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Please also see this page for more information on the West Massodeya collaboration.

The states of West Massodeya and East Massodeya, and the city of Massodeya City, 31, are collectively known as the Massodeyas, a hybrid owned/collaborative territory of the Federal States. The area is intended to provide users of all skill levels new to the Federal States an opportunity to participate in the FSA project without committing to a full state of the FSA by adopting a partially-developed county. Unlike other territories, counties of the Massodeyas have some restrictions, which may restrict some mappers to certain types of development. County owners are strongly encouraged to collaborate with each other.

About the Massodeyas

West and East Massodeya are both large, mostly-rural states with a primary focus on agricultural development. The topography is mostly flat in the west with flood plains along River 2, with the terrain gradually getting more rugged heading east towards the border with Randalia and AR120-31. Just east of the Massodeya River in AR120-31, Massodeya City is a large urban center, with suburbs that spill over into East Massodeya, AR120-31, and AR120-34.

Plan of the Massodeyas

Massodeya Plan v2.png


West Massodeya and East Massodeya have a coordinator, User:yoyo21, to oversee day-to-day collaboration between the various counties and to represent the states in national discussions. (County assignment will be done by the admin team.)

Rules of the Massodeyas

County Classification

Each county has a suggested level of development, with different recommendations for mappers interested in adopting a county.

  • Level 1 counties are the least-developed counties in the Massodeyas and are open to adoption by any OGF member. The largest town in each Level 1 county is expected to be roughly 20,000 residents, with a total county population of about 60,000 residents.
  • Level 2 counties are somewhat more developed than Level 1 counties, but are still primarily rural. These counties may include some light industrial uses (factories, manufacturing, warehouses, etc.) near their largest town of +/- 50,000 residents. Level 2 counties as a whole are expected to have fewer than 200,000 residents.
  • Level 3 counties are the most developed counties in the Massodeyas, containing the two state capitals. Each state capital has a population of up to 150,000 residents. These counties are also assumed to include an airport and at least one state university. In West Massodeya, Caldwell County is a collaborative; plans for the capital of East Massodeya are forthcoming.
  • Level 4 counties are more populous than Level 3 counties, but are more decentralized as they are intended to be suburban "sprawl" areas surrounding Massodeya City. There is no target population for these counties as a whole, but development density is required to be very low (mostly single-family homes, auto-centric shopping malls, big box stores, etc.). These counties are not yet available, but are anticipated to be collaborative in nature.

Mappers are encouraged to submit a county plan when requesting an individual county; members of a collaborative county should refer to their respective established plans.

Massodeya City

Massodeya City is an urban collaborative, similar to the Huntington project. This section will be expanded once coordinators are selected.

Infrastructure Restrictions

All mappers of the Massodeyas are not permitted to add new motorways, commercial airports, or major (over 50,000 population) cities, although motorway modifications are permitted to add interchanges or complete dual carriageways.

Sunset Provisions

Counties of the Massodeyas are available similar to any other state in the Federal States; mappers are still expected to be active per the general OGF rules and may lose their county due to inactivity or other reasons as determined by the admin team. After significant activity and mapping, county mappers may also be eligible to swap their county for a vacant FSA state; collaborative participants may also be able to use their experience to request a vacant FSA state, per admin approval.

County Guide

All counties have direct access to the state highway network; railway and motorway access may be more limited.

West Massodeya
Name Map Largest City County Level Motorway Access Railway Access Population Recommendation Area (km²) Area (mi²) Status Owner
Drummond County Map Oirane Level 2 Yes Yes 200,000 4,643.22 1,792.76 Active lowe62
Murphy County Map Westchester Level 1 No Yes 60,000 5,198.01 2,006.96 Available
Moraine County Map Mossdale Level 1 No Yes 60,000 9,096.16 3,512.06 Available
Massodeya County Map Belleville Level 1 No No 60,000 6,106.40 2,357.69 Available
McPearson County Map Huntington Level 1 Yes Yes 60,000 7,149.12 2,760.29 Active SomeMayor
Joseph County Map Gibson Level 1 No Yes 60,000 6,494.04 2,507.36 Available
Caldwell County Map Caldwell City* Level 3 No Yes n/a 9,323.17 3,599.70 Collaborative
Henderson County Map East Thinis Level 2 Yes Yes 200,000 8,271.54 3,193.66 Active MrManny
Mennowa County Map Riverview Level 1 Yes Yes 60,000 4,320.63 1,668.20 Active Logan230
Bloomfield County Map Thomasburg Level 1 No Yes 60,000 4,665.24 1,801.26 Available
Huntington County Map Fort Graham Level 2 Yes Yes 200,000 8,102.26 3,128.30 Available
Spring County Map Stentson Level 1 No No 60,000 4,233.40 1,634.52 Active Brunanter
Platt County Map New Burton Level 2 No Yes 200,000 6,395.92 2,469.48 Available
Clark County Map Clark Center Level 1 No Yes 60,000 5,589.37 2,158.07 Active dudenature306
Fitzallen County Map Stratton Level 1 No Yes 60,000 8,604.80 3,322.33 Available
Katz County Map Balaban Level 1 No Yes 60,000 6,023.96 2,325.86 Available
Gramercy County Map Fairfield Level 1 Yes Yes 60,000 7,250.75 2,799.53 Available
Davis County Map Bridgeport Level 2 Yes Yes 200,000 5,909.58 2,281.70 Active JohnF7
Two Rivers County Map Rollins Bridge Level 1 Yes Yes 60,000 3,891.34 1,502.46 Active gadget07
East Massodeya
Name Map Largest City County Level Motorway Access Railway Access Population Suggestion Area (km²) Area (mi²) Status Owner Ownership Date
Winburgh County Map Langford Level 1 No Yes 60,000 6,937.23 2,678.48 not yet available
Richards County Map Strauss Level 2 Yes Yes 200,000 6,958.28 2,686.61 not yet available
Carnaby County Map Junction City Level 1 Yes Yes 60,000 4,605.28 1,778.11 not yet available
Michaels County Map Casparis* Level 3 No Yes TBD 7,406.49 2,859.66 not yet available
Schuyler County Map St. Mary Level 1 No Yes 60,000 4,922.78 1,900.69 not yet available
Morgan County Map Morganville Level 1 Yes Yes 60,000 9,892.34 3,819.46 not yet available
Arphaxas County Map Michaelsford Level 1 No** No 60,000 6,712.37 2,591.66 not yet available
Hopkins County Map Hopkins Level 2 Yes Yes 200,000 5,152.83 1,989.52 not yet available
Ravinia County Map Winter Valley Level 1 Yes Yes 60,000 20,602.38 7,954.62 not yet available
Danielson County Map Parkside Level 1 Yes Yes 60,000 8,805.28 3,399.74 not yet available
Carlyle County Map n/a Level 4 Yes Yes n/a 8,844.93 3,415.05 not yet available
Rogers County Map n/a Level 4 Yes No n/a 2,381.38 919.46 not yet available

** - Depending on whether Randalia connects to the Federal States motorway network and where that connection is made, this county may have motorway access.