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FSA collaborators may input franchises located in the Federal States that they would be comfortable with them being mapped either regionally or nationally. This list will be organized by type of business. Some details may also be included, such as where your company is primarily based. If a headquarters is mentioned, make sure to link to it on the map at some point. Feel free to add more franchise types as needed.

Fast Food


  • Burger Ram is a fast food burger place located in the Southeast coastal region of the FSA, with its corporate headquarters based in Penquisset.
  • Hiway Diner (hamburger fast food chain prevalent in the West)
  • Yumburgers Nipewa's first Fast food place, opened in 1933 as a fry hut in downtown Kennedy. It is found around the Grand Lakes and the east coast. It can be found in the West coast but not as much
  • Burgiie's is a fast food burger place nationwide.
  • Huckelberry's Nationwide inexpensive fast food burger restaurant. Based out of Wahanta, Clamash metropolitan area.
  • Duchess is a fast food burger joint which also specializes in ice cream.


  • Cookin' Pizza is a fast food pizza place located all over ,is a international chain based in Cygagon
  • Aparicio's is a Minnonigan-based pizza-by-the-slice franchise.
  • Pizza Storm Pizza Storm Express is a fast food pizza restaurant. Pizza Storm Express is the shopping mall food court & gas station version.


  • TacoFresh , a chain available for the entire FSA, place the HQ wherever you want
  • Especia (wiki link) a Archantanized Latinian-food fast food chain with things like tacos, quesadillas, burritos, etc.
  • On Fire Nationwide fast casual chain of restaurants serving made to order burritos and bowls.


  • Yoyo's Chicken fast food place. Located only in the northeast. Headquarters in Oswego, Arlington.
  • CluckyClover A fried chicken restaurant located across the entire FSA, especially concentrated in Grand Lake states
  • Cooper's Fried Chicken Fingers Fried chicken chain in western FSA
  • Wingerz is a chain known for their chicken wings and sauces, mainly located along the east coast.


  • Fieldie's is a stadium themed sandwich shop located nationwide, popular at stadiums. Originated and headquartered in San Vegas, Arlington
  • Bagels & Bites is a regional Lakes chain specializing in bagel sandwiches.
  • Hans & Frans Soup & Sandwich is a chain of sandwicheries which also serve soup. This Zakahigan-based company offers special location options, including university campuses and airports.



  • Peninsula Fast Food , a chain available for the Southeastern "peninsula" (Culpepper and Astrantia and everything to the east of that).
  • Sunday Steakhouse is a nationwide fast food chain serving a wide variety of foods.
  • Midlands Grill serves a variety of foods in a fast casual setting, mainly in the eastern and central parts of the country.
  • Jacky's is a regional chain serving northeastern style cuisine. Locations primarily in the northeast and "Mid-Ardentic" regions (north of Stanton).
  • HowWok is a fast Chinese place primarily in urban and suburban centers of the West
  • Golden Cafeteria (wiki link) A fast food chain based in Duncanheim, available for the entire FSA
  • Freezing Point Ice cream shop service soft-serve ice cream and fast food. Some locations are only open seasonally.

Coffeehouse chains


  • FreshFish Seafood restaurant based out of Arlington-EY. Mainly to be used in coastal regions on the eastern seaboard.
  • Fat O’ Giants A bar-atmosphere restaurant based out of Beaumont , Pavonearse. They are known for their drinks and burgers. This is mainly used along the Great Lakes region along with the Rockies and Northwest region.
  • Surry's Family diner chain. To be used throughout the eastern FSA.
  • Halftime/Halftime Sports Bar - Franchised sports bars throughout the Federal States, known for their chicken wings.
  • Bianchi Pizzeria a chain of pizza.
  • Smoke Alarm a wings chain that is divided between a family-friendly restaurant and sports bar. Found everywhere.
  • Blue Wasp a sit down, dim lighting restaurant nationwide.
  • OverEasy is a breakfast/lunch-only restaurant chain operating nationwide.

Specialty Foods (Bakeries / Ice Cream etc.)

  • Buntie's a bakery and pastry chain based out of Penquisset and found widely across the country.
  • Ice Nine a nationwide ice cream and frozen treats franchise based in Penquisset.
  • Phil's Pastries a bakery and pastry chain found in the southern part of the country, based in Fellshire.
  • Glacé a nation-wide bakery and café which sells varieties of pastries and cakes.
  • Sweet Bee is a nationwide chain serving ice cream and other desserts.
  • Bobang a café found nationally, mostly known for its bubble/boba tea. Based in Stafford, Eustacia.
  • Cookie Coliseum cookie bakery found in shopping malls.


National banks

Regional banks

  • Tokkin based out of Penquisset and found along the eastern seaboard.
  • Plainus Bank influencer bank in the western-most Great Lake states.
  • Lakeside Bank a major bank in the central Grand Lakes states. Headquartered in Lake City; owns the naming rights to the Expo Gardens Coliseum, where the Minnonigan Minutemen and the Lake City Centurions both play.
  • Magnolia Bank Most popular along FS-1, with limited amounts extending to Mountain Range B. Headquartered in Mocoquin.
  • Star Bank a major bank mainly serving the southeast, based out of Lafayette, Whitestone
  • Z2Bank a newer franchise mostly in the western mountains area.
  • Lakewood Bank and Trust based out of Wallawaukee, Seneppi and prevalent across the south of the FSA (Grand Lakes area). (intended market, but can be used sparingly outside this area)
  • Desert Financial Only found in far northwest.
  • Second National Bank regional bank based in Wahanta, CL. Found in Western FSA.

State banks

Supermarkets and other big-box chains

Hypermarkets/Superstores, Bulk stores

  • Syka Bulk food and other goods store headquarted in Norotonick, Trinity Island.
  • Abacus Headquartered in Kennedy, Nipewa
  • Hayes' an upscale department store, based in Lafayette, Whitestone.
  • Walker's - A department store.
  • Whites/White's - a department store, which operates nationwide, generally in downtowns and malls, but some big box stores can exist as well
  • Maxima (wiki link) - a wholesale/cash and carry in western/north FSA (based in Sierra)
  • Orchids - a chain of hypermarket/discount department stores/groceries. Hedquartered in Orchid Fields, McPearson, West Massodeya. Found nationwide.
  • Redshed (wiki link) - a big department store, found mostly in retail areas, can be found all over the Federal States of Archanta. Headquartered in Apawiland.
    • Mapped locations: 59
  • Harrelson's - department store focused on luxury goods and high fashion
  • Greeley Mart - big department box store. Direct competitor to Redshed. Headquartered in Wahanta, Clamash.
  • Newport's - department store only found in shopping malls of large cities.
  • Bonnetter's - a department store only found in shopping malls of cities 50,000 or less. Operated by Newport's
  • Joyces - a department store which the clothes are always on-sale. Found in large outdoor shopping centers or as a standalone store. It is never an anchor to an indoor shopping mall.

Higher Range Supermarkets

Mid Range Supermarkets

  • Colonial Market (wiki link) An East-Coast regional supermarket based out of Burgundyville, Boscainifornio. Locations currently in Arlington, Boscainifornio and Penquisset, but is open for development all along the eastern seaboard.
  • (Locations can be placed further out sparingly, but the primary market should be the Eastern Seabord. Contact TBMap about locations further away from the target market.)
  • Marchban - suburban supermarket chain based in DrapeauNI.svg Nishowigan.
  • Wa'ew Supermarkets - Primarily northeastern supermarket that is headquartered in Clayton, Arlington. Use sparingly outside of the northeast, as the company is "growing" out of the northeast.
  • Shoppersmart (wiki link) - western supermarket originating in Sierra
  • Farmer Joe's - Supermarket chain growing out of Nipewa. Most locations are around the Grand Lakes
  • Treasure Island - A supermarket chain based in Aperia.
  • Green Octagon - A regional supermarket chain based in Fellshire with locations to be based mostly in the Grand Lake and southeastern states.
  • Starmart - An urban supermarket chain mainly serving downtowns in large cities.
  • Epicenter - Can be found all over the west. Named as an icon of its popularity, as well as its founder's history with seismic activity.
  • Double-Y - Headquarters in Darsons, Michisaukee, located in the central FSA with a few locations elsewhere.
  • Orson's (wiki link) A regional mid-range supermarket based out of Brighston, Seneppi and with locations mostly in Grand Lake states. Owned by Ketz, a major food company based out of Rachelle, Seneppi.
  • (Locations can be placed further out sparingly, but the primary market should be the Grand Lakes. Contact Ernestpcosby about locations further away from the target market.)

Discount Supermarkets

  • Greenfoods - A discount supermarket chain found primarily in low-income areas throughout the southeastern region of the FSA
  • Las Provisones - Small, cheap store found in urban areas around the eastern mountain range.
  • Smith's Bargain - Usually a small store found in minor retail areas and small towns in the central and west. Competitor of Las Provisones.
  • Chamberlain's - Smaller store with really cheap prices, usually found in suburban areas in the northeast region. Headquartered in San Vegas, Arlington.
  • GUDBY - (Good buy) Small footprint discount grocery store that only sells private label.
  • Dollar Castle - a variety store where items and packaged food are cheap due to either small sized packaging or poor quality. Spreading across rural FSA in the outskirts of small towns.

Do it Yourself

  • Hammer & Nail - founded in Oakhill, now all in the eastern and middle FSA
  • Home Improvement Co. - found in the Southeast and Lakes regions of the FSA
  • Loads - Found nationwide. Based in Arlington.
  • Archantan Tire HQ in Fayette, Nipewa
  • good luck found in the West Central Region and plains of the Mountain region. Named after the mountain folks' joke that the farmers below can do nothing.


  • Scheun & Edler - founded in Creedle, New Carnaby, now in Stanton - most shops in the eastern part
  • New2U Books - used book seller. Only found in large cities and cities with large universities.
  • Paige & Page Book Store - big box book store - found along west coast and mountain region

Pet Supply Stores

  • Chew Toy Depot - large store with all kinds of pet food and toys, found all over the country.
  • PetLover - store dedicated to the adoption of pets and the sale of products for animals.

Arts & Craft Stores

  • Frantleys - large store with all kinds arts and crafts supplies. Found nationwide.
  • Hobby House - large store with all kinds art supplies, fabrics, and home decor. Found nationwide.

Office Supplies Stores

  • Office Inc. - large office supply store. Found nationwide.
  • The Organizing Organization - store dedicated to organization (i.e. containers, totes,). It is only found in large metropolitan areas with one per market.

Sporting Goods/Outdoors Stores

  • Champion Camp Co. - Outdoors store found in large cities. Sells camping, hunting, fishing, and sporting goods. Usually a large box store, but sometime found as a medium to large anchor in shopping malls.
  • Big Barry's - another large sporting good stores. More focused on selling clothing and sporting goods than outdoors supplies.
  • Paragon Sports Store - Specializes in outdoor activities usually for the mountains— fishing, camping, skiing, etc, not that big of a store so can be found in smaller, starting-point towns

Farm & Ranch Stores

  • Kerbys Farm & Ranch Supply - regional medium size box store dedicating to farm and ranching supplies such as tools, flannel clothing, animal feed, and fencing. Found in Mountain and West Lakes Regions in rural communities with between 2,000 and 30,000 population

Convenience Stores

  • Crown a convenience store prevalent across the east coast with a corporate headquarters in Penquisset.
  • Coverz a convenience store located across eastern and central FSA.
  • 89Mart a convenience chain with locations in metro Stanton and the southeast
  • Smartmart a convenience chain with locations in the Lakes Region
  • Jimmy's a convenience store based in the northeast, headquartered in Merchantsville, Arlington.
  • Pulse is a convenience store/newsstand most frequently found in train stations and airports
  • Universe is a standalone convenience store found in the western FSA.





  • The Wilberding a national JWHancher brand
  • Waltherams Suites a national brand that specifically features sustainability and endorsement of regional pop culture of locations
  • Consulate Suites a Bassett-Leyton brand - suites only hotel and often has a conference center
  • Leyton Hotel a Bassett-Leyton brand




  • Krannert Inn a Krannert Lodgings brand popular along motorways between the Lakes and Northwest Regions
  • Hartt Motel a national chain of motels
  • Towne Inn a chain of motels found on the outskirts of small towns
  • Mega 9 Motel a ValuCation national brand. Locations in urban and bigger towns are poor quality, however location in small towns(pop. <5,000) are relatively nice.
  • Econobudget Inn - A ValuCation national brand. Similar to Mega 9 Motel.

Vehicular Energy

  • GasIt a gas station chain on the east coast
  • Penqergy a franchiseable renewable energy provider for electric vehicles at stations across the state of Penquisset. Also have some interstate locations. Company also has home provider / community engineering operations.
  • Gas&Go a gas station chain operating primarily in the northern East Coast region. It is, however, open for expansion all along the coast.
  • Archantol/Archantoil - a gas station chain that probably is operated nationwide
  • Paxaco a gas station chain that has locations nationwide but more concentrated in the Great Lakes/South. Also known for major locations along motorways having at least one electric charging "pump".
  • Coastal Oil a medium-sized gas station that is highly prevalent on the west side of the country. Usually placed in either downtown areas, or along motorways. Locations have a small convenience store located to it, unless in highly urbanized downtown areas.
  • CT Gas - a gas station chain based in Aperia and prevalent on the east coast
  • Corona (wiki link) - gas station chain prevalent in the mountain region and west coast
  • SevenMiles - gas station found all around the FSA. Called so because of its frequency.
  • DatCo (wiki link) - A gas station commonly found in the East Coast and East Central Region, despite being national. Successful Gas Station chain since 1964.
  • ECar Charging Station - a chain of electric car charging stations. Manufactured and sold by the Neneehen ECar company.
  • Fossill national gas station chain based out of Clamash.
  • Rudd Bros. national truck stop chain.
  • ROUTEstop national rest stop chain with a gas station, charging station, fast food restaraunts and a small campsite.
  • Busterson's national rest stop chain, gas station & supermarket in competition with ROUTEstop. These are found in smaller towns & cities and is a pretty big gas station.

Provided Energy

  • Penqergy a franchisable energy provider for communities seeking to achieve a higher degree of sustainability based out of Penquisset. Some engineering contract areas of exploration include solar, wind, aqueous, thermal, and pedekinetic. Also has energy servies for vehicular energy


  • Faves a clothing store for young women, based in Raidenne, Culpepper.
  • Needle & Thread a unisex clothing company based in Bonnaventure, Boscainifornio
  • hoodie's a clothing store specializing in custom and name brand hoodies based in Yorksey, Boscainifornio
  • Archantan Flannel Company is a clothing store best known for its flannel shirts.
  • Laces is a large chain that sells shoes and athletic clothing, with locations throughout the country.
  • Island is an upscale clothing chain located mostly on the east coast that sells men's, women's, and children's clothing and accessories.
  • The Shoe Show nationwide warehouse shoe store found in shopping centers.
  • Toledo's generic clothing store found in shopping centers and malls.


Radio and television networks

  • The Mix The Mix is a radio station owned and operated by Corral Media (Headquartered in Kennedy). It specializes in Hip-hop and RNB. Place this in cities with a huge hip-hop scene.
  • NOW! NOW is a pop station playing all of today's best hits and boasting 1 hour of ad-free music. It is owned by Corral Media. Feel free to place in any city.
  • Archantan Free Media a media host known for owning any radio stations in the Federal States. Based on National Public Radio (NPR)
  • ATN One of the main news channels in the Federal States and also worldwide. Headquarter in Huntington.
  • Mountain Country Radio (MCR) is a radio station which plays country music in the Mountain Region.
  • Uplands Archantan News Network (UANN) is one of the main news networks, based mostly in the Northwest, Central, and Mountains Regions of the Federal States.
  • ANB (Achantan National Broadcasting)}} a very popular national-wide broadcasting and news company based in Orterrado, Laine.

Note: MCR and UANN have no headquarters, but have offices and major offices. You may add offices without permission, but contact iiEarth if you would like a major office.


  • Nexi a national brand headquartered in Arlington.
  • BriteCare a nationwide pharmaceutical company based in Bonnaventure, Boscainifornio.
  • Medina Pharmacy present in Sierra
  • CYP stands for Cecil Young Pharmacy, found throughout the entire country.
  • YouFirst a pharmacy spread nation-wide, based in Silverdale, Apawiland. One of the oldest modern pharamcies in Archanta.
  • Graxton's a pharmacy chain found along the West Coast and West Lakes region


  • Zap an autonomous car rental service located in major cities, especially at airport facilities and transporation hubs.


  • Planet Desktop an electronics and computer store (found in Sierra and elsewhere)
  • TechCenter an electronics and computer parts store geared towards enthusiasts located in northwestern FSA (HQ in Cosperica??).

Hardware and Software

  • Ember (wiki link) a computer and other hardware-manufacturing company, also produces software.
  • CranBerry a computer/cell phone manufacturing company. Based in Technology Park, Boscainifornio
  • Findix Internet-related company that started as a search engine. Based in Burton, PA.
  • Versatil A mobile device manufacturer serving the southwestern FSA, headquartered in Nenova, Aquilia.
  • Evo (wiki link) Electronics company manufacturing computer hardware as well as smartphones. HQ in Silver Valley, Tempache.

Cell Carriers

  • Minnonigan Wireless, or MWireless a once-regional cellular phone provider expanding to the greater southwestern FSA. Based in Ondassagam, Minnonigan; owns naming rights to the Lake City Pitch where the Lake City Blue Stars play. Also operates MWireless Express locations, selling small electronics and accessories in train stations and airports.
  • StarCellular a cell phone service provider with service and physical locations through the entire country
  • Fenix Wireless Nationwide cell phone carrier providing wireless voice, messaging, and data services based in Hermosa Park, Tempache. Also operates Elektrik, a low-cost prepaid option.

Social media

  • MyStory (wiki link) a social media company. MyStory was founded in 2010, and has 28 million users.
  • MyStream A Social media company for videos and livestreams, it is currently the one of the most popular video sharing website on the planet, and was founded in 2004 by a bunch of entrepreneurs in Nipewa looking to share their video blogs,
  • LIFEstory a social media company with regional moderation offices and server buildings in certain regions, based in Calma Beach, Arlington.
  • Shiver a popular short-video entertainment company founded in 2011 and based in Technology Park, Boscainifornio




Coach Buses

  • Cheetah Buses- Cheetah Buses is a coach bus company that serves the FSA and the rest of Astrasia. Bus depots are usually in Towns/Cities with a population over 1K
  • Redfox Trailways- Redfox Trailways is a coach bus company that serves the FSA. Competitor of Cheetah Buses but sometimes share depots in towns/cities with intermodal stations
  • ArchanTrails- Coach bus company offering intercity service throughout the west and the Lakes region.

Passenger Rail

  • Quicklink (wiki link) QuickLink is a Nipewan owned railway company that calls their stations Quicklink Terminals and keeps them within big towns and major cities. The stations are somewhat like airports but function like train stations. (Contact plainoldbread on discord or on OGF to get a line in your state)
  • ArchRail- High-speed passenger rail service throughout the southeastern Federal States.
  • LakeLynx- High-speed passenger rail service connecting San Alonzo, WJ; Lake City, MN; and Wallawaukee, SN.



  • Carlivery is a fairly new dealership that sells a vareity of cars (much like Carvana). It delivers cars and has locations with "car vending machines" which you go and pick up the car you've purchased from.


  • Crystalline Motors is a luxury car manufacturing company with plants in Gramercy, Seneppi, though much manufacturing has likely been outsourced. Remains of a Gramercy headquarters remain, but Crystalline was bought out by Noble during an economic downturn. Now share many cobranded dealerships as {{FSFranchiseLink |Noble/Crystalline{{FSFranchiseLink |.
  • Gramercy and Gramercy Clinton Motors (GCM) are a large car manufacturer headquartered in Clinton, Seneppi and with some plants in neighboring Gramercy, though some manufacturing has likely been outsourced to other cities and other countries. Dealerships all around the FSA and sparingly around the world.
  • Sengasi Motors Sengasi Motors is a Lianese car manufacturer with an Archantan HQ in Fayette, Nipewa. It is found all over FSA and around the world with dealerships like Elite Sengasi only being in cities over 1M near shopping malls.
  • Minamiaizu is a car company with dealerships across the entire FSA.
  • Nilsen a Slavonian car manufacturer with dealerships across the FSA and worldwide. Nilsen Trucks is the semi-truck division known for making powerful, durable and reliable trucks and are sold at separate dealers, usually right outside cities.
  • Röhr Motor Company (RMC) is a Schwaldian car manufacturer known for making high performance and luxury vehicles, dealerships worldwide. There is also a motorcycle branch named RMC Motorized Bikes dealerships are only found in well populated cities. Plants are located in Arlington, (names)
  • Neneehen ECar Dealer - electric car manufacturer and dealer, headquartered in Barstone, TE.


Car Rental


  • Waywheel is an urban bicycle and scooter rental service with operations across the country and a corporate headquarters in Penquisset.

Farm Equipment

  • Fieldlander - a FSA manufacturer and seller of tractors, combines, and other pieces of farm equipment. Fieldlander Implements (dealerships) are located across the country. The company also has several manufacturing plants around the country.

Auto Shops

Movie Theaters

  • Screeners a large cinema chain
  • Cineplus (mostly Western) cinema chain, present in Sierra
  • Marlington Cinemas primarily found near the Marlington River in the northeast but very few locations outside of the area.

Theme Parks



Casino Brands

  • VICE President Casino - owned by Ames Executive Entertainment - More luxurious than Amulet Casino - Found in larger cities, gambling cities, and tourism-based economy cities.
  • Amulet Casino - owned by Ames Executive Entertainment - Found in smaller cities

Real Estate

  • Jenny Francis based on Keller Williams and based in San Vegas, Arlington.

Delivery Service

  • Federal Parcel Service a private shipping/delivery service company with warehouses all over the FSA.
  • ExpressShip private nationwide logistics company providing delivery and supply chain services.
  • ITC: money transfer/bank wiring/courier services

Thrift Stores

Furniture Stores

Produce Companies

  • Hilton Farms usually places agriculture products in chains but owns independent shops spread nationally with few international locations. In rural areas, there are production facilities to package and prepare the food for distribution. Based out of Hilton, Arlington.

Insurance Companies

  • Mutual of Wahanta - large insurance company based in Wahanta, Clamash
  • PLICO - medium sized life insurance company based in Gantiac, Clamash (Planner's Life Insurance Company)
  • Regionwide - large car and home insurance company. No HQ yet.

Hospital Networks

  • ConcordaHealth a large hospital network with HQ in Wahanta, CL. Currently there are several hospitals owned by Concorda Health in Wahanta. Hospital names are preceded by ConcordaHealth (i.e. ConcordaHealth Memorial Hospital). Currently has naming rights to the soccer stadium in Wahanta. Regional HQ offices TBD where appropriate.

Tax Preparing Companies

  • TaxFSA - nationwide tax preparing company
  • Tax Helpers - nationwide tax preparing company

Financial Advising Companies

Adult Specialty

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