki is a combination of "blog-wiki" and is basically a way for mappers to use the wiki for blogging. Some users have blikis, others don't. Some are quite active in their blikis, using it like a regular diary; others are not, using it only for occasional updates. Either way is fine. A list of blikis can be found at OGF:User Blikis. You can also see all recent updates to blikis in Special:RecentChanges.
For discussing
a specific wiki page
Wiki talk pages are generally for conversations about a specific wiki page. Almost all pages in the wiki (articles, image pages, user pages, etc) have an associated talk page, reachable by clicking the page's "Discussion" tab in the upper left. User talk pages (those associated with a user page) can be used to post a quick public note or other message to another user. Users receive a notification when someone edits their talk page. Recent updates to wiki talk pages are also included in Special:RecentChanges.
For fictional news OGN News Center is an outlet for in-world news stories. Users who have developed a significant amount of mapping in their territory may apply to join by creating a Wordpress account and sending the account name to admin.
For social media There's an OGF presence on Twitter and Pinterest, though any "substantial" discussions are encouraged to take place here in the OGF forum, so they can be easily accessible to all users.
TBD User Diaries is not a diary. It's a way for any user to make a post that appears prominently at the top of the "User Diaries" page. Formerly the main hub for public communication in OGF, User Diaries has been used for various announcements, questions, discussions, etc. It is also the only public communication available to new users, so they tend to make a lot of the posts there. All quality content is now encouraged to transition over to the forum, and it is unknown what the role of User Diaries will be in the future.
For chat Various chat platforms have been tried with OpenGeofiction, and the results have been controversial. Drawbacks include the fact that such platforms necessitate software that might not be accessible to everyone; require users to create and manage yet another account; don't help to organize or improve accessibility to information; may be more prone to arguments and other drama; may easily be dominated by the least mature, most "bored" users; may demand intensive moderation; may be highly distracting and time-consuming; and may be harder to participate in for those with limited English skills.

Please note that before forming any OGF-related group off-site (including a chat group) it is necessary to consult with OGF admin.