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This is the Help Desk of the FSA, a place where mappers can offer their assistance to other mappers, and where mappers who need assistance can find resources.

If you need help or advice, review the list below to find a mapper whose expertise matches the issue you're currently having and feel free to reach out to them directly. Or, you can use the Discussion tab to place a request.

If you'd like to volunteer to be a resource, use the table below. Please include no more than three (3) topic areas to focus on, and please include a link for direct OGF messages. By adding your name to this list, you agree that other FSA mappers should feel free reaching out to you for help and assistance.

User name State OGF member since Topic areas OGF Message Link
TheMayor Minnonigan June 2018 Transit networks, urban land use OGF:TheMayor
bootmii Clamash August 2016 Motorways, interchanges, bridges/tunnels OGF:Bootmii
yoyo21 Fellshire July 2015 small towns, road systems, shopping plazas OGF:yoyo21
Lithium AR120-31, Delenshire Islands, etc December 2019 Various things, we can talk. OGF:Lithium